Kitchen Tiles Design


One of the largest and best renovations is what you do with a kitchen tiles design. TD Remodeling specializes in custom tile work in the Halifax and surrounding area where customers are looking to transform their old kitchens into a whole new space. The tiles you choose for the floor and walls will make a world of difference from regular 12-inch to large format with or without patterns, I do it all.


Kitchen Tiles Design


kitchen tiles designYour kitchen tiles design is one that should reflect your personality. When your planning and getting your ideas together, looking at other kitchens and tile designs can save you a lot of time. Many people will think of ideas but are not always able to conceive what they’ll look like or turn out. By seeing different options, it is a lot easier to formulate a plan of action to what you eventually may want. Below is a gallery of kitchen tiles design as well as showing how the cabinets and other parts of the kitchen all tie into one another. Some of the kitchens I built from scratch where others are custom made by cabinet makers and others from when the homes were first built or premade cabinets from the big box stores.



Kitchen Tiles Design

Kitchen tiles design is a specialized part of what TD Remodeling does on a regular basis. When it comes to home renovation how to for making your kitchen stand out, there is no better way than adding some custom tile work. From installing the newer mosaic glass tile backsplash to the more traditional ceramic tile backsplash, we have you covered. Whether you use tiles or hardwood flooring in the kitchen, TD Remodeling has the home improvement hand tools and experience to make it happen.

Kitchen Tiles DesignKitchen Tiles Design
Kitchen Tiles Design with mosaic stone subway tiles will always make a big impression.
Kitchen Tiles Design with ceramic patternKitchen Tiles Design with ceramic pattern
Kitchen Tiles Design with a ceramic pattern will grab any visitors attention for seeing something different.
Kitchen Tiles Design with pot fillerKitchen Tiles Design with pot filler
Kitchen Tiles Design with a pot filler added over the stove with a stone pattern looks amazing and is so practical for the homeowner for doing lobsters, soups, chowder and more.
Kitchen Tiles Design with graniteKitchen Tiles Design with granite
Kitchen Tiles Design with granite cut down to subway tiles and granite tiled counter tops.
Kitchen Tiles Design with contemporary look Kitchen Tiles Design with contemporary look
Kitchen Tiles Design with the look of contemporary throughout the room.
Kitchen Tiles Design with multiple patternsKitchen Tiles Design with multiple patterns
Kitchen Tiles Design with a few different patterns all combined for overall look.
Kitchen Tiles Design with tumbled marbleKitchen Tiles Design with tumbled marble
Kitchen Tiles Design with tumbled mosaic backsplash with granite counter tops.
Kitchen Tiles Design with contemporary backsplashKitchen Tiles Design with contemporary backsplash
Kitchen Tiles Design with full contemporary looking backsplash.
Kitchen Tiles Design with mosaic sheetsKitchen Tiles Design with mosaic sheets
Kitchen Tiles Design with glass and stone mosaic sheets.
Kitchen Tiles Design with eat-inKitchen Tiles Design with eat-in
Kitchen Tiles Design with area for eat-in dining.
Kitchen Tiles Design with tile subwayKitchen Tiles Design with tile subway
Kitchen Tiles Design with mosaic tile subway backsplash.
Kitchen Tiles Design with patternsKitchen Tiles Design with patterns
Kitchen Tiles Design with patterns inside of other patterns all over the floor.
Kitchen Tiles Design with matching tilesKitchen Tiles Design with matching tiles
Kitchen Tiles Design with floor and wall tile all matching slate in different sizes.
Kitchen Tiles Design with large format tilesKitchen Tiles Design with large format tiles
Kitchen Tiles Design with 24-inch square large format tiles throughout.
Kitchen Tiles Design with ceramicKitchen Tiles Design with ceramic
Kitchen Tiles Design with ceramic backsplash.
Kitchen Tiles Design with marble mosaicKitchen Tiles Design with marble mosaic
Kitchen Tiles Design with marble mosaic sheets for the backsplash.
Kitchen Tiles Design with older ceramicKitchen Tiles Design with older ceramic
Kitchen Tiles Design with an old country style ceramic backsplash with fruit inserts and a black marble tile counter top.
Kitchen Tiles Design with hockey patternKitchen Tiles Design with hockey pattern
Kitchen Tiles Design with cabinets having hockey stick border tiles with pattern in pattern.
Kitchen Tiles Design with slateKitchen Tiles Design with slate
Kitchen Tiles Design with slate style backsplash behind stove and between two pantries.
Kitchen Tiles Design with glassKitchen Tiles Design with glass
Kitchen Tiles Design with dark glass tile backsplash and counter top with large format beige floor tile.
Kitchen Tiles Design with tiles in pantryKitchen Tiles Design with tiles in pantry
Kitchen Tiles Design with large format tiles running in the pantry area.
Kitchen Tiles Design with varying mosaic subwayKitchen Tiles Design with varying mosaic subway
Kitchen Tiles Design with a mosaic made up of varying sizes of the subway for glass tile backsplash.
Kitchen Tiles Design with ceramic tile countertopKitchen Tiles Design with ceramic tile countertop
Kitchen Tiles Design with bull nosing around edges inlaid with ceramic tiles for the counter top.
Kitchen Tiles Design with off-setKitchen Tiles Design with off-set
Kitchen Tiles Design with off-set floor tile pattern.
Kitchen Tiles Design with infloor heatingKitchen Tiles Design with infloor heating
Kitchen Tiles Design with infloor heating underneath the tiles.
Kitchen Tiles Design with custom cabinetsKitchen Tiles Design with custom cabinets
Kitchen Tiles Design with a ceramic counter top on custom cabinets.
Kitchen Tiles Design with no backsplashKitchen Tiles Design with no backsplash
Kitchen Tiles Design with no backsplash tiled floor and granite counter tops.
Kitchen Tiles Design with new cabinetsKitchen Tiles Design with new cabinets
Kitchen Tiles Design with newer cabinets on a diagonal patterned floor.
Kitchen Tiles Design with new kitchenKitchen Tiles Design with new kitchen
Kitchen Tiles Design with everything in the kitchen being replaced for new.
Kitchen Tiles Design with contemporary styleKitchen Tiles Design with contemporary style
Kitchen Tiles Design with no backsplash and contemporary styling for tiled floor and cabinets.


From the pictures from the gallery above you should start to get an idea of some of the possibilities of all the things you can incorporate into your kitchen. From the few photos that I put in the gallery let’s look at how everything ties together for your decision on how you’ll go about planning your kitchen tiles design with the rest of the room.

What kind of cabinets are you planning on having?
What is your plan for the remaining walls?
What type of appliances will be installed?
Will there be a backsplash?
Type of flooring?


What kind of cabinets are you planning on having?


The type of cabinets plays an extremely import role to the kind of choices you’ll make for your tiles. A typical simple box design with standard knobs and handles that may be a solid color or show a wood pattern can usually go with just about anything. An example would be if you had all solid white cabinets with flat panel doors nothing fancy. Just by changing the handles and knobs to either contemporary or country the same cabinets could suit two entirely different styles just because of the hardware you chose.

Then you can create more of a difference by the door styles themselves. The overall appearance of some doors will stand right out to have a country look while others would look completely contemporary. Another method to add style is by the way, the doors open. The hardware for the hinges can also make a statement to the look and feel of your kitchen. You could decide to have the doors lift and slide into the top of the cabinet box out of the way while in use.

With some styles, you may choose to show no hardware at all, and others you may want to see all the handles, knobs, and hinges. Your choices of style will dictate how the cabinets will present themselves. You may require all the cabinets be in perfect symmetry that they are all the same size and design or different size boxes to add height variances to have crown moulding to cap the boxes at the various levels from one another as they go through the kitchen walls. Some doors may have glass rather than say a wood panel and the type of glass and any framing can make another distinction to different styles.

I believe you can see where I’m going with how the colors, type of wood, shapes, sizes, crown molding or none. The kind of hardware or can you even see any hardware due to the cabinet design will all sum up what type of kitchen design you are planning.


What is your plan for the remaining walls?


What you do with your remaining walls will either enhance your new design or if you’re not careful, clash with what you are trying to accomplish. For most people the walls will be painted, but the color is still a factor that needs to be addressed if you want your kitchen to look the part. Depending on the style you are going with, it is possible that you could be running wainscot around the room on all the walls or just certain sections. Perhaps you are having brick, stone, some form of tiles. Anything you decide to do on your walls will make an impact on the overall look of the kitchen.

So whether you paint or get creative with your walls you need to consider how they will match up to the look you have chosen for the kitchen design.


What type of appliances will be installed?


For most appliances that you may choose to put in the kitchen will not make much of a difference in the style of the kitchen. Some appliances do reflect more of a country style such as O’keefe & Merritt and Elmira with their antique stoves but working with modern day tops and ovens. It’s the overall look and appeal of these appliances that people get them for the country or rustic themes. Some of them even work for the older vintage theme from years past like some remember from the old TV show Happy Days.


Will there be a backsplash?


Not all kitchens have a backsplash and that even goes for newly constructed homes as well. As a contractor when builders would hire my company TD Remodeling to come in to install all the flooring and custom showers etc., some of the houses were built without having kitchen backsplashes installed. Most new builds did and of course, there are all the homes I get called for replacing or adding one to the existing homes throughout the city.

For most new renovations, the kitchen tiles design will usually have a backsplash incorporated. The biggest decision with having a backsplash is the type of tiles to use. When you know what the kitchen cabinets will look like with their hardware and you know the color of the walls and counter top, it becomes a lot easier. The biggest choice of knowing all of that would be are you using ceramic, stone, mosaic sheets or perhaps a glass tile backsplash. With all the choices out there, it tends to be one where you need to know all the components before deciding on what you’ll have installed.

Another big consideration I’ve seen a lot of is instead of your regular backsplash in and around the kitchen cabinets, customers have stone or tiles throughout other parts of the kitchen for feature walls and areas around windows.


Type of flooring?


Just as you need to know what your cabinet style shall be the floor will need to be matched up with style, color and whether or not you’ll incorporate any patterns. I’ve taken on jobs where patterns are placed inside of other patterns to get the look and appeal that some clients wanted. There has been times where the floor will not only have patterns with a few different sized tiles but they will also request to have the patterns run up the kitchen walls as well.

There are still cases where some people will want to have hardwood flooring in the kitchen, but most people still prefer to have some form of tile work with or without patterns. Lately, I’ve even been installing lots of tile work in apartments and condos.


When it comes to your kitchen tiles design for any home, there are many options to what you can do and how it can be done for any new renovation. Some may only do a backsplash, maybe a new floor while others will gut the entire kitchen to make the whole room look new again. Either way, the best thing to do is check out what is available and make your decisions with a full plan of action from start to finish for as short or as long as the list may be for what you want.



  1. I have always admired you guys who can build things and make them beautiful, you truly have a gift sir.

    My mother is contemplating a renovation of her kitchen as well as an outdoor living space, and I was wondering if there are any specifics that we should consider before we even think about design. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Christian and when dealing with any specifics about renovating the kitchen, a lot of it comes down to budget and what you want.

      A lot of people if the cabinets are all good will either restain or paint the cabinets and doors and change out the hardware new counter tops and backsplash. Paint the whole room out and redo the floor.

      Same as just mentioned but change up for new doors as well. This option will cost a little more because of the pricing for doors.

      The more expensive option would be to change out the whole kitchen for new cabinets plus everything else I’ve mentioned.

      Anybody that’s looking at changing structural walls etc. is looking at a major renovation and depending on what and where you are changing out walls is where you get into the highest costs for improvements.

  2. Hi, I really loved reading your post! I have stained glass tiles as a backsplash in my kitchen and I’m really satisfied with the way it looks, though sometimes it’s harder to clean up. On the floor I have some kind of marble, which looks really elegant but it’s a bit slippery, so I was thinking about changing it. What do you think, regular tiles would work better in my case? i guess they would, but they won’t looks as beautiful as marble…
    Thanks for these inspiring ideas 🙂

    • Hi Ashley and what you’ll find these days is your able to purchase porcelain tiles that look just as nice as stone. The great thing about having the newer porcelain tiles are the designs can look just as real so others will not know they are not stone and you’ll be able to purchase them at a better price.

      Another good thing about having porcelain is you can get away from the slippery finish that stone has to have a stone look with better trackshon when wet. You’ll also fine with stone you have to seal them every so many years in high traffic areas for them to keep there true color or they start to obsorbe the cleaners you use when washing and discolor them.

  3. Hi Travis,

    some great info here… and just at the right time for me! haha. Me and the wife have just begun renovating our kitchen and have had a few issue’s here and there regarding our splash back and tiling… however it’s a fun process to go through 🙂

    Thanks for the post

    • Designing a kitchen or just doing a backsplash to highlight can make a great improvement to any kitchen. It’s always best to take your time and check out what is available and make a decision from there.

      Most people I work with all enjoy their renovations with the exception of the very few that plan on doing their whole house and get overwhelmed by the amount of work required to figure everything out and the overall time to transform their home.

      Extremely large jobs are something not everyone can comprehend and it can disrupt one’s schedule which is understandable when you’ve never experienced it before.

      For most people renovations are something they look forward to and always love the reveal.

  4. Thanks for the thorough information on kitchen tiles design, am going to pass this information on to my mum as she is thinking of getting her kitchen done at the moment. And I love the pictures you have added, think it could give my mum some inspiration, Think my mum is going to go for a stone backsplash, to match the flooring should look nice. Thanks again for the information

    • Travis Smithers

      No problem, I look forward to help as many people as I can with renovations online and offline. One of the biggest things I find is if you can understand the process, then you can save yourself a lot of time and money by knowing what to do and how to do it when it comes to having home improvements done.

  5. One thing I would like to comment about something to consider regarding tiling is that we installed shiny floor tiles which look smudgy and not that nice about 5 minutes after mopping or steam cleaning. I have tried everything to keep them sparkly using plain water, or vinegar or special soaps but nothing works very well. Any Ideas?
    Thanks, Kris

    • Travis Smithers

      I’ve installed high gloss tiles a fair bit and have never heard of people having problems with them and in one of my houses I had installed some in my main bathroom for the five years I was there, they looked great.

      I know nothing about the type of tiles you have to give you any advice. If they are stone you have to keep them sealed and not have any citric acids getting on them as you will start to get staining and loose the finish.

      Porcelain and ceramic tiles usually have a different kind of finish that does not get affected by cleaners but again I do not know what was installed on your floors and the type of finish the tiles have.

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