DIY Basement Finishing


Finally, you can have the knowledge you need for your DIY Basement Finishing renovation with these amazing videos that will have you working like the pros.


DIY Basement Finishing

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When it comes to finishing your basement there are a lot of things you need to know that may seem intimidating but I’m here to tell you with the right knowledge comes the power to getting the work done while saving yourself thousands of dollars. Customers and visitors to my site ask all the time how to do certain renovations and what do I have to show the best ways to get started right away. Some people tell me as great as it is to get all the information from my monthly posts, they don’t want to wait and need the answers now. Well, the good news is I do have what you need.

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Learn how to do it!

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You can learn what the Pros know!

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With the Pro Video A to Z Series, you’ll have the answers you’ll need. We will guide you through what you need to know about framing from where to start and how to finish setting up your walls. You will learn all that it takes to hang your drywall to taping and finishing it like a pro. Learn what it takes to hang all your doors with the right procedures.


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Know how to insulate your basement the proper way with the right materials. How to deal with plumbing when it come to your drain lines and setting up water lines.

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The right way to deal with the installation of HVAC systems for heating and cooling in your space. Taking your plumbing to the next step where you’ll know how to plumb showers, tubs, and ejectors. You’ll know how to install bath fixtures such as toilets, sinks, vanities, faucets, shut off’s, supply lines and p-traps.

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All this will be possible when you’re able to design your space. The ability to know how to rough in the wiring to installing switches, outlets, and beakers.

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How about having the knowledge to create in-wall bookcases and entertainment wall built-in. Have the capability to trim out staircases, banisters, and railings. Run your trim around the room for baseboards, doors and windows as well as all the exterior doors and windows as well.

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You will be able to leave no stone unturned as you learn what it takes to complete any DIY Basement Finishing from this course. This course is so in depth that you will have the same knowledge as the pros which means either with your ability you can do it all yourself, partly with the help of others or hire out but know just what the steps are and what it takes to do it. You would save the most money by doing it all yourself but will save money even if you hire the whole renovation out. Even when you factor in the low cost of this course, you’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars by knowing how to design your space. Know the best pricing for what materials you’ll want to do the renovations with and the more hands on you can do the more you will ultimately save in the long run.

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What you don’t know can cost you big money,

so save yourself a bundle by checking this out!





  1. T Smithers, I just bookmarked your site as I see the quality in both the instruction and the finished products.

    I have a question about you DIY Basement University. Do you guys show how to “water proof” or”seal off leaking walls” for basement remodeling?

    I will definitely be reading your tips over the next few weeks!

    • You will be shown some stuff about dealing with water proofing and working with your walls so they do not leak and I’ll be going into more details with further posts. My main suggestion which goes beyond these videos as they are all about creating great spaces in your home, if you have water coming through your foundation then before I would start any kind of renovation, you need to look into fixing the leaks which may be as simple as doing some pilot hole drilling then injections to seal the cracks. Then again it may be more extensive that you need to membrane the interior wall with a drainage area along the perimeter to catch and channel the water away. If it is that bad you may have to seal it from the exterior by excavating the area then put in a proper drainage system to keep it from leaking.

      If your basement leaks badly, call the pros to fix it before you spend any money renovating your basement. You want to have a dry and good air quality before you renovate your basement.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Travis,
    I have finished several basements. This DIY basement Finishing University series would have been a great help.
    Every house that I have purchased has had an unfinished basement. The last one took two years. My Game room and Theater room are separated by a wall. These step by step video instructions are going to be very helpful to those who are just starting their first project.
    Do you know if they cover media video and audio in the rough electric section? I did run mine before setting drywall.

    • Hi John and its great you’ve been saving yourself lots of money finishing your basements in each house. In answering your questions you’ll learn about running wires even low voltage which is what we classify cap 6 etc for internet and other lines for media. The best thing is you would get all the knowledge that you need to build your dream basements but most of the information on how to do things in the basement are the same principles for any level of the home.

      The big differences with the basement is dealing with how you take care of insulating concrete walls and how you work with concrete floors. Framing, wiring, plumbing etc still work the same that you will know and be shown the difference.

      You will know enough about running wire and low voltage systems for media that you will be able to understand even newer systems for media and make them work properly with how you would need to run your lines.

  3. Wow. That is awesome! You’ve got a video for every possible phase of the process. I loved the way you’ve presented the product. You’ve broken it down into easy pieces– the plumbing, the trim, the flooring, etc. Sure makes it easy for DIY folks like me to dig in without feeling intimidated!

    • Hi Diana and this is why I have put this post together. Anybody wanting to learn all or part of what it takes to doing renovations can have all the answers they mainly need without waiting around for more posts, or having to spend hours or days researching for the answers.

      More and more people are getting into DIY and they need to have better access to the proper ways and techniques to making there renovation jobs turn out, so I’ve decided to include this DIY section in my site.

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