Home Renovation Estimates

When your ready to do a renovation, you require to have a checklist to know what will be involved to understand your total costs.


Home Renovation Estimates


Here we will look at what it takes to figure out what your renovations will cost you by mapping out what will be required to get your renovations to completion. You can Click for your free Estimate now!


First you need to look at what do you want to do?

Secondly you need to know what you’re planning on doing and what do you want to hire out!

What do you need to know in getting the costs for your quotes?


Let’s get started with the answering the first question.

 First you need to look at what do you want to do?

photograph of renovation concepts

For argument sake, we will just use an example of doing a new bathroom with a custom shower. There are hundreds of options we could have chosen for this example, but the general meaning will all boil down to the same concept that I would like to get across to you today.


Secondly you need to know what you’re planning on doing and what do you want to hire out?

This part will be entirely dependant on what your capabilities are when it comes to renovations and whether the contractors you are thinking on hiring will allow you to do some of the work.

I allow customers who like to save on overall cost for the renovation to take part in work they are capable in doing themselves. They can save money or use the extra money to purchase better products for their renovation job. I also give material discounts from my suppliers.


What do you need to know in getting the costs for your quotes?

When you get in touch with some contractors to quote you a price. Most will give you a basic material list for cost and labor, some will just tell you the total price without a breakdown. What you need is a broken down cost list and here’s why.

  • When each key thing is broken down into seperate pricing, you will get fewer surprises during and at job completion.
  • Having an itemized pricing quote allows you to know what you are paying for in each step for material and labour.
  • Having this list will make it easier to see where you can save or spend extra money to create the best available bathroom for your budget.
  • When things are spelled out, there are less chances of padding the budget for extras that a lot of contractors will do at your expense.photograph on renovation direction

I will give you some examples to clarify the point.

  • You get a quote for $12,450.00 for your new bathroom from a contractor.
  • The second contractor is $4,400.00 for material and $8,050.00 for labour for a total of $12,450.00 (Same as first for simplicity)
  • I will show you what I do in a minute with a full break down.


When someone chooses the first or second quote, there are a few things that can happen.

If you decide to gut the bathroom yourself, you have no idea of how much you can save. The contractors can manipulate their bill very easily. Without having a price breakdown, if they claim they want extra money for things you have no reference point for comparison from there obscure quote.

Here is where a detailed quote between you and the contractor is the best way to go. When you say you’re going to gut the bathroom, you know exactly how much money you’ll save because the price is right on the quote.


-Take out vanity $35.00, toilet $25.00 you save $60.00.

Each time you take care of something yourself you save money or at least you should.

When you know how much you’ll pay or save on something, you can make a more informed decision on what and how your renovation job will turn out.

photograph of knowing who

That’s why when you get a quote from TD Remodeling:

  • You know exactly where you stand!
  • What you can expect for your budget!
  • The best way to get the job done!
  • What are your responsibilities!
  • What are my responsibilities!
  • Which products I’ll use and why!

When you put all of these things together to create a quote, you will have your full Home Renovation Estimate done. A quote like this will tell you who does what and for how much for the completion of your job.


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  1. Hey Travis I have just finished a reno on my ensuite and another toilet. Did 60% myself. If you think you know anything about renovations like I did then you don’t. It was a very steep learning curve. Sorry I’m rambling. I love the site it has lots of information and well put together. The issue I had when i was renovating was that there was not a go to sight that explained everything. Like how to lay tiles, how to sheet a wall and with what, how to waterproof ect. That would be a huge site and a major project.Great site keep it up.

  2. Hi Travis, I want to redo the wall paper in my bathroom. I have a large bathroom with high ceilings and researching putting up wall paper, it might be too much labor for me to do so I might hire someone. Thank you for the tip to get a detailed quote. I probably would not have thought to have it broken down. I could probably remove the wall paper and do some prep to save money. Putting up the new wall paper would be the real trouble for me to try to do. Thank you, Gina

    • Hi Gina glad you liked the information and your right that way you could save some money. People find by knowing the break down pricing they can either save money or put more money into other areas to maximize there renovations.

  3. Hi Travis,
    Summer is a great season for home renovations.
    I have been postponing a renovation of my living room for several years, however, your checklist idea is great.
    Your tips for saving money are great.
    So, I will definitely use your checklist to calculate my full renovation estimates done, and to set a budget!
    Thank you,

    • Always glad to help out and try to make things easier for anybody doing renovations. The information I give in my website will certainly help some people depending on what they are doing and will save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to be in the know by not making mistakes from not knowing how things should be done.

  4. working with a remodeler and getting bids has to be one of the lease exciting activities there is, mainly because there’s no standard of doing business. it’s amazing to me how wide of a range there is in the industry. that said, some contractors refuse to purchase estimating software, mainly because of the expense, so they guess or approximate costs. Sometimes this could work to your advantage, sometimes it won’t. ideally you are correct, the itemized approach is the way to go

    • Hi Frank and thanks for the comment. Generally I find when contractors do a ball park estimate and end up under bidding, they will do one or two things, increase the amount you owe or start cutting corners to save money if you do not want to pay the extra money. When these circumstances happen it is usually best to come to some sort of agreement so the work gets done without the short cuts. Short cuts are never good and tend to lead to problems down the road.

  5. I think your suggestions on how to get a fair quote on home renovations are solid. It makes a lot of sense to differentiate the costs of the entire renovation to understand where you can save money.

    Only you can know what is truly necessary for your home, so it makes sense to have the contractors spell out the costs, since only you can have your best interests in mind.

    • That’s right Tim, when you have the renovation broken down into separate areas, you can choose where you want to spend your money. You can decide to upgrade or down grade cabinets in the kitchen, pay more or less for light fixtures. When you know what your getting for a certain price, it is easier to know the difference in price if you want to change something as in how its done or the material used.

      Everybody is unique and having renovations done to what they want means a contractor can point out the costs for all the steps required and any extra variations needed to suit there clients needs.

  6. What a good idea for a site. There are so many sites out there just trying to sell, this one actually helps you through each and every process involved in remodeling any aspect of your home.
    I found it easy to read and very informative too. The step by step approach is great and well worth looking at.

    • Good to hear you liked the post and there will be plenty more to come as many other people and some of my customers I do work for are all requesting to learn more about how things should be done from my site.

  7. Hi, Travis, I like your site because first of all it shows honesty, what is the last thing at this days.
    I agree with you to get at least three estimates broken down in material and labour. In this case, both parties can still discuss and decide what to buy and how to do things.
    In my opinion, it always works out fine and the customers are happy with the work because they had their input.
    So, your site is informative, easy to read and to comprehend.
    Keep up the good work and you’ll have success.

    • It’s been about ten months since I converted my website over to try and help others outside my geographical area by adding the DIY etc. that everybody has been asking for on my site. I know it will take some time to keep getting the information online to help other people. With my regular work it’s hard to find the free time but I’ll keep doing what I’m doing to help others. In most cases slow and steady wins the race so after a while I hope to have plenty of tips and information to help all thoughts that are interested.

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