Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Cordless Reciprocating Saw


When it comes to a cordless reciprocating saw, the Dewalt (DWTDC385K) Heavy Duty XRP 18 Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit has got you covered. I have had mine for ten years now, and it still performs like new. Back when we were doing metal roofs, there was a time when one of the other contractors was planning on cutting off a piece of 2-inch angle iron which is really like a 4 inch wide 1/4 thick piece of steel that needed to be cut off.

photograph of cordless reciprocating saw

So there we are 40 feet up in the air on the peak of the roof at the edge to cut off this angle iron piece of metal so that we could install our metal roof. My buddy took his ridgit reciprocating saw and began the cut. He was not able to get very far when his battery died, so he calls down to another worker below to hoist up a fresh battery. Now with a new battery we are good to go, so we thought. Once again a no go the battery died after cutting just over half the angle iron off.


Instead of going for another battery I asked for my reciprocating saw, took the blade out of his and locked it into my saw and made the cut, done in record time compared to the ridgit saw. Then I went to the other end of the building where we had another angle iron piece to cut. Well just let me say I made quick work of that piece of metal. Every job I was on since then we never used the ridgit saw again knowing my dewalt saw could cut twice as fast and with less battery charge used.


The great thing about these types of saws is how quickly they can make your demolition happen. Having this saw is one of the essential tools to have when you’re doing any demolition. The blades are totally interchangeable from plastics, wood, metal combinations of both and even specialty blades like scrapers, etc. When you need to take out a door or window, this is the tool for you. It will cut through all the screws or nails holding the door or window in place in no time to speed up any renovation job. You need a hole in the floor; a reciprocating saw will do the job with no problems compared to other tools. These saws will save you lots of time and money because of how versatile they are when it comes to cutting in tight and difficult areas.

When you pair this saw up with hammers, sludge hammers, screwdrivers and crowbars there is not to many demolitions jobs your not able to do.

photograph of cordless reciprocating saw cutting wood

When they say the Dewalt (DWTDC385K) Heavy Duty XRP 18 Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw is a heavy duty saw there not kidding. There are a few companies out there that make the claim how great their tools are, but you can find out pretty quickly which tools work well on the job site. The amount of work and what we put the tools through shows up which tools to buy and which were a waste of money.


Another great testament to whether or not a tool is any good is the life expectancy you get from the tool. After ten years, I am still using the same saw. A lot of people are now using 20 volt lithium tools while I’m still using 18 volt XRP. Some people will comment on why I’m not using the newer 20 volt lithium, and I only reply, when my tools break down that I am unable to use them, I will upgrade. One guy thought he would impress me by telling me he improves his tools after 4 to 5 years of use to the latest new models they carry. My reply was just simply, sorry to hear that! He made the reply that his tools were still working, and he buys new ones because he can afford it and wants his tools to work like new. I replied I keep using my old ones because I can, they keep working like the brand new ones, so I can afford not to waste any money on buying new ones.

photograph of cordless reciprocating saw cutting pipes

It’s quite simple when you look at what it is you want to do with your tools. You can spend less and use your new tools until they age a bit or break, then buy more of the latest and greatest newer model to what you had. You could purchase a tool of quality and be done with it and save money from not having to replace your tools all the time by getting one of the better tool brands created to perform.


So when it comes to a cordless reciprocating saw, I do recommend the dewalt reciprocating saw.

Dewalt Tools (DWTDC385K) Heavy Duty XRP 18 Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit



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  1. Wow, where do I start? First glance I saw a very professional business site also elegant and beautiful. Then as I went through the site I was even more amazed. The six widgets that brought me to more information were done so well, I love the images, not to mention the content. The tool shop was great but then there were two book stores, genius. This site has everything a person would need to renovate their home. When I am ready to do some renovations, I will come to your site..Fantastic job! I love this site

    • Hi Cheri, glad you enjoyed your tour. This site has been redone to help those who would like to get into DIY. I find by informing people of how the different renovations are done it is much easier for anyone to decide what and how much they want to do themselves if anything. By knowing what is involved its easier to make that decision.

      By giving and talking about the different tools, people will also learn to know which are the best tools for doing certain jobs as well. The more you know about what the different tools are good for the easier your projects can be as well as the knowledge of knowing how to do them.

  2. I helped my dad make a lttle clubhouse in our backyard once a long time ago, and this is the exact machine we used to cut a lot of the wood. Very nifty, plus its a lot easily to handle that other reciprocating saws… definitely works wonders compared to a traditional saw though.

    Thanks for sharing again, brings back memories.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • I can certainly see why your father would use a reciprocating saw to help build your clubhouse as this is a very versatile tool ready to be used to cut just about anything. Hand saws are great and still have there purpose but power tools have come such a long way that just about anything can now be done with them.

  3. I haven’t done much construction or demolition myself but I’ve been involved in it a few time. Back when my business was expanding I had to move more than once into bigger spaces. Each time we had to hire professionals to demolish the existing walls and build out what we needed.

    I never met a professional who didn’t have a Dewalt.


    my-thoughts-in-the-news dot com

    • The dewalt tool brand has been around for a while and are used by many professionals because we know the tools will get the job done. There are some better and more expensive tools just like there are some cheaper and lower quality tools. Most contractors will buy what they know will work and dewalt is one such name.

  4. My husband is always doing remodeling around our home and I got to say, this tool would be useful! I have never looked up a remodeling site before, but as a woman, I am confused and overwhelmed as to what to buy to help my husband. Not anymore!

    Thank you for all your information!

    • Hi Mandi and just so you know there are just as many men that are not into renovations and knowing what to do as there are woman. A lot of men can make assumptions that women know vary little about remodeling and tools but I’ve met a lot who do. There is also a lot of assumptions that all men know how to renovate or remodel homes which they do not.

      It all comes down to what you grew up with whether or not you know how to renovate and know about the different tools. There are a lot of people who do know but for those that do not, I’m also here to help them with what they want to know about tools and renovating.

      I’m glad this cordless reciprocating saw post helped you and there are many more and other pages that you may find interesting and helpful for you and your husband.

  5. I grew up in a construction company. My Father and Grandfather taught me the ropes real early on. I love my DeWalt Tools. Their reciprocating saws get the job done, and they are professional grade- which is extremely important if you want them to last! (Lord knows I’ve dropped my tools more times than I can count!)
    Whenever I had to demolish something I made sure to pick up ‘Fire and Rescue’ Blades- with the DeWalt and those blades nothing can stand in your way.

    • Hi, Tommy and always good hearing from people who have used the tools. I have found through the years there are a few brands that seem to stand the test of time which I will cover in further posts. For now I’ve been going through my dewalt collection and will soon start with my other brands as well.

  6. Hi Travis, You site in general is really well done and very pro looking. Id stop at it if I was searching because it looks like you know what you are on about. I like your reviews on gear, it is engaging and covers what I need to know if I’m looking for cordless equipment. I love your widgets too .. did you design them? very nice.

    • Hi James and good you liked your tour. The site has gone under some major revamping to incorporate the DIY segment all about the correct way to do your home improvements. I also decided to add a business run down for a start up and the tools and equipment used. So drop by anytime you like to see more as I keep adding more information.

  7. I really love the dewalt tools and mine are still going strong as well. I don’t actually own a cordless reciprocating saw and after reading your post I definitely have to add this to my arsenal.

    I also agree with you about upgrading! I’m exactly the same, if I need a new tool i will buy one, if my old tools do the job why spend more money?

    Thanks for the info Travis

    • When you already have tools that do the job that are in great condition, you’re better off purchasing new tools that you do not already have to do even more diverse projects you may wish to accomplish.

  8. I too have had a dewalt cordless reciprocating saw for a few years without any problems. My husband and I bought a fixer house a few years ago and we’ve been going room by room gutting and remodeling. Last year, we demolished the old front porch and a built a new addition and the dewalt lasted 4 days of use before it needed a recharge. Seriously worth the money. We want an extra battery for it next…

    • When you take on renovations like you have, using good quality tools is the way to go. Two thumbs up for using the quality gear and glad you stopped by to let me know about your experiences with dewalt.

  9. Hi Travis, what a great website. Very informative and a lot of helpful links. I have just started writing a DIY kitchen site and I can get a lot of inspirations from your sites. However, in relations to power tools, battery is always my drawback on cordless tools. How many batteries do you recommend to readers to purchase? How long does it take to charge?
    One other thing that I don’t understand. When I clicked on the images, they opened up the images on their own. What is the purpose of doing so? Since I was thinking the images will take me to another site.

    • To start answering your questions, the ni-cad batteries usually take an hour to charge while the lithium can charge in 15 minutes. I personally use 4 ni-cad batteries now and use to have 7, but the 4 take care of my working day no problem. Depending on what I’m doing two batteries are enough.

      The pictures are not linking anywhere yet as I’m still remodeling the site with a whole new navigation setup to accomidate all the latest requests I’ve been receiving.

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