Home Remodeling Ideas

With the ever-increasing costs to build new homes, more people are choosing to look into home remodeling ideas. Now I know there will always be new construction going on but what I’m seeing now is less cookie cutter homes that are built to minimum code and higher energy custom homes which I’ll get into later. For now, the house remodeling idea’s we will cover will work for both new and old homes.


Home Remodeling Ideas


Home Remodeling Ideas


To begin our topic into home remodeling ideas when dealing with project options, we should break things down into some different topics. By doing this I can give you some headings to make it easier for you to move around this article in the direction you wish to cover the information rather than reading from the first word to the last.

First off are the general headlines:

Now that we have the general topics listed, I will introduce you to the more specific headlines that I believe we should look at:




Each of these headlines may also have a further breakdown of topics as you read through the information giving you a better understanding of all the home remodeling idea’s this article is going to cover.



Remodeling Ideas


Remodeling ideas for this article will deal with renovations on an existing home you may already own or plan on purchasing. Some could use the renovation ideas for new construction by making changes to their drawings prior to building. Just because you could be planning a new build, does not mean there is no room for changes to remodel your home by altering the plans you already have. By modify an existing set of plans you can save yourself time and money.

What you can alter depends on the type of house plans you already have and what you would like to change. Also, the further along you are with your building, will greatly influence any decision for changes. It’s always best to make the changes in the drafting stages and not later on down the road during the build. One such example would be if your home is a stick frame construction (stick frame is with studded walls of wood) and you wish to make it an ICF (Insulated Concrete Form). The house plans can be converted to an ICF build. There will be many things that change the overall budget due to the difference in construction and the way the plans should look. Having the plans redone for ICF would be the best thing to do. This helps eliminate possible issues with the building inspectors by supplying proper plans for how the home will be built. A qualified ICF contractor can still build you’re home with the original plans but as I mentioned, you do run into extra costs for this type of conversion.



Cheap Remodeling Ideas


Cheap remodeling ideas are based on making home improvements on a shoestring budget. Not all renovations require large bank accounts to make improvements to you’re home. For instance, the more you can do yourself the less the renovation project will cost you. Renovations of this sort would be simple things like painting rooms to another color or perhaps adding just a feature wall color. Depending on what you classify cheap and what you’re capabilities are you may decide to make your feature wall done up with wallpaper, shiplap, stone or some sort of built-in to run along and up the wall.

Maybe you’re looking at updating your kitchen. Again you could keep all the kitchen cabinets and simply change the doors out or redo the existing finish they already have. You could change out the hardware and this concept also works great in you’re bathrooms as well.

One of the most common methods of doing cheap remodeling ideas besides repainting the different rooms you’re house has is to change out the flooring. When carpet is old and worn, some will replace it with newer carpet but usually, this is the best time to make a design change to a different product. It’s moments like this that people will make a decision on whether to have solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate or tiled flooring.

Another consideration for low-cost remodeling ideas is changing out interior doors and trim around the doors and windows. You can change the type of door from folding doors to sliding closet doors or even to regular doors if you have the space for opening them in the room with no obstructions. Sometimes people just like to change the style of a door they have such as a flat panel door to a raised panel or french door. Your trim can change the same way from one style to another. Again, if you’re really looking to help eliminate money on you’re renovations then just repaint them.



Easy Home Remodeling Ideas


For easy home remodeling ideas, it would be possible for you to handle some of the easier renovations yourself. If you know how to paint, then this would make an easy way to redo the look of you’re home. If you’re exterior is one that is painted then this would also be the case. Same with laying certain flooring products and other simple renovations.

Apart from the obvious remodeling idea’s that you may be able to do, I would also consider basic renovations to be in this class. Everything mentioned in the cheap remodeling ideas can be done easily by any qualified contractors. I would consider any renovations that do not consist of changing any structural components to a home as easy.

Changing your floors to something different. Replacing bathroom fixtures, sinks vanities, tubs, showers or redoing your kitchen. Even if you’re gutting the whole kitchen to replace the old cabinets with newer ones, this would still constitute as doing easy home remodeling ideas. Making a change from easy to a harder remodeling idea is when you plan to add additions to you’re home. Adding additions could range from adding an extension like a room to a larger extension that would significantly increase your homes square footage. One such example would be to take a bungalow home and add an upstairs level turning the house into a two story.



Free Home Remodeling Ideas


Free home remodeling ideas are simply getting idea’s together from friends, family, and other sources on what you could do for any particular situation. One of the best ways by far for getting free ideas is searching the Internet just as you may have done to show up in this article. The Internet has literally thousands of different sites that cater to home design and remodeling ideas for every room of the house. The best part of finding these ideas is with the photographs you can view to see concepts of what has been done and what is possible depending on you’re circumstances and budget.

Most, if not all of these sites will have galleries displaying their work which is the case for my company TD Remodeling and a large amount of these sites also feature other peoples work as well for free home remodeling ideas. I have seen a few sites on the Internet that have chosen to use my images of work I’ve done to show and give their viewers options for different ideas with kitchens and bathrooms. Just as some of these sites have used my work to display to others they have also used pictures from many other websites to give people a better opportunity to make decisions for any home renovations they may be planning to do.



Small Home Remodeling Ideas


What constitutes for small home remodeling ideas. Most ideas would be the same as other homes with the exception that smaller homes have limited space to work with. Some would say they have a mini-mansion just smaller in size by the type of finishes they use. The key to remember most with smaller spaces is being able to work with the smaller amount of square footage you have at your disposal. Renovation ideas for larger spaces can not always fit in a smaller area. Designers or people designing their own spaces can come up with some great rooms etc, but ultimately if space is not available, then you simply can not incorporate something from a larger space into a smaller one the same way. You need to use a little ingenuity to make some designs work into a smaller space. What size of a home does it take to be placed into a small category for its total square footage to be considered for small home remodeling ideas is really up to each individual? For me, it is a house under 1000 square feet while you may feel its under 600 or possibly 2000 depending on what your use to.



Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas


I decided to add mobile home remodeling ideas as part of this article simply for the fact the number of people choosing to live in them and more people have been purchasing them with the newer tiny home movement. I would classify most mobile homes in the small home remodeling ideas due to their average square footage. It’s another one of those cases where you can only do so much with limited space. A mobile home can have fantastic looking kitchens and bathrooms with very high-end finishes but the overall square footage will limit the total amount of what can be done.

Someone could very easily turn a mobile home into what they would like to call their mini-mansion by the design they use to complete the look of their home. Just because something is small does not mean the lack of luxury. I’ve seen some smaller homes have a better design and higher-end finishes than some of the larger homes I have worked on. It all comes down to where you budget your money. For some, it is overall size while to others it’s about the smaller design. As I have mentioned earlier there are thousands of photos showing different ideas of what you could incorporate into your living space if you have the room or funds to make it happen.





For this next section for the exterior, we’ll discuss doors and windows. We will also take a look at siding, roof design and building envelope technologies. To finish the exterior portion off, I’ll also mention a bit about painting the house and the use of exterior light fixtures.






One of the key features of any home are the windows. Now obviously for new construction you are having windows custom made by purchasing from a window manufacture of one sort or another to be installed. With an existing home your looking at replacing the windows altogether or doing what is know as a window insert. A full window replacement is usually the most common thing to do. There are many occasions where the window will remain and a window insert will be installed. This is a very popular solution for a budget friendly method to up grade your windows. The proceedure is a little more than just a window glass replacement which many home owners have done with broken glass or leaking seals when they get a residential window repair done. The insert window replacement usually means all the windows throughout the home get replaced.

Replacing windows this way saves from removing the exterior finish such as siding to get access to the window frame. You also save time and money from not having to pull off the surrounding trim on each window. Now if a new design is being done then the whole window must be removed and in some cases the homes structure is required to be altered. This happens when people decide to change from smaller windows to larger ones or possibly in the opposite direction. Either way you effect the interior and exterior parts of the homes building envelope and usually requires the structural aspect of the homes walls to be altered to make the changes.

Depending on the manufacturer of the windows, style, type, double or triple pane all contribute to the overall design and cost of the renovation design you may be doing for your remodeling idea.





Exterior doors can be overlooked at times when taking into account for your home remodeling ideas. One of the most significant ways to alter the look of any home is changing the front doors. This could be as simple as using a new paint color, adding a screen or storm door to changing the door for a new style. Some design changes would consider instead of just replacing the older door with a newer stylish door, you could change a single door to having one or two panels beside it. Possibly going from a single door to double doors and they also could have one or two panels in the design. The decisions you can make on your front door choices will be governed by the size of your front entrance or any new additions you may be planning on creating.

Another great renovation design is the replacement of a single door or window with sliding doors. It is very common and makes a home much more practical to incorporate a set of glass sliding doors coming off the dining area to an exterior deck. Depending on where you live, sliding door systems can range from one sliding door to a number of accordian folding door panels creating a larger indoor outdoor entertainment area. Typically regular sliding doors are often designed to be in kitchens, dining and living rooms with some installations of the bedroom area. The much larger folding panel glass doors tend to be from living areas with a large wall to handle there size. Usually living room, family rooms or any area you wish to bring the outside area into the interior.

The next topic on doors will cover a bit on garage doors. Homes that have attached or separete garages can have garage doors which can realy boost there overall curb appeal by the style and type of door they use. The garage door sizes may vary depending on location and what the garage is used for storing as well. The stlyes can vary as companies produce different looks to match the exterior design of your home. Whenever you are doing a full make over for an exterior look, the garage door needs to be taken into account with everything else being done to complete the look your going for.





What you choose for the final covering on the exterior of your home sets the tone for all to see. The type of siding you choose deals with the finished look, cost of installation and maintanence to keep up. Many homes will consist of a vynle or wood siding.  The majority of wood used is a cedar siding which may be in the form of shiplap or cedar shakes. The style of home can generally dictate to the type of finishes will be installed. Cape cod homes are natorious for having cedar shakes and they may be left natural or painted to fit there design. Many of the newer homes are using a vynle product to reduce maintenace issues to cut down on siding repairs that can get very costly. With the advancement in technology if you want to pay the initial price for the high end vynle siding you can purchase products that look like the real cedar siding. As great as the newer products may look some people still feel having the real deal is the only way to go even if it means extra costs for repairs down the road in later years.

Regardless of real wood or vynle siding many homes will have stone or brick siding. It is quite common if you drive around the different neibourhoods to see totally brick or stone homes. The majority will usually have a combination of say wood and stone siding. Again with todays technology, there are many stone veneer siding products or fake stone manufacturers offering a stone substitution for home builders and remodeling projects. With all the great selection of stone styles they have also included brick finishes as an option to choose from as well.

When it comes to cost, bricks and especially stone can be very expensive to install. With the newer products, having a stone siding installation done can be much cheaper than the real deal. Stone siding repair work is also much cheaper than dealing with replacing real stones in your wall. For a more athentic look for stone or brick, most people will tend to go in the middle and get the fake replications of authentic stones, brick for their remodeling designs. The installation of these products end up being cheaper and are much easier to repair if need be. As far as the finish look, most people are unable to tell the difference when a quality product has been installed.



Roof Design


When it comes to roof design you are able to go from very simple to extremely elaborate. One of the first things that determine your roof design is the style of home being built, purchased or you already own. A bungalow or salt box two story start off as the simplist of roofs. Raised in the center creating two sides that are pitched. Most houses have a 4/12 pitch that can increase up to a 12/12 pitch if required. The lower pitch roofs are simply to shed rain and snow for run off. As you approach the steeper pitched roof lines, you start to create usuable attic space, extra living space to create sloped or cathedral ceilings.

By creating these steaper pitched roof designs you can incorporate dormors and hip roofs for the extra living space they provide. The creativity this allows you in your home remodeling designs for choice of windows, doors, possible upper decking are endless. The fact is roof lines are not just created around the living space inside but simple roofs can have fake dormers or dormer addons that act as a form of skylight to enhance indoor natural lighting and estetics of the home. Your roof design is constructed around what needs to exist and what you may want to add for looks to improve on your curb appeal.

Like all your considerations you must also take into account any roof repair services. There are many products on the market such as metal roofing, asphalt shingles with or without fiberglass for instance. Each roofing product has a life expectency and when they approach the end of life you need to know what that is and whether getting your roof fixed will be a problem. Not all roofing contractors deal with the same roofing supplies. A contrator that deals with asphalt shingles may not work with or use metal roofing supplies or visa versa for a metal roofer. I remember checking with roofing companies near me and most do one type of roof and not the other and not all companies do repair work. Something to think about when designing your roof. Also check the related costs between the products used and labor costs for a full installation between what the different roofing contractors will bill you. Whatever you design still has to fit an affordable budget.



Building Envelope Technologies


Building envelope technologies can be looked at in two major ways, what you choose to use for your wall designs that you create yourself, use from designs that already exist or when renovating what you presently have now. Most people deal with what has been developed and how their wall is already constructed. There are many variations on how contractors have created exterior walls for the differnet houses they have built. For the most part you are stuck with what you have but during your home remodeling ideas you can incorporate differnent componets into your new designs.

Obviously if your present home is a stick frame then your not going to renovate the walls as you would an ICF or SIP home. You need to know what building envelope technologies have been applied to create your home so you’ll be able to design and work with what you have. Each type of building envelope has certain characteristics you must deal with when modifications are being performed. An example would be removing a window to replace it with a set of sliding doors.

  • With a stick frame your most likely cutting studs, exterior siding, sheathing, drywall, removing insulation, vapour barrier, moving electric wiring and anything else in the walls.
  • Now an ICF home requires much of the same work but instead of cutting and removing studs that make up walls structure. an ICF home requires you to cut out a concrete core for the new opening for the sliding doors.

The example is for two main types of build and there are many others not as common but they do exist. You need to know how your walls are constructed to make sure all load bearing, and other structural procedures have been carried out properly.

Now depending on the scope of your home remodeling designs such as if you where to strip the exterior completely to reside your home after any replacements of doors or windows. A stick frame home that only has say 2×4 studs with R12 insulation could have the entire exterior walls covered with a 2 inch SPF foam giving your house an extra R value rating of 7.5. Not only does this boost your R value to 19.5 but it as helps to eliminate heat loss due to convection. Normally all the sections of your wall that have the wood for studing and headers etc transfer the cold to the interior of your home. Your original wall of R12 does not equate to a total 12 value throughout the exterior wall due to all the structural wood between the exterior and interior walls. Adding the foam will create a thermal barrier reducing your heat loss during heating season. It also helps to keep your home cooler during summer when using methods of air conditioning.

Knowing how your exterior walls are constructed is very important in setting up a budget to have your remodeling ideas work the way you intisapate them during renovations.



Exterior Light Fixtures


Lighting fixtures may not seam like much to some but have an important part to play in a homes design. The type of lighting used makes a difference on how a home looks and how well the lights themself work. The main purpose for the exterior light fixtures is to make sure you can see what your doing when outside in the dark. Having a fantastic looking light fixture that sheds so little light you trip on the way to the front door just doesn’t cut it. It’s one thing to choose lighting to match your homes design but they also need to be functional.

Lighting stores can offer you many types to choose from but you need to make sure they give adiquite lighting were needed. Using energy efficient lighting is great so long as you get the proper illumination you require for safety. Some people will even use industrial lighting for looks and wattage capability for their grounds at night. Whichever your case plan your exterior light fixtures when doing your home remodeling ideas to account for safety around the home.



House painting


House painting is a topic that should be mentioned for several reasons. Compared to other forms of products to be used for the exterior of your home, whenever you have wood products you need to make sure they are well protected from the harsh outdoor conditions. With the exception of using cedar and such wood products that have a better talerance to the outdoors, wooden windows, facia and other areas relying on painted products such as pine tend to run into problems. If you do not keep them well painted and let the paint start to deteriorate you’ll find yourself painting sooner each time until even yearly no longer works as the wood is now rotting. By this stage your looking at window, facia and any other location the wood was used on the exterior.

Whereever you have wood exposed on the exterior, make sure regular maintenace is being followed to save you time and money to avoid premature renovations involving the replacing of rotted wood products.



Painting contractors


A lot of homes that are painted or have products that exist on the exterior part of the home that requires painting, I thought I would bring up the subject of painting contractors.

People already know that they can call up companies that specialize in painting. Depending on what your painting requirements are, other methods for getting your painting needs addressed is by contacting the local universities in your neighborhood. There are many young university students that will put together painting crews to earn extra money for school and expenses. Depending on when you need your painting done, there can be an excellent opportunity to have your exterior painted while helping some students fund their way through university. Something you may want to consider, depending on what you need to be done.





For the interior portion of the home remodeling ideas we’ll look at the types of rooms and doors. We will cover some information about electrical, plumbing, home security systems, building mechanical systems, lighting and painting. There are many other topics of interior decorating and extra depth we could get into but for now we’ll keep it simple and I will provide other links to other articles that will go much deeper into each topic at a later date.






Under this topic of room remodeling ideas, you can have a variety of different types of rooms. So to get started I will list the ones covered here in this article:

  • Living room design ideas
  • Family room remodeling ideas
  • Bedroom remodeling ideas
  • Kitchen design ideas
  • Dining room ideas
  • Bathroom ideas


Living room design ideas

Living room design ideas commonly consist of a few major categories which people consider for their home remodels. The size and layout of the living room will determine many factors such as if there is room for fireplace design ideas.

It is quite common to have a fireplace somewhere in the room. In most cases, the fireplace would be a focal point of the room. A wood-burning, propane or gas fireplace is the most widely used. Many homes undergoing renovations will now start to have an:

  • Propane gas fireplace insert
  • Gas fireplace insert
  • Wood fireplace insert
  • Electric fireplace insert
  • Pellet fireplace insert

Each of these types would fit into an existing firebox of an older fireplace in the room. One of the main reasons people choose to use an insert is to run a new metal flue inside the older chimney liner that no longer pass WETT certification for future use.

Either direction your fireplace remodeling ideas take you, having a fireplace as part of a feature wall can make all the difference. You could incorporate a stone fireplace or perhaps your idea is to have a tiled fireplace. The choices for appearance are numerous by type, style, and size.
The way to decide on your fireplace ideas is to consider what each season your fireplace decorating ideas will be for your seasonal strategy.  What you use for fireplace decorating ideas during the different holidays will differ from one another as well with day to day living. You’ll need to consider your fireplace mantel ideas that will best suit the type, style, and size of your fireplace.

Having a fireplace is only one consideration. You could be thinking of adding builtins along a wall or even surrounding your fireplace. The type and position of lighting.

What about the type, style, and size of:

  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Trim

What about how the ceiling gets finished with drywall, tongue & groove boards or even having beams. The type of flooring used in your living room remodeling ideas. Even the living room furniture ideas you have, all play a major part in the look and feel of the finished room.


Living Room Design Ideas

Family room remodeling ideas

For the family room remodeling ideas, many homes have the same look and feel as they may have with the previously mentioned living room design ideas.

The one thing I have seen different with family rooms over living rooms are the added features of adding bars, gaming areas, and TV viewing. Most living rooms may have TV sitting areas for viewing but are not as elaborate as I have seen and done for family rooms. Also, the type of family room furniture can be quite different. Family room decorating ideas tend to have a lot more freedom geared heavily on comfort and practicality of function for entertainment and fun. Some homes have theater rooms as part of the home remodeling ideas as well as having designated games room all separate from any living or family room.

The square footage of a home determines what and how much you’ll achieve with your home designs.


Bedroom remodeling ideas

From most of the rooms in a typical house, the bedroom remodeling ideas are usually the easier and cheaper ones to work with.

There are exceptions for the bedrooms that have larger walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms. For this article, we will leave the discussion about ensuite bathrooms with the heading for bathroom ideas.

Bedroom renovations consist mainly of paint colors for wall and trim. The type of doors for the closet. Are they folding doors (bi-fold) or sliding closet doors? Are you incorporating closet organizer systems for the bedroom renovations? What type of trim and baseboards are you using? Again are the ceilings a simple design or have they been modified like a tray ceiling design? What about the type of flooring, is it a solid hardwood flooring or something altogether different?

Even with your bedroom remodeling ideas being much simpler and fewer possibilities. Some of the other rooms throughout the house cost and require more consideration. Your bedrooms are still an important and vital aspect of your home remodeling ideas. You need to consider if your house has a theme that carries itself throughout the home or certain portions.


Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen design ideas

Traditionally, kitchen design ideas have always been the key focal point of any home renovation project. Even for real estate values, the kitchens have played a major role in home evaluation and sales.

Just as we can mention about renovating other rooms throughout the home for ceilings, doors, trim, our kitchens can follow the same theme. Most themes tend to be carried through the home but many kitchen designers have come up with different ceiling options. Even having solid hardwood flooring to match the other rooms or in the case with most kitchens to have a type of tiled flooring.

The biggest area where kitchen design ideas are very different from other rooms is having cabinetry. Unlike other rooms, kitchens deal with:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen pantry cabinet
  • Kitchen cabinet doors
  • Kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Kitchen backsplash tiles
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen sink faucet


Kitchen Cabinets

With kitchen cabinets for your home remodeling ideas, the budget will always be a major factor. Prior to anyone going out to buy kitchen cabinets, they need to know a few things.

Are you purchasing assembled kitchen cabinets or RTA kitchen cabinets (ready to assemble kitchen cabinets)?
Are these custom or stock kitchen cabinets?
Are you doing DIY kitchen cabinets or paying somebody else to install them?

Cheap kitchen cabinets will be the ones you buy as regularly stocked items from the large box stores as RTA kitchen cabinets up to the most expensive cabinets that are custom made. You can purchase wood kitchen cabinets such as:

  • Oak kitchen cabinets
  • Maple kitchen cabinets
  • Cherry kitchen cabinets
  • Just to name a few


Kitchen Design Ideas

For instance, the oak kitchen cabinets can be white oak, red oak rustic oak. They can be made of solid wood or fabricated to look like they are solid. Other species of wood used for cabinets can either be solid or fabricated. The color of the stain can be changed according to your design.

Everything you choose has a cost involved and that is why some restain or paint their cabinets. and change the doors and hardware.

There are many products that cabinets are made from giving you a large selection of types and styles to fit your renovation designs.


Kitchen pantry cabinet

Kitchen pantry cabinets is a consideration for many new remodeling designs that incorporate large amounts of storage. These can be full height cabinets or walk-in storage areas.

The walk-in storage areas are usually corner units with a door for entry. They will have banks of shelving that may or not be adjustable depending on design.

The regular full-length pantries can have a few options once you open the door. They may have a single door or more depending on design. The door or doors may have racks on them. Some doors simply slide out with racks that may even be adjustable for ease of storage and access.

Inside these pantries, once the door or doors are open you could find shelving that is fixed or adjustable. Some shelving units are totally hinged to create easy access for storing or retrieving items off the shelves. There are a few excellent systems available that make pantry storage systems maximize ease of use and storage area.


Kitchen cabinet doors

For kitchen cabinet doors, I would like to mention how many renovations will either replace the old doors for new ones or simply refinish the doors.

Cost wise to refinish or just replace the doors saves a great deal of money. This only works if the existing cabinet boxes suit the layout for your home remodeling design. If the original boxes do not have the look you require, then they can be refinished just like the doors. Some designs you could decide upon will call for refinishing the boxes but still get new doors.

In the case of getting new doors. Kitchen cabinet doors can be custom made to all required sizes to replace your older ones. Depending on the existing cabinets you already have you may be able to purchase stock doors saving extra money. If not, you can order what you want from many different types of styles and type.

With all the options available to you, choosing type, style, size, color, material, replace or refinish, you’ll be able to create the perfect fit for you and your budget.


Kitchen cabinet hardware

Deciding on the replacement of kitchen cabinet hardware is a good alternative to not having to change out an entire set of cabinets. The thing to remember here is the overall appearance is not going to have a major change.

The type of hinges used will usually need to be of the same style so the doors mount properly on the boxes. Trying to change from a front face surface mount hinge to a European style hinge will not work. To use the European style hinge you require slightly larger doors to cover the entire front face of the cabinets box. The surface type of hinges uses a smaller door allowing for the hinge to be surface mounted on the cabinets box.

When it comes to replacement of hinges, then usually you will choose from style, not the different types. The handles, on the other hand, come down to your preference and what will be required to change them out for something new.

The total number of doors and draws will determine the total cost of the type of hardware you choose to go with for your remodel. Kitchen cabinet hardware varies in price by style and type and can add up quickly for such a simple change.


Kitchen backsplash tiles

One of the easier and elegant ways to improve on any kitchen remodeling ideas is to install an updated backsplash. When you choose from the great selection of kitchen backsplash tiles available today, you can make a major impression on a great value for return.

Not all renovations offer a great return on value once completed. Kitchen backsplashes, on the other hand, make quite the statement that reflects design detail that most people notice. There are many renovations that homeowners may do that have little impact on the finished look.

Any renovations that involve structural or hidden remodeling in the designs have an impact on what is seen. That’s why kitchen backsplash tiles can make a major impact for so little to transform the look of an entire kitchen for the very minimal cost it takes to do compared to other renovations.

The types and styles of tiles used can vary greatly from products used like stone, glass, porcelain or ceramic. Any combination of the different products by the shape and size can be used. Some installations will use individual tiles while others will consist of mosaic sheets. The finished look will be a combination of products used and any pattern design that may have been incorporated.


Kitchen countertop

Most of the time when anyone is considering a kitchen renovation, the kitchen countertop is one of the first things to be replaced. In fact, I’ve seen many renovations where the countertop is the only thing being replaced. Usually though when the kitchen countertop gets replaced so does the backsplash.

Kitchen countertops can be made from many products. Laminate will start off with the cheapest option and work up to types of stone. People may choose Corian, quartz and concrete options as well.

The kitchen countertop you choose to use will depend on design for your kitchen cabinets being installed, possible backsplash and of course your budget.

Unlike some renovations, changing out your kitchen countertop can be expensive depending on amount and type of product used for your remodel.


Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen sink

What you use for a kitchen sink can make a statement or go unnoticed. Your remodeling design will need to take this into consideration.

Are you using a single bowl or double bowl sink? Is your sink going to be an above mount or do you prefer an under mount sink? Perhaps your sink will be molded into the kitchen countertop as a single unit. The type of kitchen countertop determines what you can have in the way for types of sinks.

From your kitchen remodeling designs, you will be able to figure out what you can have and what is required to make the kitchen work and still be functional. Each item you choose for your kitchen can be separate but the overall design will dictate to what you can use and how it should all be combined to create the finished product. In this case, the
kitchen sink you’ll need for the countertop which also brings us to our next topic.


Kitchen sink faucet

The kitchen sink faucet will be the last thing we’ll mention about for your remodeling ideas. The type of sink you chose can reflect on the type of faucet you would like to have to match.

Most kitchen faucets are pivoting for ease of getting water into a double bowl sink and for rinsing dishes etc. There are many types and styles you’ll be able to choose from depending on your needs.

Some of the popular brands most people have are Kohler, Moen, Danze, American Standard and Delta kitchen faucets. Each brand will have differences and similarities so you could use the same brand throughout your home. Some people may choose to mix brands between kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms where most use the same one when looking to have a continuing theme. When it comes to your home remodeling ideas on which plumbing fixtures you wish to use, type, style, brand, and the cost will be the determining factor.


Dining room ideas

Your dining room ideas will start with whether you have an open concept or more traditional room that is self-contained as a separate room.

With an open concept, your dining room will have the theme set by the rest of the open space. You can still make what appears as separation by doing up feature walls around the dining room or the ceiling. Some have used tray ceilings or other such designs as to make a distinction. Some dining room remodeling ideas are to tile the dining area while having the rest of the open space done in a solid hardwood flooring. The type of renovations you choose to do are limited to space, budget, and imagination.

When dealing with a traditional dining room with entrance by doorways you can use solid core interior doors, sliding doors usually in the form of pocket doors. Depending on the type of renovations when pocket doors are not an option then hinged French doors work wonders. Like many of the options for doors throughout the rest of the home, your dining room ideas for doors can be the same. Some may choose to have no doors at all.

Regardless of having an open concept or a formal dining room, there are other things that also play a large part in your home remodeling ideas for the room. The type of available dining room furniture sets you can use for your room. Do the table and chairs have matching cabinets for dishes etc or will your design call for built-ins. Another consideration is the dining room lighting ideas for ceiling and perhaps on the wall. Maybe you plan on having a fireplace as part of the room. Your fireplace remodeling ideas could be to replace an existing one or renovate the room to have a new one installed.

By having an understanding of what you want for your dining room decorating ideas from the furniture you choose to the finished walls, floor, and ceiling, your renovations should bring all the elements together.


Bathroom ideas

The bathroom remodeling ideas you use are of major importance. At one time the kitchen then the size of the rooms throughout the home where all that mattered. Nowadays many people consider the bathroom is another key investment in any homes value.

In your bathroom ideas, you need to think about what functionality you require. The type of bathroom vanity, single or double sink. The vanity units are they cabinets that run from the floor up or look like a converted piece of furniture. The type and style of the sink or sinks with the bathroom faucets you plan to use. Does the sink faucets match the shower faucets?

Are the shower and tub area, the same? Perhaps you plan on having a clawfoot bathtub with a separate shower enclosure. From the different manufacturers, you can choose from a number of tubs designs and styles for your needs. Bathroom shower ideas are limitless for options you can choose from as well.

When choosing your bathroom layout ideas, the size and shape of the room will determine the placement of each component required. Choosing what will be stock and how much of the bathroom design will be custom. Just making a decision in the bathroom shower enclosure from a stock item to a total custom job can cost hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Each separate component of the bathroom from toilet, vanity, tub, and shower enclosure and any other design factors you wish to incorporate into the room will be based on size and budget. For most homeowners, the kitchen and bathrooms usually are the biggest cost during renovations when compared to other rooms of the house.


Bathroom Ideas




The interior doors you choose can help set the home apart. Generally, most homeowners will create a theme by the style of door chosen. Most of the time this works, but some circumstances can call for a different door to be used according to your home remodeling design.

An example would be the closet door:

Use regular interior doors
Folding doors, known to most as bi-fold doors
Sliding closet doors

As you can see, the type of door system used can vary. The door style you use will also make a major impact on design. Are you planning on using rustic, country or perhaps modern interior doors.

Are the doors hollow, solid, or made of wood?
Do they have panels or are they flat?
Are the panels of glass, wood or some other product?

Depending on your home remodeling ideas, you’ll have many types and styles of doors to choose from for any renovation project.



Home security systems


Before doing total home renovations, you need to consider if having one of the home security systems available on the market is right for you. There are a growing number of homes getting security systems installed.

Security systems come in many different types and styles to choose from for residential homes. You need to know whether the system is a hard-wired or wireless system. If the system requires hardwiring, then a ruff-in installation will need to be performed during renovations. Running wires and hiding them behind walls, floor and ceiling is a prerequisite. Once the majority of the house renovations are underway, you can connect up all the sensors towards the end of the job. Using a wireless home security systems allow you to connect the whole system after all renovations are complete.



Building mechanical systems


The building mechanical systems for any home need to be looked at very carefully. The home size and style will require specific equipment to make sure the house in question, will function properly.

In the past homes where not sealed up very efficiently and required no mechanical means of introducing fresh air into the house. Air passed into the home from many holes and cracks from the way the building envelope was designed. Today homes are much tighter and require an air exchanger to vent fresh air into the building while pumping out the old.

These air exchange systems, are calculated by the square footage of your home and the amount of air volume required to be moved. The tighter the seal you’re home has from air penetration between the exterior and interior movement through the home’s envelope, the more you require a quality air exchanger.

All newer homes by code are required to have air exchangers installed for proper air circulation and have been in force for quite some years.

One of the building mechanical systems that people concern themselves with most is the heating and cooling of the home. How you heat and cool your home can save you money or cost you dearly.

Depending on home location and the seasonal changes in the weather, you may require both heating and cooling or just one of the two. Again depending on where you live, the local building code will dictate the requirements for the mechanical systems. Your choices are on what type of systems you want to use.

The most common systems for heating are:

  • Oil forced hot air
  • Oil fired boiler
  • Heat pump
  • Electric
  • Solar


Oil forced hot air

When renovating a home that uses a furnace, they usually are oil fired. Most of the time an updated high-efficiency furnace will replace the existing one. In the case of large home remodeling jobs, the primary heat source can have a replacement for a more energy efficient system.


Oil fired boiler

Using an oil fired boiler is one of the other systems for running hot water through radiators to generate the required heat in a home. A system like this one can also have the equipment replaced for more energy efficient or changed for another type of system. If the existing system is an in-floor radiant heating source, then only updates are usually provided, unless there are exceptional reasons to change to another source.


Heat pump

As heat pumps are continuing to improve their efficiency, more contractors and homeowners are choosing to have them installed. Having a heat pump allows for proper heat in the colder months and air conditioning for the hotter months.

The most effective type of heat pumps is the geothermal. The geothermal heat pump is also one of the most expensive alternatives for any heating and cooling system on the market today. A more viable option is the air to air heat pump. Their energy efficiency is not as good as geothermal which means you need a backup system in extreme cold. Depending on where you live, will determine if this is the case and what type of backup you’ll require.



Electricity is a primary source of heat and a backup source. The placement of radiators are the primary source of use and applications of electric furnaces are very common for backup requirements. Both sources of electric heat could be used as a backup system for homes equipt with heat pumps.



Solar power is improving each year as a more viable method to produce heating and cooling. Solar hot water heating for domestic water and in-floor heating has been around for some time. With the lowering of costs for PV panels, more homeowners have been getting on board with the use of solar power.

Even with the improvements on the ductless heat pumps, many home installations are using PV panels to supply the required electricity to run the heat pumps.

As solar power costs keep dropping and other energy costs keep rising, in time there will be a major shift to how we heat and cool our homes in the near future.



Residential electric wiring


During most home renovations somewhere during the changes, you’ll run into dealing with residential electric wiring and the codes to be followed. When you alter existing rooms or walls in a home, you face the possibility of rewiring existing plugs and switches. In some instances, you may need to add more. If more plugs/switches are required, then the size of your electrical panel may need to be increased.

When dealing with electrical wiring, it is always best to know what home remodeling ideas are so the electrical can be planned without having to make changes to them later. If you make changes during the remodel, then time and cost required, may increase.

It is always best to combine all the ideas that you want in the beginning and execute your plan with minimal changes if possible. Most changes after the fact, usually cost you one way or the other.



House plumbing


House plumbing just like the electrical wiring is always best planned before starting. Anytime changes are made while underway, tend to delay or cost your project more money. Having a detailed plan works best, rather than trying to incorporate new ideas in the middle of the project.

The type of plumbing you may require will depend on any changes for location and layout. To add extra bathrooms to another part of the home is quite common. Sometimes its a matter of relocating an existing one. Either way, when you add or change what may already exist, sort your ideas out and come up with a plan you can stick with during renovations.



House painting


When it comes to interior home renovations, house painting will be a given. Unless you are just adding something like a kitchen backsplash that requires no painting, you will need to do touch-ups or total coverage to complete the remodel.

In most cases, you will be changing existing walls, ceiling, and floors which will require you to paint something. As mentioned before it is always best to know what you’re doing so there will be no surprises later.

Knowing what your home remodeling ideas are and the final choices you make will make it easier to fit in the paint colors to suit your design.

For many, repainting all the interior rooms and trim is all that may be required. The amount and complexity of any renovation on any existing home ultimately come down to what the homeowner would like to do.





Changing the lighting in parts or all over the home can make a big difference. Just as bathroom fixtures like colored toilets and sinks can be updated then so can the light fixtures. Many homeowners like to change the existing lights for something more up to date.

Changing the light fixtures can be very cost effective and an easy task to accomplish. There are many renovations you can get into that require much more work and time to accomplish rather than changing out some lights.

So whether you just need to change a light fixture or your renovation requires redoing the entire room, your home remodeling ideas need to be confirmed for what you need to complete the job.



Final Notes:


Regardless of what your home remodeling ideas may be, it is always best to peace everything together to come up with a final plan. Once you have your plan, then it is time to carry out the appropriate steps to make it work. The better you plan, the less likely you’ll run into making changes at a later date.

Making changes tend to cost extra money. Try to avoid making excessive changes at all costs by sticking to your original plans. When surprises happen which they can, then you deal with them at that time.

The first thing with any new renovation is to find out what your ideas are and can they be incorporated. TD Remodeling has handled jobs of all sizes and can quickly let you know what is possible. Check out the galleries and call for an appointment to learn more.

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