How To Come UP With A Business Name


When you’re looking to start a business, you need to know, How To Come Up With A Business Name. Today you have other things to consider when creating your name.


How To Come UP With A Business Name


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What name should I choose!

When you’re about to start up a business, you need to consider a few things when picking out your name. The first thing you should already know is what your company is all about. Before anybody deals with making a name choice, they should already know, what they’re planning on doing. Nobody will call their business, Porky’s Bar and Grill if you’re a Financial Adviser. So here is a simple list to follow when choosing a company name.


Know What Your Business Is All About


Does your company provide a service, product or possibly you’ll provide both a service and products to customers? In the construction business, if you’re only providing a service, then you may place a word like “consultant” in the name. Working as a consultant you do not fiscally do the actual work, but would give advice from the expertise you have, on how to do the job. The more specific you are, on what your company does, the better your name will let people know exactly, what it is you do. If you choose a name, that has little to do with what your business is by its description, then you’ll need to or end up spending large amounts of money trying to brand or trademark the name, for people to understand and know what it is you do or sell.

Know how you’re going to conduct the business


Will you be operating from a storefront selling products or providing people a Service. Perhaps you will be driving to other people’s homes or business to do your work as I do with my renovations business. You may be planning on only doing an online business, offering advice and selling products. Most people who have online businesses, do not have local or state registrations for their Business name to operate online.  When you’re running an offline business, you need to register a company name to be legit. The reason I mention about knowing how you’re going to conduct your business is, when you create your name, you should create it that you can use the same name for online and offline. What you need to do is “Check Business Name Availability” for your state or province and know “What Is A Domain Name and How To’s.

Your Chosen Name


Once you have chosen a name that meets your requirements, then you are ready for the last stage of “Registering Business Name.” Through the Internet, your domain name is faster to register than getting approval for a local or state company name. The time and breakdown of what to expect, are revealed in the links from the previous paragraph on the last sentence.

So in summary, when you’re looking at how to come up with a business name, you need to know, will your business be online, offline or a combination of both. Does your name reflect what it is you do or Represent. When you’ve got the name, then the links provided will show you just what you need to do in getting the ball rolling.

Now that you have your name lets get back to “Start A Business From Scratch.”




  1. Hey Travis, it was pretty cool reading this article, written by someone who, like me, has had more than 2 decades of experience owning and operating a construction company. I am retired from that now, but I had a high-end, upscale remodeling/home improvement company for 22 years.

    Good advice here on the importance and the how-to’s of selecting a name for your company. Especially nowadays your advice is cogent about considering if and to what extent your business will be online. We didn’t have to worry about that one back in the day, lol.

    • I do find a lot of things have changed through the years and as time keeps moving forward I’m thinking one day I’ll also retire my offline business and just concentrate on the online aspect. Good luck on your retirement and someday I would also like to retire.

  2. Hi Travis and thank you for the great advice.

    Yesterday I was just thinking about this subject and you have answered my questions :). I believe that the relevance is important as you say. It would be funny if financial advisor company’s name would be Joe’s grill. I think that it’s good if the name would also be catchy and easy to remember. Too long name can be too easy to forget. What do you think?

    • I would agree with you that if a name is to long it would be hard to remember. It’s great if you could have one to three words to describe and represent your name for keeping it simple to remember but if you require a longer name, having one as a slogan will work.

      If your name is catchy or even a short slogan of a few words , people will still be able to remember it. After all if they are unable to remember your name then how will they remember you.

  3. With my first website I actually took days before I bought a domain name – I just kpet on thinking I had a better idea for a business name hour after hour! Sometimes I think the first name you land on is probably the best – whatever you call yourself could work out if you put enough effort into the promoting – what do you think?

    • When it comes to website names you can make any name work for you. If you choose a name that people are already searching for you will have an easier time ranking in the beginning. With a name that is not popular then it will take longer or more promoting to get it to rank by bring the traffic to you.

      The nice thing about picking a name to brand is you can usually make them shorter compared to what may be left that is available. After all, think of the name Jaaxy for a keyword research tool domain name. In the beginning, nobody would have reason to search for that name. Now that they have promoted the name, people on the Web know and now search for it monthly giving them instant traffic from branding.

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