Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw

When it comes to using an excellent jigsaw, the dewalt cordless jigsaw could be just what you’ve been looking for in quality, reliability and performance.

 Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw

I have used different brand name jigsaws such as Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee among others and find having my dewalt cordless the best way to go.

Back when I was first going to switch from the typical corded jigsaw to a cordless, there were very few options in brand names as there is today. One of the biggest decisions that I was looking at was not to be using too many different brands of cordless tools that would require me to have multiple chargers and batteries for each one. I knew that there would be other tools that would come in handy for cordless use, and I wanted one brand using the same chargers and batteries.

photograph of Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw

In my line of work I find myself needing to cut out for kitchen and bathroom vanity sinks all the time. I also cut out a lot of tighter circles used for custom shower drains in the floor and around toilet flanges that are great not dealing with any power cords. You do not realize the difference when operating cordless tools on just how convenient they truly are until you replace the use of your corded tools with the battery operated version.

My cordless jigsaw is also great for making cuts in laminate and hardwood flooring that I also do a fair bit. Whether I am working with laying tiles or working with floating and hardwood floors, my jigsaw is always ready to go. Having no power cords lying around makes a big difference when doing flooring especially when dealing with tile work. You can get pretty cramped in some of the smaller bathrooms, but any cordless tools can make quick work of it.


Another great feature of having a jigsaw is any scroll work or scribing cuts on flooring, or counter tops may be required, and the cordless jigsaw can make this task so much easier, again not having to deal with power cords. There are many different kinds of saws on the market which will make up your total tool collection, but I find anybody working with tools on a regular basis will find the need for a good jigsaw. The average jigsaw will cut in most places that you may require the ability to cut curves and circles where most other saws will not have the ability due to size and blade type. There is a newer tool on the block that can pick up where the jigsaw leaves off, and that is the oscillating tools that I’ll get into on another post.

photograph of Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw cutting counter top

Just with all the different accessories for cutting blades allowing you to cut wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles give you a better advantage to what type of work you can accomplish. You are also able to cut pipes of varying material if needed from the available blades. As you can see from the photos above and below its easy to see just how flexible a jigsaw can be just by changing out its blade.

photograph of Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw cuts different materials

For most people, a jigsaw in any form whether corded or cordless is a great tool to have in your main collection. When you own a jigsaw it is not classified as a specialty tool by any means but rather a standard tool that everybody or anybody working around the home, cottage, etc. doing any renovations should have. If you want to spoil yourself, then choose a Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw like DEWALT – 18-Volt XRP Ni-Cad Cordless Orbital Jig Saw Kit. Again there are many brands out there now; I just happen to have a ten-year-old dewalt cordless that’s still going strong, so I’ve never needed to buy another one unlike some of the other contractors I work with, which is like a testament to Dewalt’s quality and reliability for a great product.

Check out the link below to learn more on the pricing and specs.

DEWALT DC330K Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Top Handle Jig Saw Kit



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  1. I’m not in the market for a cordless jigsaw, but this review of the Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw is still excellent. Your website has the appropriate number of ads and is laid out in a visually appealing manner. I liked that you added images within the review as well. Great review, I really got the feeling that you have used this jigsaw and you are knowledgeable about your topic.

    • This jigsaw has seen a few hundred jobs over the last ten years and I have seen many other brands that other contractors are using that are just as good and many others that simply could not go the distance. For a lot of people not in the trades they can get away with using just about any jigsaw but for professionals the better brands are the only way to go and for the non professional if you buy such a tool it will probably be the last one you’ll need.


    So, how do you know if you need a jigsaw on any specific project? Is this best for home improvement projects or for big construction projects for professionals? Is this a tool that you should have an expert train you to use or can anyone safely use it? Why is this jigsaw better than other cordless ones?

    • One of the biggest reasons for having a jigsaw is if you require to cut curved or circular holes and not always looking to cut straight in different materials. So pretty much all carpenters usually have a jigsaw and anybody at home that likes to tackle projects. Jigsaws are easy to use and just about anybody can cut with them.

      As far as using the dewalt cordless jigsaw as the best, there are other brands just as good some even better and of course not as good. Dewalt just happens to make one of the best for the price but they are not the only one to choose from. I have had mine for over ten years and still do not need to replace it because of how well built it is compared to other brands I’ve seen other contractors use and throw away just to buy something else after a year or two.

  3. Hi Travis,

    Awesome review, I really enjoyed reading!
    I am a fun of jigsaw. I built my own furniture at home and stuffs for my garden. I am looking for a Jigsaw that can cut letters in wood. Is this Jigsaw have this feature?
    Is it easy to change the saw?
    Thank you very much for this helpful article

    • All good jigsaws should be able to cut letters out of wood but if you are referring to doing plaques with numbers then what you really want is a tool called a router. A router has bits you can set down into the wood at a predetermined distance and cut out your letters or cut away the wood you do not want so you letters remain raised from the rest of the wood..

  4. Hi Travis,

    I’ve only ever used Jigsaws with power cords because most of the work I’ve done has been in a workshop. Not sure why but it never really struck me to go cordless, but it makes perfect sense!

    The power cord always gets in the way with certain jobs and you have to be careful to not chop it off half the time.

    I have been a fan of DeWalt and Makita in my time, so I’m pleased of your recommendation of the DeWalt cordless Jigsaw (We like to stick to what we know).

    How do you find the battery on it?

    Cheers, Tony.

    • All the dewalt tools I’m using right now are the XRP line so I use the 18v XRP batteries which have a longer charge life than the regular 18v batteries. So far they work fine and how long they last depends on which tool I’m using as the power consumption is different between the different tools.

      Once the adapter comes out by dewalt I may try the Li-ion batteries they have and see if there is much of a difference in charge time. I do know that the lithium batteries charge faster which is good but do not work in the cold weather very well which is not great. In the new year I shall but them to the test to see which ones work best for me.

  5. doing carpentry on my free period have been my dreamed work ever but the problem was with the tools to use for proceeding with my job and where to get the necessary tool

    please provide with any other information or any other related tools that one must use



    • You’ll be able to check out my DIY section that will help you with doing renos, and on the home page, you can click on the images that pertain to what you would like to know. There is a sister site for home improvement tools to use and a home improvement how to sister site that you can use to help you out further.

      This site is getting more information as time passes so it will help with many of the questions you may have or come across as you progress.

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