Dewalt 18v xrp battery

Having cordless power tools only work if you have the power to drive them and the Dewalt 18v XRP battery is just the kind of power it takes.

Dewalt 18v XRP battery

 photograph of Dewalt 18v XRP battery


Regardless of which cordless power tools you use, the battery is one of the key components that give it the power it needs to function. Each tool will be engineered to work the best it can for the amount of voltage it has to operate on in this case 18v. When a particular tool is created, there is a lot of engineering that goes into the development and design to maximize its performance to do what will be required of it.

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One such example would be a cordless circular saw that needs to operate on 18volts. Just to have an 18volt battery power up a motor that uses 18volts to run does not mean you’ll have yourself a great circular saw.


Engineers need to be able to provide the maximum motor performance to operate on the18 volts that the battery is providing. They need to have the ability to have the power to cut through the different materials required just as you would expect with a corded circular saw. The cordless tool needs to give you the maximum power on the least amount of power consumption etc.


Whether you’re dealing with a circular saw or any other cordless power tool, the engineers and designers require looking at all materials used in creating the tool. Each tool has required functions while having the durability of tool longevity and battery life before needing a newly charged battery or have the existing one recharged. It serves no purpose to have a cordless circular saw cut just like a corded saw for only 5 minutes then you need a fresh battery.

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So each tool will be engineered and designed to operate the best it can for the voltage supplied to do its functions just as the corded tools function.


When the batteries are designed they need to be able to give the required power the tool requires to do the same job as its corded counterpart. The second consideration and the difference between people even using cordless tools are the charge life or runtime of the tool being used before you need a fresh battery or recharge.

photograph of Dewalt 18v batteries

This is where the Dewalt 18v XRP battery has the ability to give your tools a longer operational time frame between charges compared to the regular 18 volt batteries available. The XRP battery has a higher amp hour per charge and gives maximum torque and power over a longer time frame than other batteries in its class. The reason I say this is after the ten plus years I have been running my tools on XRP batteries based on nicad technology, there are now the newer batteries that are lithium technology. Not only do they now have the lighter and power full performance of the lithium batteries but they have also created higher voltage cordless power tools such as 20v etc.


Even though a lot of cordless tools have been going to lithium batteries some brands like dewalt have been designing lithium batteries to still power up the older tools if you choose to replace their batteries with the lithium batteries instead of the nicad version dewalt is now working on their adapter that makes plugging the 20V Max lithium batteries into the 18v tools. This way you can phase out the 18v batteries for 20v lithium batteries and then replace the 18v tools with the newer 20v tool designs.


So for now many professionals and others are still using the Dewalt 18v XRP battery and tools they power with a new option to slowly replace them with the newer 20V Max batteries and tools when it finally comes to replacement time. The predicted launch of the battery adaptor is for January 2016 for dewalt.


DEWALT DC9096-2 18-Volt XRP 2.4 Amp Hour NiCad Pod-Style Battery (2-Pack)


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  1. I don’t currently use power tools but I have in the past and my dad used them. One of the problems we would have is longer battery life. You can’t always have a plug in so its nice when you can rely on a battery.

    Its great to have the alternative of a cordless power tool but only when you have a reliable battery.

    This appears to be a quality product and a quality website.

    • That is one of many good things I can say about dewalt that there batteries have a very good reliable charge life and durability. I usually average about 5 years out of my 18V XRP batteries each time which says a lot to how things use to be and what some of the competition has to offer for durability.

  2. Hello Travis, Really like your page. The information you have provided here is really helpful. Its important to have the right tools to do your home improvement projects. Having a cordless drill is a necessity nice to know there is a more improved battery. Thank you for sharing this information


    • Hi Trish and glad you could drop by, Dewalt has been creating and improving on there batteries just like all the other major brands since the cordless power tools have been on the market. The 18V XRP batteries are by far the best battery dewalt has designed in there nicad line with durability and longer charge life while using.

  3. You don’t want to be working deep in the zone, and have your drill battery die. If you’re a heavy driller, you’ll most likely have the XRP charger nearby anyway, just to be able to charge the lithium ion battery.

    • Hi Ronald and this is true if you know that your going to be working somewhere that your not going to have easy access to move about to get another battery then either you want a charger close at hand were your working or have an extra charged battery with you to get the job done. Depending on what you are doing you may consider having both with you if at all possible.

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