Cordless Combo Kit


A cordless combo kit is one of the best ways to maximize for tools you’ll want for the money. Purchase a combo kit to get the exact tools you need.

You can buy each tool separately but when it comes to cordless power tools, you’ll find that your batteries and chargers will start to add up. You may find that this may lead to you owning more batteries than you need. Using the same brand means fewer batteries and chargers so you can operate more tools with the same battery pack. In the long run, your tools will cost less as you only need to purchase the extra tools without the batteries. Depending on which tools you feel you need you can buy one or more combo kits to give you exactly the tools you want, and you also have the ability to purchase just the tools without batteries to also save you money when you do not require extra batteries or chargers. With all batteries, they will no longer charge for you as you charge them over the years or as they simply age from no usage over extended periods of time. You get 4-5 years out of your battery pack before you’ll find they no longer hold a charge properly. At that point, you can purchase replacement batteries as you need them and recycle the older ones.


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