Home Remodeling How To

Many people ask about the knowledge one would require for Home Renovation How To? My answer to that is how much understanding one would like to have.


Home Remodeling How To

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When it comes to doing renovations properly, you need to know more than just a single trade. Each trade has certain things that are unique to each of them that they are responsible for. You’ll also find that each trade also crosses over into other trade-related areas.

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Let’s list a few so you can see what I’m talking about.


  • Designing
  • Framing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Trim
  • Finished Carpentry
  • Flooring


Designing, whether we are talking the entire house a level or just a room, the more you know about each trade, the better your designs will be. When you know what to expect from each trade on what they need to do, you’ll be able to design with maximum budget saving ideas and get the most accomplished without wasting money. If you don’t know what each trade needs to do and how they do it, your budget will get hit hard with unforeseen costs as your designs fail to simplify the work required by each tradesman. Lack of trade knowledge will lead to small – large design mistakes throughout your designs. Some designers create solely for appearance without consideration of structural integrity or what each tradesperson is required to do to make it happen to code. Hence, the extra costs start to accumulate.


Framing is one of those trades that a lot of people don’t consider as all that complicated, but there are some key things to remember about framing. One thing is framing makes up part of the structural integrity of the home along with your foundation, and if you have any of this out of level or plumb, you will know all about the problems and issues later. If you do any framing below minimum code, the troubles could be extremely expensive to correct depending on when the problem areas get recognized. Nobody wants a brand new renovation with bowing walls, sloping floors or the possibility of part of their home collapsing in on them.



Plumbing is the other area where you want to make sure it’s done correctly. Having issues with a cold solder joint or bad crimp on apex lines is never a good after a major renovation. You ‘ll have water coming out of your wall or ceiling below as the connections start to leak. Another big thing to be aware of during plumbing renovations is not to cut the floor joists while running drain pipes against the recommendations of the building code. Improper cutting of floor joists will weaken the structural integrity of the floor in question. One more reason to know what the trade requires and how it’s done.

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Electrical is another one that you need to know the code as to what is required and what should never be done. Too many times I’ve seen people change out properly rated fuses for larger ones. The reason for a rated fuse is to protect the circuit from an overload. That way all the wires, switches and receptacles of your home can withstand more current draw than the fuse preventing your home from burning down. I have even seen people go so far as to change out circuit breakers for larger ones. The electrical code stipulates just how many lights, receptacles etc can be on any one circuit for amperage size.


Drywall is not one for causing any significant problems as it is mostly aesthetics to how well the finished walls and ceiling will look once painted. Where you can have a problem is when some people decide that just a couple of screws are fine to hold the sheet of gyp-rock in place. That seems to work until you happen to tile it and after a while, it can no longer take the weight and decides to come off the wall or ceiling. I’ve seen the results were no extra screws were added to the ceiling over the tub area where they decided to tile it, and it fell from the ceiling, drywall and all.


Trim is one of those things where it is either done right and looks great or looks like somebody should have stayed home that day. When it comes to trim, your talking about a part of your home when done right brings your whole home alive showcasing everything you have created in the new space. Do it wrong and you have just made a mess of the entire job where it takes away from almost everything else you have created. Trim is one of those finishing touches that just simply always needs to be done right if you want your space to showcase the way it should.


Finished Carpentry encompasses the before mentioned trim and every little detail that needs to be spot on or you’re going to notice all the imperfections of the job. Here we are talking about all the work that goes into your kitchen cabinets, vanities, staircases, banisters and railing systems for instance. There are even some houses that will have built-ins, pillars, and bars that will be featured items that again make a significant impact on people’s opinion when they see your home. If any of these principal components or elements are built poorly in your home, then your home is not going to come across as elegant as you may have wished.


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Flooring is another finished product that makes a big difference to the impression people will have when visiting your home. Just as your trim can make your home stand out so will your floors. For some people they believe your floors will make one of the largest impacts along with your kitchen and bathrooms.


The bottom line is, the more you know about renovating, the easier it is to be your own general contractor. The less you know then you would be best to leave it to the professionals. For those interested in learning more there are a full range of Home Remodeling How To videos. These videos could save you thousands of dollars with the amount of knowledge that they contain. Anybody looking at doing renovations from one entire room such as a bathroom or more would be wise to look into learning more about what is involved when planning on doing some of the work or at least work alongside a professional.


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