Dewalt 18v Light

Now when we make the statement dewalt 18v light, there are a few different lights that we could be talking about here. Dewalt has produced a few different cordless lights and the one that I’m going to talk about here is the DeWALT DW919 18V Cordless Flexible Floodlight.


Dewalt 18v Light


When I bought my original combo kit just over ten years ago, it came with six tools, two batteries and a charger in a hard case. Now the particular light that did come with my case as the sixth tool was the flexible floodlight. Dewalt has some different variations on the type of light you can have, but I chose what I like to call the gooseneck. This light has some definite advantages over your typical handheld flashlight.

photograph of Dewalt 18v Light

Your typical handheld flashlights are great so long as you have the option to hold the flashlight and point it to where you require the light to shine. When you’re trying to do some work, it is usually best if you can have both your hands free to do the job. Now you can set the light down and point it to where you need the light but a lot of handheld flashlights do not prop very well or sit on a flat surface the way you need them to and have the light shine where you need it.


Some handheld models that do have a hand grip with the battery mounted underneath. You have a handle to hold, and it also serves as a platform to stand the light on a solid surface and point the light in the direction you need it. These tend to be heavier and bulky flashlights that have limitations to where they can be used unless once again you hold it and direct the light.


Another option is lights that you can clip onto small objects that protrude so you can free up your hands and have the light shine where you need them. The problem with this type of light is what you can clip them to that is not too wide or thick that the clamp is capable of clipping onto such as something that is 1″ thick but not 1 1/2″ thick. So if there is nothing small enough to clip onto, then once again you need to hold the light.


So as you can start to see depending on what you are trying to do and where you may need something lit up, each type of flashlight will have different limitations on whether or not you can use them at all or have a hard time using them.


Dewalt’s has an 18v light that will come in handy for most situations. The flexible cordless floodlight can sit on its battery, and you can point the flashlight head in any direction that you may require. Your platform to do this only needs to be the size of the actual battery that is only a few inches either way. The real advantage of this light is the way you can use the gooseneck by unclipping the flashlight head from the battery shaft, to bend it around to the shape you require around objects or to hang it on something. If you have ever worked up in the attic of a place that has no lights, with blown in insulation, the cordless flexible floodlight rules. You can wrap the flexible shaft around the timber frame of your roof trusses and point the head to give you the necessary light where you need it, so you’ll have both of your hands for doing your work.


You will find that the flexible shaft of this dewalt light can wrap, hang or sit in places that most flashlights are not capable of unless you physically hold them which could be defeating the purpose of trying to get the work accomplished. Most jobs require the use of two hands, and if you have one tied up with holding a flashlight, then you may find the job could take a lot longer or not even get done.


Depending on what you’re doing, there is a dewalt 18v light for you. I find having the flexible cordless floodlight will make short work out of any tricky spots or situations you may find yourself in, requiring light.


So the next time you reach for a flashlight, reach out for the

DEWALT DW919 18-Volt Flexible Floodlight


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  1. aishahomemadecupcakerecipes

    Didn’t actually know about this model of Dewalt flashlights until I came across your blog. I can definitely see the benefits, particularly about being able to set it down standing up or hanging off of something so you can have both your hands free to do what you need to do!

    • Depending on your requirements, some flashlights will not allow you to accomplish the work you require to get done. It helps to have one as versatile as possible, sometimes you never know what you may need it for.

  2. I wish i found your page one month ago, when we were building the new ceilings! It was real jam with cables and the flashlights were constantly shining directly into the eye. It was hard to focus on the actual job! After being in these uncomfortable conditions, all this renewal time i really started to see the importance of details and thinking plans more through and here you see, your page is not only a time saver but also the nerve cell saver too 🙂 Great practical advice!

    • Hi Merike and I understand just where your coming from, timing of some things do not always work out as planned but as you mentioned as you do plan and look into the details of what your doing things will work out easier. As time goes on I hope I can help out more people every day by posting more and keep answering e-mails etc to make things easier for those looking for answers when making there decisions on what they plan to do next.

  3. Hi Travis, I like your site. Even for a novice like me it is easy to read and follow. Very well presented and thought out. I guess I know where to get my information now for any new home projects! I’ve been putting off getting my hands dirty for too long now. Cheers!

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