Dewalt 18 volt battery charger

When you’ve got a collection of cordless power tools, they are only as good as the charge on their batteries. You’ll need to have the dewalt 18 volt battery charger to take care of keeping all your batteries fully charged.

Dewalt 18 volt battery charger

photograph of a Dewalt 18v Battery Charger


As most people already know dewalt, and most of all the other brands that have cordless power tools all carry lines of different types of chargers. When I first bought my combo kit it came with the DeWalt DW9226 – 7.2V to 18V 1-HR Battery Charger. I also received another charger of the same type when I purchased my DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit.


Dewalt gives you a few types of chargers that you can use to keep your batteries fully charged at all times.


photograph of Nicad chargers


They have:

  • Toolkits that come with Single Chargers
  • Combination Dual Port Fast Chargers
  • Heavey Duty 7.2V-18V Dual Port Charger
  • Jobsite Charging Station
  • Worksite Charger/Radio
  • 7.2V-18V 1 Hour Vehicle Charger
  • 12V/20V Max Li-ion Battery Charger
  • 12V/20V Max Worksite Charger Radio
  • 12V/20V Max Li-ion Vehicle Battery Charger

photograph of Li-ion chargers


As you can see, there are a few options when it comes to chargers. Dewalt will package the appropriate charger for each battery type with their kits, but you have the option of buying chargers that will take care of varying voltage levels and battery types such as nicad or Li-ion. When I first bought all my tools the 18V XRP batteries where the ones at the time, so all my chargers deal with them. Once the proposed adapter comes out, I will start buying the 20V Max Li-ion batteries to use with my 18V XRP tools and then start replacing my equipment when required if they ever break down. At least any new tools that I do not presently have I will start buying the 20 volt versions.


photograph of dual chargers


For now the 18 volt tools that I’m currently using work great and have plenty of power to do the job. The extra cost of buying the 20 volt versions will take some time before I ever need to convert as Dewalt still supplies many 18 volt tools and batteries due to their great success with them. As time moves along dewalt have started to make specialty tools that will only be available in the newer voltage designs 20 volts and up to get people to start converting. Dewalt also knows that not everybody needs or wants to go to the larger voltages for cordless tools, so for now everything is still available with newly added options.


So when it comes to having a Dewalt 18 volt battery charger, there are a few to choose from depending on what you require. The DeWalt DW9226 – 7.2V to 18V 1-HR Battery Charger is all you need if your charging the original nicad battery packs for your cordless tools and do not require to charge Li-ion batteries. If you do need Li-ion batteries for your dewalt tools then at least you now they have some choices for those chargers as well or any combination you may need.


If you’re like me and have four or more 18V XRP batteries, then get yourself set up to charge two or more batteries at once. Keeping your batteries charged keeps the tools running when you need them.

DeWalt DW9226 – 7.2V to 18V 1-HR Battery Charger NEW


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  1. I guess my husband has two or three of the Devalt chargers for his drill etc.

    So far he loves it and he has them for years now. He had to replace a battery or two, but the chargers are working still fine.

    Will let my hubby take a look at your site, perhaps he wants another one. You never know.

    Thanks for your article


    • Hi Sylvia and its great your husband is using one of the better brands of cordless tools. The dewalt tools have been around long enough for people to find out just how good there track record is for tools. It is typical as your husband would know that the batteries will have to be replaced after a few years but the tools and chargers live on for quite some time just needing new batteries.

  2. Its always necessary to have a functioning charger because its the worst when you need a power tool and don’t have any charged batteries.

    Dewalt seems like a great brand, I’ve always seen them around the power tool industry. Looks like they have a great product line and a variety of options.

    • Dewalt has been around for some time now and do carry a good selection that you can depend on. They are one of the main brands that I use but I will be posting about the other great brands as well later.

  3. Great information here, You have described the information very well and the website looks very clean and professional! Your information of renovations and tools is very impressive, keep up the work and making your site looks awesome! The renovation how to section was awkward because it sent me to google search, but besides that it all looks good.

    • Glad you liked the new layout and information that my site now carries as I have converted it to help others outside my geographical area.

      I still have a lot of changes going on to try and simplify how the site navigates and the renovation how to widget on the landing page will access through google search as it now opens up another website dedacated to how home renovations are done.

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