Build Bathroom Shower


When you want all the essential components for building a bathroom shower, then you need to read this post that has the links to give you all the required information! Here is where you will find what it will take to build a shower. You will be taken through the process and given access to everything you will need to know to do your custom shower.

Build Bathroom Shower

photograph of building bathroom shower


When it comes to creating a shower you have many different options:

Looking at Building a Custom Shower

This post will take you step by step to understand why you need to know your budget limit to create that unique custom shower that you want to create. The type of shower that you want by its shape and location in the bathroom that you would be designing. I will talk about whether you need to remove or add new walls to accommodate for the custom shower that your planning on having and what would be required to make it happen. The actual shower designs you can or would consider building give you exactly what you are expecting. Another consideration is the type of door system you wish to use the custom shower that you design. Features such as a totally custom door that you may need or want to the advantages of using pre-existing shower door systems that exist at your local stores for a much lower cost to you.

Photograph of schluter system

Have a Schluter Shower Installation

Whenever you use the Schluter system for a shower install, there are a few things you should know. In this post for Schluter shower installation, you will get the proper breakdown of how to do it without creating mistakes that could lead you to major problems down the road with leakage. I have also included a Schluter installation video showing you the steps of applying the kerdi to the walls. You will have the explanation of the proper thin-sets to use and how to use them. Having a step by step pictures will make your installation so much easier to get your shower ready for the tiling stage of your project.

Do a Ceramic Tile Shower Installation

In this post, you will learn what you need to know to prep and cement your tiles to the walls and floor to receive a proper installation.photograph of tiled shower You will see how to prepare your walls before you start. How to pick your wall tiles and border tiles for the shower you are about to do. The best order in which to lay the tiles to make the job easier and better for overall appearance before you start to tile the shower. If your wall and border tiles are not of the same thickness, you will get useful tips to get them all even on the wall with no lip edge.

You will go through the steps of how to tile the walls to get that professional finish. Setting up with how to tile the shower floor to get the best look all the way where you’ll go through the procedure of how to tile the ceiling in your shower.

What about Building Shower Niche

photograph of shower nicheWhen you want to add a niche to your shower, there are a few things you need to know which I’ll cover by a two-part post on how to build a niche from scratch. You will look at what it takes to have a niche using pre-existing wall structures to deal with to create one. On the second part, you will learn all about the wall preparation required to get started just before you move into the waterproofing stage. I’ll explain the waterproofing step under typical conditions, and then you will learn the tips on how to rectify the waterproofing for when a tile change or pattern is introduced to alter the job. That means you will see first hand how to change the niche to fit the new tile layout to get to the stage where all the walls will be finally all tiled and grouted.

Consider Building a Shower Base

Another great topic to discuss and covered in a separate post is the shower base itself. Here you will look at some of the different types and why the method you use is so important. The kind of system used can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having a proper job done. If you make a mistake here, your entire custom shower is useless, and this post will explain to you why. You will be given types and examples to where the problems can exist and which types are best to use and why.
Each one of these posts explains part of the build bathroom shower sequence to give you the knowledge you require to make yourself a great custom shower that will be unique that nobody else will have. To have a full video breakdown on handling your entire bathroom will at least help you understand everything that is happening in your renovation project. The video will give you everything you need to know to do a custom bathroom of your dreams and possibly save thousands in the long run.


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    Hey Travis,

    I love your website. It’s packed full of fantastic remodeling information. It has a nice clean layout and easy and charming navigation. I love the ceramic bathroom shower installation project. That would be fantastic as a home remodel project. Well done, keep up the great work!


    • Travis Smithers

      Hi PJ and thanks for stopping by. I hope that this site will be able to help home owners make better decisions about any home renovations they want to do. By showing the details of what is required, more people will know or understand whether they want to go through with the renovations. Knowing what is involved with the renovation they can decide whether they want to tackle the job or bring in the contractors or sub-trades to handle the job.

  2. From what I can understand, there’s a lot consideration which is important when building a bathroom. Personally, I just renovate my own bathroom. Because I don’t have the experience, I hire a housing agent who has vast experience as a builder. I guess the way she explains are the same with what you went through. Thanks for such tips by the way, this serves as a reminder which is helpful in future for everyone.

    • Travis Smithers

      Thanks for the visit and whether you do a shower renovation yourself or have someone else do the renovations; it is always a good idea to understand the process. By knowing what is involved it is easier to know and understand what you are capable of or when it is time to bring in the pros.

  3. Hi Travis,

    I really like this article. I was always a fan of showers instead of bathtubs and I installed one few years back. I found many very useful informations which will come handy when I will rebuild my bathroom. Thanks for tips. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Igor and I will be adding more information over the course of time to help out with tips and practices to make renovations better and easier for anybody interested. Glad you liked the post.

  4. Hello, Travis. I am very impressed with your accomplishments in the construction field. It’s clear to see that you are a professional in this category. I am a licenced Contractor myself, but I am not taking any jobs currently.
    I enjoyed visiting your page on Best Power Tool Brands. I currently own most of the brands that are displayed. Black and Decker, Dewalt, Makita, Dremel and others are very good power tools.
    You give good advice to people that want to take on DIY jobs. They need to understand what is required in knowledge to complete Do it Yourself jobs.
    Nice work, Travis, I wasn’t able to cover all the content on your site today, but I bookmarked your site for later reference. Take care, Travis.

    • Hi Prince and it is always good dealing with other contractors. As you and I both know when it comes to doing renovations, the phrase “do it right the first time” is what most contractors believe in. So for home owners wanting to do there own work need to know what it is we do that justifies the price. By knowing all the details and steps the home owner will know if they have the ability and tools to do the job or get the professionals to do all or part of the renovation they require.

      This way they can save money on labor if they know how and can do the work. The home owner can get better quality materials if they do the work or portion of when it fits the budget. Can simply hire out the full job knowing what your paying for.

      There are no short cuts to keeping the proper structure and integrity of your home. Understand and knowing what needs to be done either by DIY or with a pro. Nobody should compromise on doing things the right way.

  5. I find this very interesting. I have done some home renovations before and this will be very helpful for future projects. Thanks for the I info. I like the shower project, good detail. There is a lot to consider when installing a new shower and you have explained this well.You’re site is well done. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Trish and glad you liked the post. One of the main purposes here is to get the information out there to help people understand what each renovation job can entail. By putting the knowledge out there, people are able to see what it takes and will be able to make the proper decision on whether or not which renovations they can handle themselves or should hire out for. When you know and understand what needs to be done you’ll save money just by not making mistakes of under estimating the job to be done. You can do what you can and have professionals do what your not comfortable with.

  6. Some great ideas for building a shower.
    I am in the middle of a project of moving a bathroom from a former pantry which was converted into a bathroom back to where it originally was in the rooom behind it’s current location.
    I am wanting to have both a shower and a hot tub combined.
    Do you have any suggestions for this application?


    • Hi Shawn,

      If your planning on having some walls put around the hot tub you will need to buy a flange kit so that you can direct the water that comes down the walls into the tub. When you buy a regular tub they already have a flange around them for where the wall board stops directly above it. When ever you want to use a soaker or hot tub that does not have a flange you need to add one. With out it if your caulking ever separates from the finished shower wall and tub, you will get water damage.

      Install a custom flange kit around the hot tub where the walls will come down to meet it, then your ready to carry on.

      Hope that helps or you can send me a picture or something of what your thinking and I can explain in better detail.

  7. Wow! I really love your website! I’ve been wondering about redoing my bathroom at home but I have zero expertise in this area 🙁 This is an incredible resource for anyone looking to remodel their bathroom shower. I was wondering if any of the pictures you have here are remodels you did yourself?

    • At present, all the images in the gallery and posts on the showers are everything I have personally done myself. I will be posting a lot more pictures as time goes on and adding more posts.

  8. Those ideas for remodelling a shower are great. I am currently thinking of revamping my en suite bathroom in my apartment (as quite frankly the previous owner made a right mess of the floor etc). I currently have the smallest shower ever (well it feels like that as i used to have a massive one in my old house).
    I am therefore looking for new ideas of how to expand out the shower area and make the best possible use of space in that small room – and give me a kick-ass en suite that is going to look modern. Therefore absolutely love the ideas that you are putting together here

    • Travis Smithers

      The key thing to do is figure as much as possible of all what you would like to do before you start any actual work. The more you check into what can be done with the bathroom area and figure out a budget before you start the better.

      Once you have a plan of action then when you do start to demo and rebuild your bathroom there will be far less surprises if any. Problems usually arise from people not knowing enough about the different situations that can go wrong from not understanding what is involved with what they want to do and what can actually be done.

      As one of the old sayings goes, measure twice cut one; you want to make sure you plan first to know what needs to be done before you go ahead and start.

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