DIY Bathroom Remodel

When you want to know the secrets of how the pros do it, then you’ve come to the right place for a DIY Bathroom Remodel. Learn from the pros how to get it done!


DIY Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom remodels can be one of the most expensive rooms to do. When you want to redesign and create your special oasis for that spa-like feeling, then you need to be in the know. By understanding all that steps with a full renovation of any bathroom, you’ll be in a position where you can save hundreds of dollars if not in the thousands.


How would you like to know how to stretch your money further by getting more for your dollar or simply being able to pay less?


If this interests you, then read on to see just how easy you can go from paying more than you need because you simply just didn’t know the difference, to now I know and here’s where I can save money. Now what you’re about to read is not about contractors and designers over charging you for paying to much for a renovation that does happen and you’ll be able to spot that with ease, so it doesn’t happen to you. I’m talking about simple design techniques that can increase your costs by not understanding the renovation business.

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You see there will always be some designers and contractors that charge more than they should, and most people don’t understand improvements enough to know the difference. I’ll show you how to fix that! The cost I’m talking about is the methods and materials used for your renovation budget, which you can check out at my Average Renovation Costs page. When you have the knowledge about renovations, you’ll be able to do the following.


  • Design your renovation
  • Know what each trade will do
  • Choose what works best for you
  • Know how to save without cutting corners


First let’s take a look at designing your renovation. Now many people will sit down and lay out how they want their bathroom to look. The problem is when your understanding of what each tradesperson does, usually your designs will cost you extra money because of the choices you’ve made. The contractors can see about making it happen, but it will come at a higher cost unless they explain another option that most don’t, their there for the money. Now depending on what you do know and how much of the renovation you are doing yourself can still cost you more when you don’t understand the full job at hand.


So how much difference does it make knowing what each tradesperson will do? For starters, you would want to know the entire sequence of events from who starts first to who will be last. You will need to know this for a few reasons, whether you’re planning on doing the entire renovation yourself or if you need certain trades people for some parts of your remodel. A simple example to get the point across would be to have all your plumbing and electrical done before you sheath the walls. Now apparently this sounds very straightforward that the proper sequence would adhere to but there are plenty of things in a full bathroom renovation where the sequence could be out of sequence. Once you’ve missed a step, you will then have time and money wasted to make the correction in most cases.


Choose what works best for you and the reason I say this is your the one living in your home with the renovations taking place. What works for one person will not always work for another. You know your lifestyle and what your tastes are for living conditions. You can take in suggestions but you need to make all final decisions and what you will use and how your bathroom shall look.


Knowing how to save without cutting corners is one of the biggest concerns any homeowner undergoing renovations should know. There are far too many cases where the homeowner doing their renovations didn’t know or understand what was required and did something wrong which is very easy to do. But far worse is when trades personnel or contractors cut corners to make the final appearance of your renovation look good but saved money to make a bigger profit by cutting corners on structure etc. It is always best to know what is required to check that the job is done right.

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When you get the videos from Bathroom Remodeling University and learn what it takes to do each segment of the total renovations required to do a bathroom, you’ll have the knowledge that you need to save money whether you hire out and especially if you do your renovations. Knowing all the steps for a DIY Bathroom Remodel, puts you in the drivers seat for your next home improvement.

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  1. I did not know that they had a specific learning tool for remodeling a bathroom! This is a great idea for a post cause guaranteed a lot of other people have no idea this exists either and it could make a lot of peoples lives a million times easier. Anything to help save money and have understanding of something so complex is great in my book! Great post!

    • Thanks for your visit Krista and this course can definitely save people hundreds to thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation. There are many videos and books on how to renovate and build in or around your home but it always works out the easiest and better when you have everything you need in one spot rather than spending countless hours looking and researching.

      I put up different posts about doing renovations and remodeling for bathrooms etc. but for some people they have asked for a one stop shop show me everything I need to know now. So this is my reply for all the people who need the answers now and don’t want to wait through the months for the answers in separate posts. This page has the answers by clicking through for the videos on the DIY Bathroom Remodel course.

  2. Your bathroom remodeling program sounds great. I like the idea of teaching and learning how it should be done. Although I do not want to do it myself, I want to know what I am talking about, and what my contractor is talking about when I have my work done. I think this could save me lots of time, money and less frustration.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Laurie and what you have mentioned is true for lots of people that not everybody wants to learn how to do it themselves. Now a days it is good to know what you can about renovations so you and any contractors you may hirer know what each other is talking about.

      The more you know, the easier it is to explain what you want and getting the best price for what is being done. You’ll know the proper way of were you can save and were no corners should ever be cut. Not all contractors stick to the code or better, some will cut corners and you’ll only know if you understand whats involved with the renovations being done.

      This course can save people a lot of trouble and money!

  3. Your information comes right in time. I bought my house with bathroom already equipped and somehow designed. Honestly I do not like it and want to redesign. I hope Bathroom remodel university helps me to do it.
    Actually I have some kind of experience to do it with living rooms, but I do not know much about water pipes and so on.

    • You would definitely find, that the Bathroom Remodel University course would have everything you would require for your new bathroom renovation. This course will help the DIY person as well as anyone looking at getting started in their own renovation business.

      The experience in the parts of renovations you already know, would make it easier and faster to go through the lessons.

  4. Hi Travis,
    I wish the architect who built our backpackers hostel read your website before building. We have had a lot of problems with the bathrooms, cracking sinks, seepage on the walls, mold and humidity. And it doesn’t help that we are located in the jungle of Guatemala. My husband used to work in construction in Chicago, He was a journeyman. And everything here frustrates him. I shall point him out to your website.
    Congratulations on a very helpful and informative site.

    • Some countries do have a tendency to do things differently than North America but even with that in mind there are always some things such as having proper plumbing so as to have no water damage and proper electrical for safety when having anyplace wired for power.

      Hopefully your husband will be able to get everything taken care off and any help you can get from my site by all means take advantage, it’s there to help those who want it.

  5. Amazing site Travis. I am totally impressed the way you have every thing all well explained in your site, easy to surf and find what you looking for. Seeing your site showed me all the possibilities and help available to renovate any place. You really make it look very easy and accessible. Well done!

    • Nice to hear you liked what you saw as many people have been asking for me to create this site. I’m still working on perfecting it further to help as many people as I can with any knowledge they may be seeking for doing renovations.

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