Dewalt Cordless Vacuum

There is nothing better than having my Dewalt cordless vacuum when it comes to quick, easy cleanups. Having the battery mode of operation makes this dry vacuum my first choice for smaller jobs.


Dewalt Cordless Vacuum

 photograph of Dewalt Cordless Vacuum


Even though I have the larger Festool 584014 CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor for job site clean ups, I do have a Dewalt cordless vacuum known as DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum. This smaller machine has many advantages that my larger one just doesn’t compete with it. The DeWalt vacuum can operate off my batteries which makes it much more versatile over my larger Festool vacuum. Another great feature about using the dewalt over the festool is the ability to work in much smaller and cramped spaces that the Festool just can not operate properly to make it worth while.

photograph of Dewalt Cordless Vacuum on battery

My dewalt vacuum comes in very handy when there is a large amount of stairs involved as the Dewalt is smaller and light weight. It is very easy to handle and move around in small spaces not to mention it will also work on a battery when there is no power around. Larger vacuums will make quick work of most jobs, but I find there are a lot of occasions where the smaller easier to handle dewalt cordless vacuum wins hands down for a faster clean up. As small as the dewalt vacuum is it does get the job done and is super easy to empty.


I find another reason I rely on my dewalt vacuum is its light weight and portability saves time and hassle from getting and setting up the larger one for quick, smaller jobs. When you know the work you’re about to do does not make any huge mess in the home but you will have some clean up to do, it only makes sense to use a smaller vacuum that can do the job. Even though the cordless vacuum is small and light weight, it does clean like the much larger units. The dewalt will not clean as well as the festool vacuum as they are in a league all of their own but will compare to the larger dry vacuums by other brands. I’ll explain the benefits of the festool vacuum in another post, for now we’ll deal with the advantages of using the dewalt vacuum.


On many different occasions, you can find yourself needing the power of a vacuum and having one that is light weight, easy to get into just about any space imaginable will always work out better than a time-consuming plugin set up a suction hose alternative. When you get paid by the hour, then you may like all the extra time it takes to lug an enormous vacuum around to do a small job, for the time it takes to set up to get ready to start your clean up. I have gone in and used my dewalt cordless vacuum to clean up and left the job while other trades are still connecting their hose and accessories together.


photograph of Dewalt Cordless Vacuum battery compartment


Having my smaller Dewalt saves me about 30 minutes compared to my larger festool vacuum. From the time it takes to get the bigger festool vacuum in the home to set it up, clean what needs to be clean, then disassemble and put all the accessories back in its case and take the vacuum back out to my truck the dewalt cordless vacuum can do the same thing much faster. The dewalt vacuum is quicker to take in without the setup time, use it and get it back out to the truck; it’s that simple.


DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum


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  1. Hi Travis. Concerning obtaining a proper quote before doing work, I agree getting a detailed breakdown is essential but if, looking at the quote, I say that I will do some easier chores myself (assuming that I am capable of doing them), am I really helping myself? Does this not open myself up to the contractor saying I didn’t do something to the standard he requires to do his work properly, so he needs to add a bit extra here and there? I ask because I have heard of this going on.

    • What you have heard is correct that some contractors will charge you one way or the other to get whatever they can out of you. I run into contractors that constantly under bid so they can get the job then jack there rates so by the time the job is done you have over paid. These same contractors are the very ones that will also nickel and dime you to death every chance they get. The really good contractors have no problem with people doing some sweat equity if you want to call it that, where you could do demo or finish certain things off yourself.

      I have had people do there own demo, or part of the prep etc. after I explain what I require and they in turn save money or spend more on better materials or do a bigger job. As a contractor and you quote a job, some work out easy and some surprise you sometimes. Either way I don’t sweat the small stuff, unless something is really out of wack I stick to the quote.

  2. My husband and I are also great fans of the Dewalt Cordless Vacuum. We have a large woodworking shop below the garage area plus do some metal work as well. This vac picks up so much of the small particles left on surfaces, and yes, the stairs. It’s a rel work horse! Also, your site is great! Lots of information at my fingertips!

    • I find Dewalt makes a great product for a really good price, compared to some of the other brands. When I first started buying cordless tools, there were very few brands to choose from. Today there are a lot more brands carrying cordless tools with a large selection of tools that work from the same batteries. I’ll see about doing some reviews on the other brands later as I create more posts.

  3. Great product review. I left a comment. Love your website too! It’s obvious that your work in remodeling is top notch. I would love to be able to click on your thumbnail images of your work and get a better view. I would also like to see more text describing each image. I want to know what exactly you have done. Do you have any information on obtaining permits and learning about building codes in the reader’s area?

    Awesome site!

    • When I have more time, I will create larger galleries displaying my work. For the moment, the photographs I do comment on, I use for my posts, for describing different renovation jobs.

      All the photographs in the gallery, are some of my work done through the years.

      As far as the building codes and permits go, I only deal with what I do in my province and country. Any contractors that work in other areas should be on top of the codes and getting permits for their area. Most of the codes are the same, but there are a few differences from provinces, states.

  4. This looks like an awesome vacuum to have, I definitely could make good use of one of these, with the small kids always making crumbs it would be much easier to pull this out every evening rather then the big vacuum, especially when it’s just a small area that needs vacuuming. This also seems like a great vacuum to use when cleaning a car, we always have to use a couple of extension cords to get our vacuum to reach the car.
    How much does this vacuum typically cost?

    • The Dewalt vacuum is not that expensive, but if your primary purpose is for cleaning little messes that the kids may make or your vehicle, then you can purchase smaller more compact vacuums that would serve that purpose much better. The Dewalt vacuum can do that but I’d use another brand for personnel use that you’ll get better attachments and will take up less space and be more practical for what you want.

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