Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun

The DeWalt cordless nail gun has become one of my best time-saving tools I have ever purchased. The amount of time this tool now saves me makes me wonder why I did not buy one sooner.


Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun

 photograph of Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun


If you use a nail gun half as much as I do, then you will love the absolute convenience of this tool. The cordless nail gun known as the DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit has become one of my biggest time savers over my regular pneumatic air guns. Let me explain why and you will be able to judge for yourself just why I believe this was such a great investment to have this tool as part of my tool inventory.


To begin, lets first look at how things get handled before having this gun. Depending on the day at work, I come to the point where I have just finished installing all the hardwood floors, floating floors or tile work. You see after you have installed the floors there is one of two things that you’re going to do to finish off the job at this point. You are going to run baseboards around the room, or you may need to add base-shoe around if you just installed hardwood or floating floors to cover the expansion joints along the edges when the baseboards already exist.


photograph of Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun trim


Now when you have just finished laying the wood, you would just simply plug your 18 gauge pneumatic gun that is a finish nailer for those who may not know, into your compressor hose and start installing the baseboard or base shoe around the perimeter of the room. I still do this to this day for the most part when installing baseboard or base shoe. Where I tend to change from doing this, is when I have laid hardwood throughout an entire new house for instance and through different levels. Now when it’s time for the baseboards, rather than moving and relocating the compressor and hoses around the house and up and down the levels, I take the DeWalt cordless nail gun. No compressor to carry around and set up from level to level that saves time and energy from a long day.


Where the DeWalt cordless nail gun comes in super handy and saves considerable amounts of time and energy from hauling the compressor and hoses around is when you’re installing a floating floor. You see when you’re doing a hardwood floor you already have all the gear there to nail the wood to the floor. Changing up air nail guns to do the baseboards is straightforward at that point. With a floating floor, you do not require any air nail guns to put the floor in place. If you need to go outside to bring the equipment into the house like your compressor gear to install the baseboards, then you’re taking some extra time setting up and packing up at the end of the day. With the cordless nail gun your in and out in no time.


photographs of Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun mouldings


The same scenario also works if you have just finished tiling, and you now require baseboards around the room. Setting up the compressor and hoses takes far more time than just grabbing the cordless. If you are doing a large job trimming out, then it makes sense to use the compressor and different size finish nail guns to do the job. I find there are many jobs that I do in small bathrooms or one room in a house where I can save as much as 30 minutes on a job by just grabbing my Dewalt cordless nail gun and nail in a few strips. If I had to us my compressor, it would take longer to setup and strip down than to do the actual job itself.


DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit

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  1. I can see where that would be very handy in some instances. I’m just wondering if you tracked how much you could typically get done before needing to recharge. For example, when you are doing a whole house would it last for the whole job? I suppose it would depend party on the size of the house, but just typically.

    • Hi Jim and to answer your question if I was trimming out an entire house I would use my compressor and finish nailer’s to do all the trim throughout. I mainly use the cordless for jobs that take anything from a couple of minutes to about three maybe four hours and at four hours you can run all the baseboards around 1000 to 2000 sq ft house with a helper no problem on one – two batteries for sure. I just find if I know I’ll be there for half a day or longer I’ll set up the compressor and use air guns.

  2. I have had good luck so far with DeWalt tools. I used to have Craftsman but they have gone down hill ever since they started selling them at Kmart.

    My drill has an excellent battery life and I assume this tool is no different.

    Where do you recommend buying this tool? Do you know who has the best price? I may have to tell my wife about this one for my Christmas gift.

    • Once in a while the big box stores will have some tools on sale but I find amazon tends to keep up with all the best prices for most things so I have created links by having amazon stores in my website for those who do want to go shopping for the best deals. “Tool Store

  3. This is a well presented site that is pleasant to look at and easy to navigate around. The content and pictures are well constructed and clear to read. The cordless nail gun is well laid out giving its advantages of convenience when being used.
    So many other comments and helpful advice on DIY work and estimating costs and procedures. A great site Travis

    • site to make it even betterGlad you liked it Peter and because so many people have asked me to do the DIY and change my site over which you have now seen the latest version. I’m about to restructure the website again to simplify it somemore to make it even easier to navigate when the content starts to really ramp up.

  4. OMG, I never even knew these things existed! I have been looking for a cheaper compressor to go with the three other nail guns I own. Never having to worry about a cord, PSI or perhaps even oil in the tank gets me very excited! My only worry would be how long the 18 volt battery holds a charge? I may have to check this out.

    • The battery will last you the better part of the day and Dewalt does have 20 volt lithium batteries as well. If you get an older model that uses the 18 volt XRP batteries you can now get an adaptor that makes all the older 18v XRP tools capable of using 20v lithium batteries now.

  5. Any tools which are cordless are much easier and fun to use to accomplish our goals, I have many times damaged my tools because they had cords and got tangled up and either damaged the cords or I got in a hurry and cut the cord myself.

    I like the Dewalt products very much, I have several of them which saves me time and effort to get my fix up chores done quicker and much nicer in appearance.

    • Travis Smithers

      With all the new technology tools and the batteries, they use to drive them have been getting better with battery life and what you can accomplish with them. Give them enough time all tools will be some form of cordless.

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