Dewalt Jobsite Radio

When you’re at work, you should have a dewalt job site radio. Not only can you play the radio but you’ll be able to play your music and charge your batteries.


Dewalt Jobsite Radio

photograph of Dewalt Jobsite Radio

One of the big things about the job site radio is everybody knows you can tune into the radio stations, but they do not realize you can play your music on your phone or other media sources that can hold all your music tracks. Another great feature is the ability to charge your batteries for all those tools you’re using on the job site that are cordless by Dewalt. You can get other brand name radio chargers for other equipment as well but for today I’m going to write a little about what I’m using.


Another great feature that you’ll have with this radio is it can also use the battery to power up your radio as well. One of the things I have always done is use my radio for charging batteries first and foremost before using one of my other two normal battery chargers. By doing this, I accomplish two key goals, one to have my radio charge my battery as I listen to my music. Secondly which has happened on many occasions when you have a battery in your radio when the power gets cut off due to overloads of too many trades personnel using power or power outages, the battery automatically powers up the radio to keep playing you tunes. Also, while you’re using cordless tools, you can keep working to get your job done while others are looking into restoring the power.


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I also find depending on where I’m working if there is no power, I can use one of my extra batteries to operate the radio while I work. Nothing makes the day go by better than listening to your music. Now because my radio is over ten years old, I do not have the power bar side panel. This feature is not a necessity as you could simply run a power bar off an extension cord, but it does make for a more compact way to plug in those extra chargers without using a separate power bar. For now I’ll just keep playing my music with or without AC power or battery power and charging my batteries with the radio’s charger.


I could say I’ll replace it when it brakes down, but that would take far to many years from now. So instead what I might do is, if I decide to start using the Dewalt Li-ion batteries in my tools instead of the 18V XRP nicad batteries, then I will upgrade to the newer more expensive job site radio that charges both Li-ion and nicad batteries that dewalt sells to charge my batteries. When I first bought my radio, there were no Li-ion batteries to charge but now that technology has been changing lithium batteries are now available for cordless tools. These newer more expensive radios will charge either type if you’re using both types of batteries.


photograph of Dewalt Jobsite Radio battery charger


Like a lot of people know you can buy both types of tools that come with nicad or lithium batteries. Most brands have a design that you can just interchange the nicad battery from your cordless tool and use a lithium battery instead if you like. The tool is just looking for the battery power and proper voltage that it uses. With the dewalt batteries, they are not interchangeable on the tool itself but the rumour has it they are creating an adaptor to be able to plug in there Li-ion batteries into your 18V cordless tools. So that you know DeWalt’s 20V Max Li-ion batteries work in 18V dewalt tools because dewalt does not test their lithium batteries under load. When you put a dewalt Li-ion battery under load its the same as other brands lithium 18V batteries.


So next time you’re out comparing cordless tools by different companies, the dewalt 20V Li-ion battery operated tools is not better than the others 18 volts, in reality they are all 18-volt battery operated devices when under load. Dewalt just makes a better cordless tool than most other companies. There are 18 volt tools just as good as Dewalt, and I would even say some built a little better. Dollar for dollar I am happy with my dewalt cordless tools and every time I listen to my Dewalt Jobsite Radio I remember why I have them.


DEWALT DC012 Worksite Charger/Radio


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  1. Hey there Travis, I find this article interesting. I do construction and I always carry a small radio to keep me company during the day. I especially like this one featured because of the bold and rugged design and additional features it carries. It affords some very useful extras. I can see this coming in very handy for much more than music

    • I find when your working as a contractor whatever you drive back and forth to work you only have so much available space to pack all your tools and materials in. The more you can have your tools be multi purpose the less space you’ll use up allowing you to carry something else that could also be needed.

  2. hey Travis, very good info on the dewalt radio. Ive been kicking around the idea of getting a new radio to use when working around the house, this one seems amazing, a true all in one product. thanks for the honest review and info, and I’m deffinately going to put this on my wish list.

    • Hi Gary and you’ll find using jobsite radios that are able to charge your batteries is a great thing to have. Were I have a few batteries I tend to use one to run the radio at times just so its closer to were I’m working that does not always have power handy.

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