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Now that you’re at the stage of knowing what your budget is, and you know what you want to do, it’s time to hire someone. At this point, you have some options on who you can hire for the job. You may have someone in mind from a referral or your going to use somebody that works in your area.

photo of home renovation quote

Let’s look at referrals:


  • Referred by a friend.
  • Referred from a co-worker.
  • Referred by another family member.
  • Referred from one of your neighbours.


A referral of this type is coming from somebody you Know and trust to give you the contact of a good contractor to do the work. Now for argument sake, let’s say you know nobody who can tell you a referral but you still want a reference to get some work done.


There are two main ways you can do this:


  • The first method and one of the best are from the current suppliers. The companies selling their products will only want to represent good quality contractors for installations to get or keep your business and any referrals you may send them. They do not wish to promote any bad contractors as this will reflect badly on them for future sales.
  • The second option for getting quality contractors are from legitimate website’s advertising companies with customer reviews and comment based on job satisfaction. A tally of customer reviews will give a good indication of what you could expect. By using the reviews, you can see who specializes in any particular field to find the right fit for you and your job.


Now we’ll look at people from your area


photo of knob and tube

The knob & tube inside the floor was covered up by the previous contractor.

When you’re looking at hiring somebody from your local area, there are a few things you should be checking and considering. When your planning on having renovations done, you need to know the following things.


  • Are they new to what you want to have done or do they have lots of experience?
  • The company or person your hiring do they do the work or does somebody else?
  • Do they have the appropriate insurance?
  • Can you get proper work references?
  • Will they cover stuff up like buddy in the image to the right?


When you’re looking to hire a company or person for your renovation job, you need to know if they are capable of actually doing the job. There are companies great at some things and terrible at others. Just like when you hear about different companies quality of work and yet after having a job done by them you’re not happy with the job. Once they have your money and left you with a job your not happy with, it’s too late getting them to fix it after the fact. Another scenario is the person who did the quality work has a high turnover rate with new tradespeople doing the work now while there riding on a past reputation.


What about the question of are they carrying the proper insurance or do they even have any insurance at all. Many contractors are operating with no insurance coverage of any type. In fact, I’ve seen many people working from their personal vehicles with no commercial insurance and no liability coverage.


What about having background work references to their quality of work and performance. There was a time when you could get a list of names from the one doing the job that you could call up as references for a background check. Nowadays, there are so many hackers that have bogus friends and family as a reference which your not aware of, that calling past customers is just a con job.


The only true way to get recommendations for contractors and people you do not know, is from there suppliers that know them and their work. The suppliers know which ones promote as good or bad that have a history with them through the years and they will not jeopardize their business for somebody else.

photo of what do I do

Now what should I do?

These are just a few things to know and consider about getting a home renovation quote on any properties that you own. For the next post on this topic, I will run you through a real situation with names omitted so that you can understand how to save thousands of dollars if not tens of thousands by learning a few key things about getting renovations done.


Until then here is a link to my site offering you some other topics and insight into the world of renovations and how to save your money and peace of mind!


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  1. Very well written thought out informative article. Great tips that I will surely use when I am in need of home renovation.

    • Hi Kyle and thanks for the visit, glad the post could give you some insight on what to look for when it comes to getting a quote in any renovations you may need to get done in the future.

  2. Very interesting I,ve shared this on my social networks I’m sure my friends will find it useful!!


    • Hi Tim and thanks for the visit and appreciate the social network link. I’m always trying to help as many people as I can while I’m working and up dating this site will allow me to help even more.

  3. Hi Travis!

    I have been saving money, not to renovate a house, but to build a wooden house… I suppose the process of building a house from scratch and renovating one is a bit different but what would your recommendations be in my case?
    Thanks for your help

    Cheers =)

    • Hi Sarah and you are right there is a big difference between renovating a home and building a new home, I just recently built my own home a little over 90% by myself. The great thing about building from scratch is you get to design the home from the ground up and have it the way you want rather than major settling for things you way not want in a home.

      So when you feel that your getting close to start putting ideas on what and how to build by all means you know where to reach me and I can help you out.

  4. We’ve been having such a hard time dealing with contractors lately that our projects have taken months and months longer than expected. Our main two complaints are that they don’t give you accurate timelines whatsoever, taking months to even get you a quote when they say it will take two days. Then once they have you hooked into an agreement, they never get back to you when you have questions or try to contact them. And these are recommended to me! What advice can you give someone in this sort of situation?

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Sarah and what you say actually happens to lots of people. In most cases when contractors take so long just to put together a quote you are usually better of going with somebody else for if they do not have the time to quote you in a reasonable amount of time how are they going to get your work done in a proper time frame.

      Secondly what does there quotes look like. Depending on what you are looking at getting done can take a little extra time to formulate a material list and labor. The main thing is it should not take to long for getting the quote when this is what the contractor does for a living they should know most of the procedures like the back of there hand.

      If they are extremely busy this could slow down you receiving the quote right away but should still be done without to much delay.

      As far as time lines to do the work, generally they should know within days of there quoted time frame unless hidden problems arise. What usually happens is a lot of contractors instead of doing one job at a time which makes it easy to stay on your time line, will try and do multiple jobs which is where you always run into delays with having workers tied up on different jobs.

      Most people would rather wait a bit and have the job done in a proper time frame than put them through any renovations that are dragged out.

      The problem is these contractors do not want the customers to go with a different contractor so they double, triple book etc.

      You need to hire only contractors that do what they can handle one or two jobs at a time unless they have really large crews.

  5. It is a God sent that my eyes fell on this site. I am in the process of doing some expansion on my home in a couple of months. My son is moving into his own apartment and my daughter was wondering if I can make both bedrooms as one.

    I personally believe I can do it myself, but I rather have it done professionally. The tips that you mention in getting someone to do the job is very helpful. I will certainly take all into consideration when getting someone.

    I am good at patching walls and painting. So what I would do is ask for a detailed breakdown on different estimates, and the one I choose, minus the patching of the wall and painting cost. Do you think that is a wise decision? Thanks again for all your valuable tips. I will definitely bookmark this website.

    • Hi Bishop and glad this post was of some help for you. The best thing about learning what is entailed with any job is it makes it easier for you to make informed decisions on what you may or may not want to do. By you understanding your capabilities when you get a quote that is broken down into the different segments you will see just how much you can save for the parts of the renovation you want to personally handle.

      I have had customers who decide to take on certain aspects of the renovations they want done. I find out how much they know and if there is an area where they are not on the same page as me I will consult with them what they need to know to have that part of the job ready for me to take over once there done there part. Sometimes but not to often they may decide not to do certain parts of the renovation because it is a little more than they want to take on or they rather pay the amount for that part in question than for them to take the time to do it.

      So it is always good to get your quotes for the whole job, know the brake down and discuss what you may want to do. This way you know how much your saving or how much extra you’ll pay if you do decide to let the contractor handle the full job.

      When it comes to getting a home renovation quote, get it for the entire job broken down and discuss your options from there. You always need to know where your starting to figure out how to finish.

  6. Travis
    These are some good tips that I’ll remember for when I’m at this point in life.
    Everyone deserves to have their home put in the best hands possible when they need to get work done on it. I would be so angry if I trusted workers to take care of my home renovation and they screwed it up!
    Thanks for the information

    • Hi Gina and you are so right. I have met many people who have had major problems from not knowing about how important there quotes are when they are looking to get renovations done. Knowing the scope of your renovations is very important just like the steps you take to get the actual work done as well. The more you know about who you plan to hire the better off you will be as well knowing what to expect upon completion.

  7. Hello Travis ,
    Wow what a wonderful job you have done with the layout ,presentation, and with all the information . Excellent job .

    From your review I can instantly feel that you are a builder and that you know your stuff and what you are speaking of .

    Thanks for the great details of your post, It is very useful to anyone that has building or remodeling in mind .

    Great job on it all.


    • Thanks for the comment Brenda and let me know if you or anyone else you know ever need help with renovations or remodeling, you know where to find me.

  8. I enjoyed reading this post. It contained some very good advice on choosing the right contractor. There are some pitfalls and when it comes to the biggest investment you will ever make you really need the right person for the job. Do you think it is a good idea to ask if you could speak to a couple of people they have done work for before? Also is it true that sometimes costs can blow out due to unforeseen problems? Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    • If you are able to talk to the people being referred and seeing for yourself the work that was done, then you would have a better idea of the workmanship, but I know there are some that just use people over the phone verifying for work they are not capable of doing.

      There can always be some unforeseen expenses that can arise, but usually most contractors can pick up on things to tell you about certain problems which they can ball park but will need to open up the area to get an accurate look and be able to give a true cost to what it may cost to fix.

  9. Hi Travis! Great information here about getting Home Renovation quotes. I’m planning to have my living room carpet tore up this year and replaced with vinyl flooring. (My kittie cats have been very naughty this past year)! Lol I’m afraid to see what the cost estimate will be …. but this information will be very helpful. Thanks!

    • Good to hear that the post was of some help to you. You’ll find once all the carpet has been lifted it will be easy to check your sub-floor for any possible problems and then get the vinyl flooring installed which will take care of not having to worry about future problems when the cats act up.

  10. thanks for this amazing story ever for this reason i have been thinking of ways of finding the more accurate way in which i can have my house renovated and mostly use to fail and end up getting wrong people for this of which is not true at all

    thanks for this educational informal provided ever and please keep updating me always



    • Glad I could be of some help and as long as you check into who you have work done by and what they are capable of doing you should be alright. There are a lot of excellent contractors around you just need to make sure you connect with them and not the wannabees trying to under cut the real contractors and pretending their all that.

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