Home Renovation Images

Here you will find Home Renovation Images showing some work I have done through the years as a contractor while running my business TD Remodeling.



TD Remodeling is a renovation business that has put together a gallery for, bathroom tile design ideas, tile backsplash ideas, tile shower designs, kitchen tiles design, hardwood flooring, fireplace tile ideas, electric floor heating systems and more. When it comes to renovations we do it right.

[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-1.jpg]2733kitchen tiles design
Granite counter tops and backsplash
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-2.jpg]2113Ceramic tile backsplash
Decorative kitchen backsplash with stone
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-4.jpg]1823tile backsplash ideas
Stone counter tops and backsplash for the kitchen
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-5.jpg]1563Kitchen to bathroom
Hardwood flooring, ceramic kitchen backsplash and bathroom wall tiles
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-6.jpg]1463Harwood flooring and tiled floor coverings
Porcelain tiled floors with patterns and hardwood flooring.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-7.jpg]1343Tiled and hardwood flooring
Tiled bathroom floors with stair casing hardwood flooring
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-8.jpg]1253Electric floor heating
Electric floor heating installation under detra and tiled floor
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-9.jpg]1193Kitchen tiles design
Full kitchen tile design from electric floor heating to patterned tiled floor
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-10.jpg]1163Tile flooring ideas
Tile patterns with hardwood flooring and fireplace tile ideas
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-11.jpg]1122Tile flooring ideas with hardwood flooring
Mixed combination of hardwood flooring, fireplace tile ideas with marble bathroom tiles and ceramic tile patterns
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-12.jpg]1053bathroom tile design ideas
Floor patterns, wall patterns and tiled counter tops for vanities
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-13.jpg]963Hardwood flooring and ceramic tile inlays
Hardwood flooring wrapping around ceramic tile inserts for hall and entrance
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-14.jpg]953Fireplace tile ideas with tile flooring
Tile patterns on floor and fireplaces
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-15.jpg]893Bathroom tile design ideas floor to ceiling
Floor to ceiling tiles for bathroom tile design ideas
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-16.jpg]953Tile shower design
Tile shower designs with niches and bench
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-17.jpg]903Installation of tiled shower design
Various photos of installation of tiled shower design
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-18.jpg]802Some bathroom tile design ideas
Few different bathroom tile designs for tubs and shower
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-19.jpg]802Commercial jobs
Hardwood flooring and tiled floors for commercial restaurant with bar and reception
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-20.jpg]803Hardwood flooring new and repair
Showing hardwood flooring for new construction and hardwood flooring repairs
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/renovations/thumbs/thumbs_portfolio-3.jpg]843Tile backsplash ideas and bar
Extra tile backsplash ideas for kitchen and bar area


The images above are just a few photographs that I have taken from different jobs through the years. From these pictures, you will see a small example of what I do. You’ll also have a chance to see some ideas what some people have installed in their homes.


You will see a variety of photographs on these galleries:


Some photographs show the process working through different stages while others will show the completed job. These pictures are just a small representation of jobs done. I have a 40-page portfolio that I use to demonstrate work concepts and ideas for potential customers.


One of the biggest things I find with renovations is how customers may visualize the look of what they want but do not always know how it will look when completed. Photographs will give that visual impact of what customers need to see to understand what the finished product could look like in their space. Without actually seeing something to reference an idea to, it is very hard to visualize at times. By having a portfolio of different patterns, styles and looks, I can convey a better approach to show a finished product.


Seeing a different scenario on the same concept can make the decision process much simpler on which way to go on a renovation from a design perspective.



  1. You have an impressive portfolio of your work! Your pictures show a good a professional contractor. As you say many times costumers’ visions are sometimes hard/impossible to accomplish and a visual aid is always handy. However, don’t you think that sometimes contractors are just lazy, or want the easy/quick job? What do you think is a good contractor is this sense?

    • Glad you liked the home renovation images from my gallery and the answer to your questions I’ll state in the order you wrote them in.

      Just like in any job there will be people who want the easy money or want to be paid for doing next to nothing. There are contractors that simply can not get out of there own way and then there are others that should hang up there tool belt simply because they are no good. Luckily the majority have proper ethics and do all types of jobs and do them right.

      What I know is a good contractor is one who can handle all types of jobs from easy to very difficult always looking to do ones best do what they can and advice on what they can not. Know your limits.

  2. Thanks, I loved looking through the images of your work! I love anything to do with building, decorating or renovating homes. Unfortunately we are still renting as we have not been able to afford to buy our own home.
    Our plan right now is to buy a run down place and then do it up ourselves. Your renovation images are motivating me and reminding me of my hopes to have my own beautiful home one day!

    • Well the great thing about renovating is you can see about purchasing a home in the location that you want that has the key layout that you feel you need. When you pick a place out your mainly looking for structural integrity and just deal with the cosmetics of your finishes. Changing out floors or gutting out kitchens and bathrooms etc are a lot easier when your working with a solid home. The extra expenses and trouble usually come from really outdated homes that you may not be ready to fund.

      Keep in touch as there will be a steady stream of content for information dealing with all forms of renovations as this site moves forward.

  3. Hi Travis, a very informative article. You have perfectly shown us what you are capable of doing. I have a suggestion to make. Maybe it would be even more illuminating to your prospective customers, when you also show them how the place you remodelled, was originally. By the way, do you do the remodelling yourself or does the customer give you the ideas?Cheers, Jerry

    • Hi Jerry, as you mentioned about before and after pictures I have been thinking about that for some future posts and the gallery.

      An answer to your question is at times I do all the design or work with the home owner or other designers and contractors. I do all the work myself these days for most of it except when I bring in plumbers and electricians for there certification.

  4. Your pictures speaks a lot about renovation. I could almost understand everything without the words as yo chose the best pictures. You also added some knowledge of what I may need while renovating which I was unaware about.

    Furthermore, You have said it correctly. Renovation is purely design. Thanks.

    One question. But why is renovation important while our places like kitchen may still be in order?

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Tony and thanks for the visit as time goes on I will have other posts that will explain things and show more detail to how and why for different renovations. The home renovation images are part of a gallery which will also grow in size.

      I would love to answer your question but it is unclear to me what the question is on what type of answer you are looking for.

  5. Great Job Travis!
    Your Job accomplishments truly speaks about you. Your portfolio are very competetive and for sure you will get a lot of similar projects in the future. The website is clean and impressive. Very well organized and full of information.
    Just have a question on renovation work, how did you manage to do the estimate of the scope of work? did you ever experience overshooting the budger? how did you cope up with that with your client, if there’s any?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Leonard and thanks for the visit.

      To answer your questions every now and then when you do quotes for renovations you can run into unforseen problems that would cost extra. I have a rule I live by where I always try to keep at my qouted price as much as posible.

      When I price a job out I look at what needs to be done and how many days it will take. I go by the old saying “don’t swet the small stuff” meaning some times I could spend extra hours fixing something 10 hours per day instead of 8 for 3 days but at the end of the job it was still done in the alotted days so the price stays the same.
      If it requires extra material and extra days to complete the price will go up a small amout according to the work and time involved which is discusted with the home owner when the issue is discovered.

      When customers have a full break down on there quote it is easy to see any extras if required and materials that my be required which leads to having no issues about cost. I usually get more work by them and reffered to there friends and family.

  6. Wow fella!! Can you tile!!! Sorry to concentrate on just the one aspect of your work, but these are masterpieces. You’re really artistic. I’m sure most people think of tiles as one uniform piece beside another, row after row, but the way you’ve done it is almost like a mosaic – and they aren’t easy!
    This sort of thing is something every tradesman should have to show to prospective customers. An excellent post and really fantastic images of real professional work. Well done 🙂

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Jyl and thanks for the comment I have found over the years that most people are visual and when it comes to concepts and ideas most people like to see results to make an easier and better informed decision when it comes to renovations. Later I will probably double up on the images so there will be more to check out like the portfolio I carry to do my quotes.

  7. Hi Travis,
    Some great photos of your excellent work. I have renovated a few houses and although I try and do most of the work myself, I have a few trusted tradesman I turn to for specific tasks.
    I wondered if your customers always know exactly what they want when they ask for an estimate. Personally, usually I have a good idea, but I always ask the tradesman for his advice or ideas. I mean he is the man with the experience and has seen so many similar sites it would be stupid not to get his point of view.
    I have seen on your site that you guide the people who want to do some of the work themselves. A really great way to help people to keep the costs down.
    Bravo Travis, enjoyed my visit!

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Peter and thanks for the visit. Just as you had mentioned how you ask for the advice from some of the trades people that would be doing the work for you I have quite a few that do the same as well. Most people generally ask for advice to what they want done and that way I can tell them what the final look can be and the differences in price depending on which method is used.

      I find now a days more people like to do some of the work to either save on the renovations they want done or to save money on some labor by what they do so the savings can up the cost for better materials. The money they save on labor allows for more expensive flooring, tiles, fixtures etc. So I always allow the customer the option if they like to save where they can by doing what they feel comfortable with when it comes to there renovations.

  8. Hi Travis, your tiling work looks impressive. I just finished developing my basement, and did all the tiling in the bathroom myself. It looks good, but not compared to your work. I noticed in your renovation images what look like heated flooring before the tiles were laid? Can this be right? Anyway, what are the advantages to heated flooring? Is it only good for basements?

    • The advantage of heated flooring for people is to have warm tiles when they walk in and out off the bathroom shower and tub in bare feet. A lot of people also like to walk on warm tiles throughout there house while wearing just socks instead of walking on cold tiles during the winter months.

      You can run electrical in-floor heating on any level of your home that people tend to want tiles that they want to heat up during the colder months of the year. When your feet are warm you tend to feel warm, so some people like to heat a room or house this way..

  9. Hi Travis,

    You have a great site. Very well made. I love the pictures especially, because I am a very visual person so this helps me to put things into perspective. Unfortunately at the moment I still rent. But I am hoping that sometime in the near future I will be able to afford my first home. Although I hope not to have to do any renovations initially, there will always come a time when upgrades are needed.

    I have given thought to purchasing a slightly older home and gutting it out and starting from scratch because my brother does this line of work as well. But I’m wondering which options will be more cost efficient, purchasing a home the way I want it, or purchasing a slightly older home of lesser value and gutting it out and making it the way I want it, while at the same time increasing the value. I guess I need to do a little more research and get a little more insight first.

    I was also interested in your comment on heated flooring. While I was in Europe, many places had heated flooring, it was quite popular. And from what I was told, it helps with producing the heat evenly throughout the rooms. But they used the Laminate flooring throughout instead of the tiles (except in the bathrooms). Is there a preferred product to use in this case? Or can any Laminate flooring do?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Aleisha sorry for taking so long I had a glitch that the first reply was lost.
      You may find depending on where you live for the cost of materials and where your brother can help with renovations if you get an existing house cheap enough this could save you more money in the long run. Whether you buy turn key or a fixer upper it depends largely on where the economy is for where you live to which one will work out best for you, usually doing renovations and especially it you do most yourself.
      As for the in-floor heating, concrete and it can be polished to give it a nicer look or tiled floors transfer the heat the best but are very hard on the back and joints as time goes on. The concept is warm feet then the rest of you feels warm.
      Hope that helps.

  10. Very helpful post I found here. Gave me the idea of checking first of various images before making decision in renovating parts of the house. Home renovation is not simple and need much time to think about so someone will have a perfect decision. You’re definitely right of presenting some images your client to check on so you will do exactly what client wants. I was impressed with all the images of flooring you had presented especially the wood flooring. Good luck! you hit the customer’s interest.

    • Thanks for the visit Marcy, and I find that having a photo gallery for my customers makes their decisions much easier and faster for what they want. Most people need to see the end result, rather than try to imagine what the outcome will be. That’s why I always have my portfolio with me to show my customers before starting any jobs.

  11. Great pictures that show great skill. Your work seems to be of a high-end quality which makes me believe that you take pride in your work. It can be quite scary trusting a contractor that you have never worked with so kudos to you for your craftsmanship.I would love to see some before and after photos!

    • As I find more time after work to do some more updates I will be showing some more photos and before and after shots as well.

  12. I’m looking for a way to rejuvenate my kitchen counter tops. Is replacing them only good way to go? I’m afraid of potential mess and looking for easy way out. My research returned few more options like spraying existing counter tops with several layers of paint (I think it’s paint) so they will look like new. However, they all offer granite like finish which will not look good in my kitchen. I want bright and uniform surface. Any suggestions?

    • One of the most common problems with resurfacing a laminate counter top is the possibility of the product separating by peeling in spots or scratching to easily. There are a lot of products out there and I have tried a few with no proper success. Some of the others may work but which ones I do not know.

      I prefer to replace rather than cover up as a general rule and this tends to be a better choice for the longevity of the job. I would bit the bullet and replace if the old one no longer surves it purpose.

  13. Hey, I remember I’ve visited your site in the past and I really loved it. Now that I’ve seen those pictures, I love it even more 🙂
    You are really talented, those renovations look great, really elegant and stylish.
    So they are all made of you, right? That’s what I understood from your site.

    • Everything I have been adding in my galleries and posts for work from jobs that I have done. In my geographical area, I do the different work for my customers and have also been giving tips to renovations which my clients and visitors have been requesting to know how to do.

      I also have a sister site that is entirely DIY for improvements to help others out as well at Home Renovation How To.

      There is also a sister website for the power tools used at Home Improvement Hand Tools.

  14. Hi Travis,
    I can only describe your portfolio as stunning, you are very talented and your work is very impressive.
    Great idea to place your portfolio on a website like this as it gives the potential customer how thorough your work is as well as how passionate you are regarding your work.
    Has this made life easier for undecided customers enabling you to point them to your website to look through your portfolio?

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Simon and having a website with a portfolio makes it easier for customers to make decisions on a couple of things. One is for doing the work and the other is whether they want to do part of the work or none at all. I have customers that sometimes like to do their own work and my website helps them out with that.

      By having the DIY segment, it also helps a lot of people I’m not able to help personnally as I do not service all the areas my site reaches. My DIY section does put them in a position of knowing what to do or expect when getting work done by others.

  15. You are a master at what you do! Clearly you are familiar with with floors and walls and do a good job with making them look beautiful.

    Is your remodeling business only in one area? Or can we find your company in other locations? I am interested because we might want to work on our bathroom and I am interested to know if your company is in our area.

    • Travis Smithers

      That is correct that I only operate in my geographical area with my offline business. I changed my website from advertising my offline work to adding a DIY segment to help others that I’m not able to do the actual work.

      Some customers that I work with daily would request how to do parts of the renovations themselves to save money or have extra money for doing more or purchasing better quality materials etc. That’s when I redesigned my website after the increased volume of people requesting guidance. So now I put the knowledge online to help anyone interested in knowing.

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