Average Renovation Costs


What you need to know about the average renovation costs to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars the next time you renovate your home, is having this.

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Average Renovation Costs


One of the biggest things about understanding how to save money when it comes to improvements is knowing how to do them. When you are not familiar with the renovation process, then you are at the mercy of the contractor or designers experience you hire. When you ask the designer or contractor to do something you want, they will see about making it happen. What you may not know, there could have been a cheaper way that looks just as good or better depending on what you want done.


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There could be many instances where you could ask for something where the cost could have a significantly higher or lower price depending on what you want. Let’s pick an example to keep this simple but get the point across about how one thing can lead to another that just keeps adding up the costs.


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Example: Shower doors


Most people do not realize that when you design a custom tiled shower from the floor to the ceiling that by design, you could pay as much as twice to eight times as much just on your doors, because of one simple design detail.


Imagine that some people have paid as much as twice to eight times the price just for the shower doors for the same size shower with the same features all because of one simple design change. You could be thinking, what simple design change causes your shower doors to increase in cost by such an amount when you still have all the same features in the shower.


Let’s just say, as a contractor that specializes in custom showers, that I get called for other people’s jobs as a sub-trade where they have everything designed, and I’m to go in and waterproof and tile the shower. Once I’ve done my part, they install the fixtures and glass doors.


So here is the one simple design feature that has cost a homeowner from paying around $500.00 to paying $3,000.00 for their shower doors. The shower bench was designed to be even with the curb. By doing this, you can no longer purchase a quality door that is already pre-existing from a store because you need your stationary glass panel to be custom cut to fit up and around the bench on the curb where the glass door and panels need to be mounted.


That was just one example of where you could pay extra money where you may not want to. There are times that you wish for a particular look and feel to your place that will have a price tag to achieve. The point that I’m making is you may not always know where you can save money without compromising on the structural integrity and final finishes of your home renovations.


Just with this shower example, here are some cost differences you would have made decisions on, for its overall design.


  • Total acrylic shower kit 1-3 pcs design cheapest.
  • Acrylic tray for floor and tile the walls.
  • Entire shower installed with tile including custom tray.
  • Any of the above with added features like bench, niche or both.
  • Type of patterns and borders used in the shower.
  • Type of material the tiles are made of, ceramic versus stone.
  • The type of faucets used for the shower, diverters, body jets, overhead rain or steamer jets.
  • And of course, the door system we had already mentioned.


Now this was just one small example with a shower, so consider an entire bathroom. How about if you plan on doing the whole basement to undergo renovations. So what exactly can you do to make improvements easier and more cost efficient while always trying to save money when renovating.


Always hire the right people for the job required with the proper knowledge to ensure you get the best possible work done for the budget your working with, get your free estimate here!



  1. I dont actually own a home yet but I do know renovations can add up fairly quickly, but it’s definitely an investment to get into, due to the fact it raises the price value on the home, but also you tend to appreciate it more when it’s the way you like it right?

    Love the article, lots of great resources.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • You are definitely correct about how you can increase the value of your home with renovations. These particular videos will give anyone the ability to understand the full aspects of what it takes to renovate so it’s easier to calculate budget costs. The more you do yourself the more you save but by knowing what needs to be done you’ll be able to make a better decision on what your capabilities are on just how much you can do and what should be hired out to the professionals.

  2. Hello sir!

    That was a very informative article that I had the pleasure of reading and posted on your website. You really took the time in the article to fully explain to your readers as to how they can really save money when doing home renovation projects.

    That and because the family owning the home in question would otherwise be clueless and essentially end up wasting thousands of dollars through some “company” that they hired who realize easily that they’re absolute neophytes when it comes to the business of the products that would be involved.

    Unfortunately in today’s world there are companies that would scam innocent people regarding anything having to do with $$$ in today’s world.

    Regarding spotting the difference specifically with home products: Case in point was your explanation about the different types of shower doors when renovating a bathroom and the incredibly vast difference in price range. You were discussing simply shower doors and possibly installing the wrong ones that could set back the clueless individuals thousands of dollars – all because they had not done their homework beforehand.

    Great job on your part in writing out this very informative article for your site!


    • Hi Jeff and thanks for the visit. My plan is to help make people more informed to what renovations can cost by knowing what it takes to do the work and whether or not it is actually something the home owner wants to do. At least by understanding the process the home owner will have a better idea of actual costs.

  3. Oh this article managed to come out in a timely fashion for us – renovation is top of our household list and conversation at the moment!
    We have inherited a small farmyard property – derelict but the two barns are extremely good setups!
    How much do you think a barn conversion would reach – just a ball park guess would do for starters?

    • Well Chris I would love to tell you a ball park figure but heres the problem at my end.

      To convert a barn to a home is very feasible but nobody can give you a quote until they know:
      How big is the barn that’s being converted?
      Does it have a foundation or footings?
      Is there running water?
      Septic system in place?

      The list can be extensive without seeing what is already in place and what is not, and the type of home you plan on turning it into. People can double and even triple there budget just on finishes alone on how they design there kitchen and how its made.

      Another key thing in being able to quote something, is knowing what your materials and trades people cost in your area where you live.

      My recommendation would be get 3 to 5 free quotes on your place. You will need to know or have a good idea on what you want and how you want it for them to figure a quote for you.
      For myself if I didn’t already know how to build my own place I would actually buy the course I have here, go through it first to learn what I need to know. Then I would do a basic design for the barn to home conversion now knowing what to look for and get my quotes. This way by knowing what I want and what is involved I would save thousands. Even though you have a contractor do your renovation you will still save thousands. The more you can do the more you will save.

      Because I built 90% of my own home I saved at least a little over half the cost.

      Hope that helps and you can always get a hold of me if you have any further questions.

  4. It is funny that you used the bathroom shower door as an example because that happened to me! Long story short, we had a flood and needed a full bathroom remodel. Well, we were quite surprised to get the final bill with a custom shower door. I was floored at how much that costs! Great tips you give here!

    • It’s surprising how much certain things will cost in any remodel, so it’s always best to check out as many options for what you may want done, when it comes to renovations.

      As you already know bathrooms and kitchens tend to be the most costly of all renovations.

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