Check Business Name Availability


There is more to thinking of what you what to call your company and using the name. You need to check business name availability to see if you can use the name. Coming up with a great name will not work for you if somebody else is using it.


Check Business Name Availability


The fact is, you could come up with the best possible name just to find out that it’s not available. We will look at generating a name for two different conditions.

Naming an Offline Business

Naming an offline business

What would be a good name?

First we’ll look at finding a name for a typical offline company.

If you’re only interested in having an offline business in your local area, then a company name that’s not trademarked can be used in your province or state even though the name may exist in another region or country. Remember any names that are trademarked for the country or throughout the world are off limits.

With your company name all picked out, it’s time to see if it’s available. For where I live, its a matter of going into one of the government buildings, Acess Nova Scotia or go online to your government website to the section that deals with businesses. You’ll pay a small fee for doing a title search when checking for whether the company name is available.

For the initial charge, you will have up to three separate name searches to find an available name. If you require a fourth search, you’ll pay another fee and start the name search process all over again.

This process takes about 3 to 5 business days to get any results back. Once the request has gone through you’ll be notified whether your company name is excepted or denied. If denied, you’ll need to submit another name.

When you do receive the word that one of the names you picked out is available, your next step is “Registering Business Name.”

Next we’ll look at adding an online presence to your company from the very beginning. Take note, I would advise if your planning on having a website for your offline business, to see if the names you come up with have the domain name available before paying for the name search. Checking out for a domain name is quick and easy to see what is available before purchasing your company name.


Naming an Online Business


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What would be the best name?

The second scenario will be only having an online business.

If your interests are to have a website for creating an income, then it is a very simple and straight forward process to finding a company name. To take you through the full process of getting a domain name check out my post “What is a Domain Name and How To’s.” Here you will learn what it takes to pick the appropriate name to get an online business up and running. Most people believe you just select a possible domain name and you’ll have a successful online business in no time, but nothing is farther from the truth.

By checking out the link, “What is a Domain Name and How To’s,” you will learn what it really takes to make an online business work for you. You will get the full inside scoop to choose your name correctly to maximize your online traffic before you even submit your site to the search engines.


So now that we have covered some information about check business name availability, its time to get back to:

Start a Business From Scratch



  1. Hi there Travis,

    If I may add to your points, I think when one is setting up an offline business, one should also check for online name at the same time because every business should now have at least a website.

    At the rate that websites are being set up, I would recommend a business to lock down a domain name if they find something suitable, than doing it later. Good domains are bought up very quickly.

    Also, with an online business, you can use your business name for ranking (hence increasing search visibility) if you are using keyword rich domain. For more professionalism, brandable name works just fine too.

    • Everything you mention is totally true with today’s standards of doing business that is why my previous post which you have not had the chance to read mentions everything you’ve commented about.

      Also, as you mentioned you can certainly brand a domain name but using a keyword rich domain name is far better and easier to get traffic to your website.

      Nice of you to drop by Cathy and leaving a comment, it’s always great to hear from people who are on the same page with what’s happening around us.

  2. Well that;s really helpful advice – does this sort of thing work for simple domain name checking as well or is it based on ‘physical’ businesses at the moment?
    I used a similar process just recently checking out taken band names! (believe it or not!). At the end of the day – if you’re making money off it you want it to be unique right?

    • The strange thing is that when you check for an offline business for registering a name, any name that has been trademarked you will not be able to use it anywhere or get it registered. When somebody does a regular title search to register a business name, that exact same name could be filed in different countries etc.

      All domain names are unique throughout the world to ever only be just the one. So when you have an offline business and want an online presence you need to see that both are available as one or the other could be gone.

      With online domain names having a free search that only takes seconds in most cases, do them first without purchasing, then see if the offline registration process shows you can get the name registered and once you have it then buy the domain name.

      Otherwise, what you’ll need to do is when I purchased my business name TD Remodeling I bought, I also purchased as I’m Canadian. When another person in Florida who has the same business name wanted to go online I already had the name listed. For his domain name he ended up purchasing and somebody in another state bought

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