DIY Home Renovation Idea

When you’re looking for ideas to save money or put extra cash into the quality of material finishes in your reno’s, then this is for you.

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DIY Home Renovation Idea


Through the years, I have found a lot of homeowners are willing and able to do some of the work required for the renovations they wish to get done. By having the homeowner taking part will give better savings or extra money for better quality materials.

I have also come across some people just looking for information on how to do the work for the entire renovation job themselves.

Either way you will save money or get a lot more for your money. When it comes to knowledge that is half the battle, the other half is the ability actually to be able to do the work. Once again let’s use for an example a renovation of gutting out a bathroom and rebuilding it.

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  • What is your overall plan?
  • Is this the only bathroom or are there others?
  • You have a budget, and that should be the total cost?


Let’s get started!


You need a plan before you can begin any demolition on what you’re going to do.

  • Does your existing bathroom have the space required for the new makeover?
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    Remodeling How To.

  • Are you going to knock out walls for extra or less space in your design?
  • Do you even know your design or what you can do?
  • Once you do know what you want, do you know how to do it?
  • What’s the most cost elective way to do it?


Here are just a few questions you may need to consider which is why so many people get a hold of me to ask for advice.
If you only have one bathroom, then you obviously need to make other arrangements during the downtime of your bathroom. Secondly having only one bathroom you should always consider resale values on what a house can sell for with or without having a tub.
Some people feel where they mainly shower and never use the tub a bathroom can look and function much better without the tub. Young families always want the use of a tub for washing younger children, something to keep in mind.


If walls are going to be changed to create extra space for the new bathroom, you need to know about:

  • Is there a load bearing walls involved?
  • Do you know how to deal with load bearing walls?
  • Do you know how to create new walls?
  • Is there any plumbing to be added, removed or moved?
  • What about rerouting or adding any electrical?


photograph of certified plumbers and electricians

Got certified electricians and plumbers?

Electrical and plumbing should always be done or at least certified by a licensed tradesman. Certification one area where you never what to compromise on when it comes to quality.
You can see by the few questions that I just pointed out how much one can expect with performing even a small, simple renovation of one bathroom. Any DIY Home Renovation Idea will have questions needing answers regardless of size, they just change in what types of issues and how many. That’s why I have recreated my site over to a blog site from scratch to start adding many of the questions and answers to renovations on a weekly basis among other topics.


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  1. Thanks for the advice on DIY renovations. I would Love to redo my bathroom, and you gave me some good advice. Not sure if I am ready to do it myself though!

    • Hi Liz doing DIY is not for everybody but by learning and understanding the process you’ll know what the contractors are doing or should be doing when you hire them.

  2. Great article and website. I live alone and I usually do all the renovations by myself since I moved in two years ago. I replaced showers, replaced the bathroom sink, replaced the kitchen cabinets, added a layer of protection on the floor tiles, and re-painted the whole place. It was a lot of work but like you said, a lot of savings too. I will look at each of your post. I have a lot of things that I still need to change and fix in my house. 🙂

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Chris and great that your tackling some renovations. It is always good to learn and know as much as possible with how things are done and even better when you are able to apply what you learn.

      Glad my post was of interest to you and I will be adding more every month so happy to help you anyway I can.

  3. Hi there, that was an excellent article. You really spelled out all of the considerations for someone planning a big job like a bathroom remodelling. My husband could really do with your advice on a lot of things. I love him, but he does nothing in the area of DIY. Well done and the best of luck!

    • Hi Brenda passing along the knowledge of what it takes to do different renovations makes it easier for people to know whether or not they have the capabilities to do it themselves or is it best to hire a professional. Even if you hire a professional, the more you know the better the renovation process can be when your trying to work in your budget.

      When you understand what is required you can see why certain aspects of the job will cost particular amounts making it easier to plan a budget on what you want to get done.

  4. Great looking website and too much information to process. I think you have all topics covered. Good job

    • Hi Ceed and you’re right about the amount of information to process. When it comes to renovations there are endless situations that can arise. The amount of information here is going to keep adding up over time so I maybe able to help as many people as possible along the way.

  5. You list a lot of important questions to consider before starting a bathroom renovation. What sounds like a small or simple project can quickly spiral out of control when people charge in and start work before planning properly (I’m an architect so see the results of this every day). I’m glad you also mentioned that plumbing and electrical works aren’t where you want to cut corners. People also need to consider what permits they need from their local Council before carrying out works.

    • Depending on what you may be doing, what seems like a small job could be larger than one thinks. Also for some people if they do not plan things can change by circumstances or by the home owner on what they want done by adding more.

      As you mentioned about considering permits from the local council that is always something that is look at as each area has a total dollar value that once you go over or require any serious structural work they want to know. Depending on what you are doing they may require to do inspections but having the permit makes it much easier for them to evaluate how much extra taxes to bill you for home improvements.

  6. Hello Travis,
    Who knew that contractors have to deal with so many facets not only construction but also the preparation and finishing, as you put it in your comment that I find very enlightening and makes you think twice before deciding to do it myself. In my village there is a saying “shoemaker to your shoes”. Do you believe that one should risk to do it? even with your help? Thank you for providing these details.

    • The biggest thing when it comes to doing your own renovations is first understanding and knowing what needs to be done. Secondly before even doing it yourself is you need to be able to use and handle the tools required. Not everybody has the ability to use hand and power tools which is fine just like everybody is not suited to be a doctor or lawyer but for those who do know can start doing simpler jobs and renovations and work there way into more difficult projects if they wish.

      By knowing what your capable of and what the job requires will determine if you want to do the renovation or hire out. By knowing how its done will save a lot of people the trouble of making a mistake of thinking they can do it when they realize it is out of there ability to complete and make the right choice to hire a professional for those projects.

  7. Oh boy did you ever hit the nail on the head! We re did our ONLY bathroom and my husband insisted on just a shower even though I was pregnant….Later on, being in real estate, I really learned (even more so)what a big mistake that was!!! In our house now, we would like to add a bathroom in the basement, we have a septic system, would that make it harder to install? Would it require a pump? Any info would be helpful THANKS

    • Hi Jester and to answer your questions where you are on a septic and even if you where on a municipal sewer, a bathroom in the basement could require a pump if your drain lines are below the out going sewer line from your house. You always need to have a gradient slope according to your local codes or you will need to have a pump. Adding a bathroom to the existing lines would cost the same septic or not as long as you meet your local codes.

      Also when you are on a septic field you will also have codes to the size of your waste pipe feeding your septic field on how many bathrooms etc. your system can handle.

      Example where I live:
      3 inch pipe two bathrooms and you would require a 4 inch waste pipe to handle three bathrooms.

      Just about all septic systems have been set up to handle two bathrooms but you would need to check into it to be sure for your area.

  8. Hi wish I had come across this site earlier it may have saved me a few headaches. What started out as a small renovation in one downstairs room turned into the whole house, walls knocked out and repositioned, floors ripped up and relaid, new bathroom and kitchen and if that wasn’t bad enough some bright spark decided in the middle of all the renovations to have the garden re-landscaped as well. Good job I have family all in different aspects of the building trade or it would have cost me a fortune.

    • Hi Jo, as you have found out there can be a fair bit of work that goes into fixing a home up and good thing you already had some family around to help get your renovations done and save you money. I’m hoping to reach as many people as I can to help them save money by knowing what to look for when doing renovations in the case of having family and friends help or by getting a local contractor to do the work. Appreciate your comment!

  9. Hi loved your site. I have just renovated my whole house what a headache wish i had came across your site sooner.
    I loved the layout it was easy to navigate. All the articles are written simply for the layman to understand. I really liked your article on the cost of renovations. I found it was the small items that were costly.
    Keep up the good work

    • Hi Jo and good hearing back from you so soon to know you liked the site, the DIY was added just 5 months ago to start helping as many people as I can looking for information through the Internet. There are those I can help directly when I do there renovations so I decided to help others by sharing the knowledge and giving people access to get the knowledge they seek through my site.

  10. Hey Travis
    I can see you’re no stranger to building and remodeling. It’s something that so few people have time for nowadays. I can`t begin to tell you how glad i am that my dad took the time to teach me the basic skills of building and construction. It is an invaluable education.

    • To me, I believe everybody should know the main concepts just to have a basic understanding. Whether you want to do some projects around the house you’re self or at least know what to expect when you hire somebody to do the work.

  11. Travis You have created a master piece here keep it up.

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