Dewalt Cordless Drills

Dewalt cordless drills

dewalt cordless drills

When it comes to working on renovations, one of the tools that I classified as an essential tool is my dewalt cordless drills. I never leave home without them. I have had corded drills in the past, but the convenience of battery operated is worth its weight in gold.


About ten years ago I purchased two dewalt cordless drills in a kit of six tools. One of these drills was a Dewalt DCD950KX 18V XRP Cordless 1/2 inch. Hammer Drill. During the time, I had the drill, two batteries that came with the kit of six tools and a battery charger all in a hard case. I also had two other chargers one being the charger/radio and three other 18V XRP batteries.


During the time I owned this drill I’ve put it to the test by practical means:

·        Drop test

·        Hours of use

·        Purpose of use


Drop test

When I first started my renovation business, my plan was to specialize in floors and custom bathrooms where I would lay hardwood, floating floors, lay tile, stone and custom showers mainly. Well, when you first start off it takes some time to get your business developed, so to fill in the gap until I was able to specialize, I was doing decks and metal roofing.

While I was doing one particular roof 30 ft up at the lowest point, my hammer drill decided to fall out of the holster and start sliding down the roof. By the time, I turned around it was well on its way to taking off as the roof was a 6/12 pitch and each panel has a lightly vegetable oiled treatment on them. I had time to yell out “heads up!” and one of the co-workers watched it come down for the big bounce the way it hit the ground. My friend passed the drill back up to me where it worked great for most of the day till it decided to embark on parachuting out of the drill holster one more time from the top of the building to the concrete floor below. This time, I could see the drill tumbling down through the air hit the concrete go for the bounce and cartwheel a little bit across the floor. It was at that time I knew the holster was not working very well, and I’d be better off laying the drill down when it was possible by wedging it or hook it somewhere from sliding down or falling off the roof when I needed two hands for the panels.

Through the years, the drill took some more dumps from falling from 24 foot and 32-foot ladders, off of 2-3 heights of staging when helping one of my sons with his roofing and exterior business.

So other than some gashes and scratches the drill works great.

photograph of drilling through wood

Hours of use

The drill has had its fair share of hours put packed on it, how many exactly I couldn’t tell you, but I can say this. While we were working on the metal roofs, we were screwing down hundreds of 3-inch screws to fasten the roof in place. While we were pumping in all the fasteners, I would require a second battery by middle afternoon and my buddy using an 18V Ridgid screwing in fewer screws went through 4 batteries a day just to try and keep up. The drill spent many days draining down batteries time and again driving hundreds of fasteners a day into metal roofs, decking to even using tap con screws into the concrete. Even my buddy wouldn’t even attempt to use his cordless for tap cons he would use mine if I were busy elsewhere.

photograph of drilling concrete

Purpose of use

I use this drill constantly to drill whatever needs to be done even for drilling out holes in tile and stone, mixing grout with its speed control this little puppy is ready. When I purchase a tool, it needs to do what I require. I buy a drill then it needs to drive whatever I put in front of it. If the bit fits the chuck, then the tool needs to perform. I have broken drills from gripping and holding them tightly while keeping the pressure on them to drill the material in front of them but not the dewalt. I have smoked, and cooked drills from overheating but not the dewalt I just put on heavier gloves keep drilling until I’m done.


Now I don’t want you to think I do not take care of my tools I do, I just have no place for junk in the workplace. When your there to do a job you need to know your tools are capable of doing the work you require of them. While you’re working, tools can fall or get bumped and they need to take a hit without it affecting its use that is why I use Dewalt cordless drills. There are other great drills as well that I use for different purposes and will discuss each of them in another post. I will also list alternative comparables to each of my tools that are just as good and some are better. When you need a lot of tools you’ll spend your money according to your tool usage and life expectancy. As far as a cordless drill goes I highly recommend the Dewalt DCD950KX 18V XRP cordless 1/2 in. Hammer Drill


DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill Kit


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  1. I stumbled upon this page when I was helping my husband search for drills and pricing.(He knows very little about the internet, lol) He too works in the construction industry and from the tools I see in his shop he is also a Dewalt fan. Unfortunately he does have to replace his cordless drill which was a Dewalt…he too dropped his drill. Unfortunately it was not on a concrete platform as you did. He was working on a bridge and dropped it into the water below. Gone forever to the deep blue yonder. :(.
    Anyway during our search we found this page and my husband was very impressed with the reviews you gave.

    I am not into tools but I did notice the free website text at the top of your site so I clicked on it. The Wealthy Affiliate page it took me too looks very interesting. Am I correct in assuming I could join this program and learn everything to start my own website? That is more my style. Can I start a website promoting my husband’s business through this program or do I have to promote whatever they offer? Looking forward to your response!

    • Hi Brenda and yes you are correct about the free website. Wealthy affiliate is a company that has full training into setting up a website so you can run an online business successful. They have full hosting so you can use up to two of there sites for free for you to do what you like for as long as you want or for a small monthly fee you can have your own personal domain and have as many websites as you like. I pay the small monthly fee so I can use my own business name TD Remodeling and your husband could do the same with his company name if he wanted to. Wealthy Affiliate and the community would help him learn a get his website all set up to do what is business is all about.

      As for me with my business being in renovations I’m in affiliate relations with other companies where I offer university video packages on renovation remodeling and tools like the dewalt cordless drills you just read about on this post and others.

      So your Husband would be able to promote his business the same as me if he wanted to for free or a small monthly fee depending on whether he wants to promote a specific company name.

  2. Hi Travis, I really liked your review on Dewalt cordless drills. It’s good to find an opinion from someone who uses the tools on daily basis. I always thought that the cord ones are better/stronger for the job but as you can see this can be far from truth. Another thing that you not always have possibility to plug your tool in 🙂 These are a bit out of my price range but I’m not a professionalist just a keen DIY- er 🙂 so the tools I’m using are basic but that’s enough for me. I’m just interested about what’s out there and what I can recommend to readers of my website 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • It never hurts to look around and like you said if you do not use your tools a lot some of the cheaper tools will work just fine. The only time you would normally buy higher end tools is if you have the need and use for them or you like to buy something that may not need to ever be repurchased again depending on what it is and what it may be used for.

  3. yes, growing up i remember this drill being a very used item in my dads garage. Of course, anything that required a screwdriver would get a hit from this, but these days I don’t have one… thy’re kind of spendy. Any cheaper versions of the dewalt drill you could recommend?

    Thanks for the review!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Yes the dewalt cordless drill is in the middle price range for drills which can be expensive to those that do not use tools on a regular basis. For those who want a drill at a cheaper price that do not use them as much as others will either by a lower model by the same company such as a dewalt 12 volt or buy another brand of the same drill but there version of it like Ryobi.

      Ryobi makes tools for a cheaper cost to do the same kind of work but are not made of the same quality. These tools will work fine for the average person looking to do some work without expecting them to take the heavy abuse day after day through the years of heavy use.

  4. My husband loves his dewalt drills. But he’s never been fully satisfied with the cordless batterie because they just don’t seem to last long enough for him. He would get multiple batteries and switch between while working all day, but they’d never last. So now he’s got a corded one that he rotates through to help. But I know he’d still like the cordless. Do you recommend any good batteries that last longer than the standard?

    • It really depends on which batteries the tools are using. If he has the regular dewalt tools they do not use the dewalt 18 volt XRP batteries that last longer and have more power than the regular batteries. Some people have been changing tools for the lithium batteries for longer life. The problem with the lithium tools is there is no warning of when the battery is about to fail do to discharge. They do however charge up much faster and better than other batteries. It comes down to how much do you want to pay for your tools and do you already have a set or are you starting from scratch.

      Always a good idea to have good corded back up tools to do the job just in case.

  5. Travis,
    I like to do my own home repairs, I have owned several cordless drills. My first cheep drill burnt up when I was replacing the railing on my stairs. My second cheep 18 volt drill, the batteries would not last till the first break on a project. I too purchased a Dewalt 18 volt cordless drill, best purchase,as it last a long time and has a lot more torque than any of my other drills. Your review is spot on.

    • Hi John and like you I have had some tools in the past that I thought would do the job just to find out they where not good enough for the job at hand. Sometimes you can get away with a cheaper tool depending on what you require it to do but usually your best to purchase a tool that does what you need it to do and more. Dewalt is definitely one such tool that can handle what you may require from it. There are others as well which I will get into in later posts but for me I have no complaints with the quality and performance of dewalt tools.

  6. I used to be a Craftsman guy but ever since Sears combined their craftsman tools with Kmart everything has gone downhill. I am a DeWalt guy now. The batteries on their cordless drills seem to last forever and are so powerful. I remember my craftsman drill battery dying on me and it was cheaper buying a new drill instead of a replacement.

    • Hi James and your right about how craftsman was to how they are now as a lot of guys I have worked with use to use them then stopped. I also find the dewalt batteries seem to last longer than a lot of other brands batteries. Personally I like having a cordless that has a good battery life that I don’t need to be replacing all the time, even when I’m doing things around the house. The dewalt cordless drills is definitely great for contractors but any home owner or anybody requiring a good quality drill can benefit from having one.

  7. I run a flooring and bathroom remodel company and I’ve been telling my workers to buy this exact brand of drill for months! Not sure what brand they are using now but they continually have trouble with it during tight angle drills as well as drill bits not fititng correctly. They sent several pieces back yet they persist with it!

    • If they are having major issues with angled drilling, then they need to get an adapter like the Milwaukee one that I use for getting into tight spaces or use an angled drill head drill itself. I prefer to use an adapter rather than purchasing another drill, one less tool to haul around taking up space in my truck when I need so many other tools available for work.

      The milwaukee adapter that I use cost less than another drill and rotates to any angle required for you to position the drill bits or screws, my first recommindation.

  8. I have had the same Dewalt cordless drills now for about 10 years, i am a carpenter by trade and use them every day at work.
    I have the same model that you have in your article aswell as the DeWalt DC725KB 18v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill and the DeWalt DW056 Type1,18V Cordless Impact driver, they use the same batteries which have a quick 1 hour charge.
    I’ve had the same batteries since new and they are still going strong and like yours they have fallen from great heights, ive used them to drill into all types of materials and they’ve put in hundreds of thousands of screws. They are strong, powerful and built with quality and baring the scratches, i have to say they still perform the same now since the day i bought them.

    • Of all the tools I use, like you I know you can not go wrong with using a dewalt tool. They are built to last and take more abuse that a lot of other brands are unable to sustain. Ifs good to hear your dewalt tools have served you well and I’m, sure they will continue to do so just as mine have and still are.

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