Bathroom Tile Design Ideas


When it comes to bathroom tile design ideas, the easiest way to display what you can do is with a gallery of photographs to show you what is possible. Here you will have the opportunity to check out some of the work I have done over the years for different clients requesting work for new builds and renovations to bring new life to what they already have.


Bathroom Tile Design Ideas


bathroom tile design ideas In the gallery below you will be able to check out a variety of things. There will be photos showing the use of not just wall tiles in the shower or tub surround walls but also floor tiles. One of the biggest bathroom tile trends happening today is the use of floor tiles on the walls. I still get lots of requests for subway tiles to be installed for showers or tub surrounds but having floor tiles has become very popular. Most people have been purchasing the larger rectangular floor tiles like  12″ by 24″ to do their showers.

Another common request is to tile the ceiling, be it square, curved or angled I see it all. In fact, in my shower gallery, I’ve included one of the benches that required compound miter cuts to make it happen. In this gallery, I did include a project that had a bathroom take up half the upper level in a cape cod design that required a walk in shower with many angles to make it work.




Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom tile design ideas by TD Remodeling are a compilation of photographs depicting different types of tiles on floor and walls, room layout, etc. of what can be done.

[img src=]592Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 1
Bathroom tile designs
[img src=]483Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 2
bathroom tile trends
[img src=]402Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 7
Tiled wall wainscoting and shelve
[img src=]413Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 8
Tiled soaker tub and wall
[img src=]372Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 9
Tub surround pattern on walls and in window
[img src=]363Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 10
Tiled marble flooring
[img src=]353Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 11
Bathroom tiled throughout
[img src=]302Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 12
ceramic bathroom tile
[img src=]303Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 13
Soaker tub tiling
[img src=]273Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 14
Tub surround with tiled window
[img src=]263Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 15
bathroom tiles design
[img src=]253Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 3
marble bathroom tiles
[img src=]253Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 4
bathroom tiling ideas
[img src=]263Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 5
Floor to wall tile with pattern
[img src=]211Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 6
bathroom tile designs
[img src=]242Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 16
bathroom tile flooring
[img src=]253Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 17
Tile pattern flows from floor to wall
[img src=]252Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 18
Textured boarder tiles
[img src=]243Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 19
elegant bathroom designs
[img src=]222Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 20
Floor to wall tiling
[img src=]253Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 21
Shower tile meets tub surround tile
[img src=]232Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 22
Tiled shower with floor tiles used for walls
[img src=]223Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 23
Tile wainscoting
[img src=]243Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 24
Tiled shower window casing
[img src=]212Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 25
Precision floor tile cuts around shower pan
[img src=]192Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 26
Tiled counter tops
[img src=]253Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 27
Stone tub surround
[img src=]182Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 28
Bathroom tile work
[img src=]253Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 29
Bathroom flooring tile design
[img src=]183Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 30
Soaker tub wall tile design
[img src=]182Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 31
Bathroom wall tile designs
[img src=]182Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 32
subway wall tiles with mosaic ceiling tile
[img src=]213Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 33
unique bathroom design
[img src=]202Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 34
small bathroom remodels
[img src=]182Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 35
subway tile for bathroom


You’ll find depending on the type of look you want, the type and size of tiles will change for you to accomplish the design your after. When you remodel any bathroom, there are a few things that are needed to figure out the best way to get started.

What do you have now and what do you want when you’re finished?
Does everything you want in your bathroom fit properly?
Do you need to move any plumbing fixtures?
Is all the electrical in good order?
What type or types of tile etc. will you need?


What do you have now and what do you want when you’re finished?

For some people, it can be as simple as a paint job or new fan. For others, it could be a whole new bathroom. From one extreme to the other it all comes down to budget, space and design.


Does everything you want in your bathroom fit properly?

Depending on all what you want in your bathroom, you may need to make the bathroom larger by moving walls which are done on occasions, and some people have reduced the size of a bathroom. Most of the time when I have increased the size of the room it’s to allow for double sinks in a larger vanity and to have bigger showers or separate shower and soaker tubs.


Do you need to move any plumbing fixtures?

There are times when renovating the designs may call for a new layout to fit everything in or make the function and flow better than the original plan. In most cases when this is required the floors need to be opened up to run the plumbing lines unless it is on a floor where the lower floor below like a basement has no ceilings in place.


Is all the electrical in good order?

It’s always good practice whenever you do any major bathroom renovation to make sure the electrical is adequate, and all exhaust fans are operating correctly. If you need to change out lighting or relocate lighting or add more, now’s the time.


What type or types of tile etc. will you need?

Once you know, all what electrical and plumbing is required, it is time for the kind of shower and tub or any combination of them to figure out what you want for tile. You would decide on floor tiles, and if there is any pattern to deal with as well as any tiles you may require for walls.

The type of tiles by size, color, accent and possible boards would all have to be picked out.


You can see just by these few considerations what is involved with your bathroom tile design ideas when planning on renovating for a new fresh look. The scope of your project is entirely dependent on your budget, space, and time for the most part. For anyone in my local area you always have the option of getting consultation on the best way to move forward with any renovation or take the course to know what you need for any renovation. As for the rest, you’ll need to rely on somebody in your local area but what I can suggest is you can learn all that is required to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars is by taking the bathroom remodeling course.


Photograph of bathroom renovation university


  1. I would like to say first you have a grate website and grate info. The way it all flows together is very nice. What types wood for floors would you use and would you use real wood rather then the other stuff and what type of counters would you recommend.

    • I love most of the hardwood flooring as it has the strength and durability. A lot of the laminates are no longer as strong as they use to be and damage very easily. It seems once they made a name for them selfs and as being a very tough and durable product they are cutting corners now riding on past reputation and no longer have the longevity they once had.

      Engineered flooring is great looking but if it lacks a hard protective coating the very thin veneer layer of finished wood on the surface is soft compared to the thickness of solid hardwood and damages very quickly.

      Quartz is the easest to take care of with less trouble while stone needs to be sealed every couple of years due to how poures stone can be and is damaged by staining from citric acid from fruits and heat rings from hot pots etc. transfers to the finish coat. Laminate is the cheapest and water is its weakest part if it gets under the finish and can have burn rings from hot pots.

      I recommend Quartz countertop and hardwood flooring if budget says otherwise get the best flooring you can get and the cheapest counter top like laminate. It is always easier to change out your countertop, facets etc. then your floors.

  2. Hi there, interesting post. The tiles I have in my bathroom are quite old so I was thinking about changing them, but I’m not sure about the material I should choose. I mean, what kind of tiles do you think would be best for my walls?
    Also, I was thinking about some waterproof tiles in one side of the bathroom, the ones that is close to the shower…Do you think it would be a bad idea?

    Sorry about all these questions but I loved reading your post and I just wanted to know if you had any suggestion 🙂

    • Well Ashely, in answering your questions you’ll find you can use all the forms of tiles from glass, ceramic porcelain all waterproof and stone in your shower. The different types of stone products need to be sealed as they are porous then they also be waterproof.

      The biggest thing I always do is waterproof the shower as water will find its way around the tiles and grout in time. The waterproofing will make sure any water that does get past will still go down the drain and not start rotting out your walls or causing other issues.

      With all the improvement for tiles looking like stone and all the other patterns available I would choose a nice ceramic or porcelain tile that has the look you want. The tiles will be a better price than stone and are cheaper to have installed and maintain.

      Hope this helps you with your decisions.

  3. Hi there, wow! you have a fantastic collection of work photos here. Is this all your own work? It really is so well done, obviously you have been doing this for a long time.
    I really like the subway tiles you show in the bathroom. Do you think these are only suitable for bathrooms or can they be placed in the kitchen also?
    Also what style of bathroom tiles is currently in vogue at the moment? We have 2 small children. Thanks

    • As a contractor, I do a lot of custom showers etc. and all the work in the galleries is some pictures from some of my work I have done.

      You’ll find that subway tiles can be used and are bing used in kitchens as I’ve already done 14 kitchens to date in the last 3 months with white subway tiles.

      Vogue is currently showing a lot of mix and match at present where instead of having solid colors all the time they are mixing up with colored tile as random insurts as well as changing up the tile sizes to create patterns. They are doing some really outstanding pops of color these days.

  4. Ok, I absolutely loved this article because I am a big DIY gal. I have tiled my kitchen back splash but have not attempted anything in the bathroom. It scares me LOL I need to re-tile the shower and replace the bathroom cabinet. You’ve inspired me to come up with a plan. I loved the pictures you have posted. I like the idea of the Bathroom Remodeling

    • Travis Smithers

      You will also find I have put together a few posts about waterproofing and all the different steps and procedures to having a proper shower installation.

      I find most people are able to make the best decisions when they know all the facts to what they plan to do. You may find some very helpful tips and ways to help save you money as well.

  5. You have a great site, you have good information and the content is informative and well written. Keep up the good work and I wish you luck in everything.

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