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Registering business name for a new startup business, whether you’re dealing with an online or offline company is easy to do and requires a few simple tricks. One key trick to getting your name is the way you do the name search. The second trick is what you use to do your name search. These are the two topics we’ll cover for you to get your name registered.


Registering Business Name


Once you learn what I’m about to explain to you here, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and time when you register your company name. First off you’ll have a registered business name so that you’ll be able to pay your business taxes by having a name that is unique and not being used by others. Also, anyone who has trademarked their name will show up as taken when you do your title search. Check out this earlier post for this information “Check Business Name Availability”  if you have not already read the article for the extra details. All registered offline business names will give you full rights to the name for you to perform your service etc. without having any problems with other companies.

registering business name

Search and register a Domain Name!

These names are registered through your government agencies as in my case through Access Nova Scotia where you deal with all government registrations and licenses for a vehicle for example. In Canada, we can also register our business names here. Once your title search has come back after a couple of working days for availability, you can then pay the appropriate fee and reserve the name for your use to operate the company. You will then also be able to get a tax number as well for business purposes.

In Canada if you make below $30,000.00 in any consecutive months you do not need to apply for a tax number and are not required to collect taxes for services rendered. For most people like myself after six months I needed the tax number when I first started my business and registered to get one. When you do have one your not able to work without charging tax anymore but you have the bonus of riding off any business taxes paid out for company vehicles, tools, materials, etc. that do’s help out on the bottom line.

When it comes to registering your online name, it is a simple matter of once you’ve completed the title search which is done in seconds each time you do a search it will tell you if it’s available or free for you to purchase. If it’s available, then you can just put it in the cart and buy the name or names you wanted, and the process of registering them to you will follow.

To learn more about “What is a Domain Name and How?” will give you the information required to understand all that’s offered and how to get and register your online business name to start your online presence.


The second part of registering and getting your domain name for your online business is to use a keyword search tool. When I first started, I already had my offline company name TD Remodeling. When you’re working locally, most names that are catchy related to what you do work well. The problem is when you decide to have an online presence then your name may not work as well. In the beginning, my site was still for local use which didn’t make that much difference as people that wanted to get in touch, could use the phone book or my business cards. At the time, the phone book and my business cards also displayed my website address. My site was utilized for a portfolio presentation of my work for people to check out.

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Check out Jaaxy!

Through the years, my clients and others finding my site started requesting more information on DIY and starting their businesses. When you have a common business name the general searches by people on the Internet can be minuscule that to get traffic up to the higher numbers you’ll have to trademark the company name by paying out money for advertising etc. By using a software program such as Jaaxy, you can search out names that will start to generate traffic instantly that will bring in people searching your name without you doing anything. My latest online business names have 40,000-50,000 searches each month before I start to do anything.

Ten years ago I started using the Internet to promote my business. In just the last year, I learned to dump most of what I had learned to switch things up to what I’m presently learning and doing because of the place I now have my website hosting. If your interested in finding out how I learned to have a website go page one on Google within a month that already has tens of thousands of people searching my business name out, then check this post out “Wealthy Affiliate University.” They also started registering domain names where I just registered my latest one that has just over 51,576 people typing in my domain name for the last month.


When it comes to registering business name, there is a lot more than just coming up with a name and registering it and expecting traffic to start pouring in. It has taken me just under one year to learn from WA and the excellent community that is always there to help anyone needing assistance how to make money online and work on having a successful business. Check out the link for Wealthy Affiliate University they have a free offer and if you decide you want to build a serious website to start making money, then I’ll personally show you how from what I’ve learned if you’re interested.

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Get the whole package!


  1. Interesting article on registering your business name. I’m in the United States and business in most states need to register their business names also. Someone asked me why I don’t write about the business process for the entire world. Well, it’s because each country has different processes. For example, you talked about the name search process in this and another post. You mentioned it can take 2-3 days to receive the results back in Canada. In the US, most states have online searches, so you could find out instantaneously. However, registering a business could easily take weeks.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re exactly right Renee, when you live in different areas and expeshally different countries, the methods can be quite different. Each place is going to have there procedures and depending on where you live you’ll be required to register a business name by there rules.

      The best anyone can do for people living all over the place is give the broad strokes to what one can expect and each person will need to follow the guidelines for where they live and what they need to do in getting a company name registered.

      For most people, the basics will give them enough of an idea to get them started with what they need to do or at least how to go about finding out what they need to know.

  2. Awesome site Travis. There is so much information on your site I think I could remodel my home on my own and i dont know anything about that. My question is why are your posts so long. O am on the lesson where it says keep them short. Thats why i ask

    • Some of my posts are shorter around 500 words and longer around 2,500 words but most like this one are around 1000 words. I find to get your point across to most people you will need about 1000 words with images.

      Most of the tutorials are videos so they’ll run 3 minutes to as much as an hour, again depending on the topic and what part of the renovations are being passed on for you to learn.

      Glad you liked the site and pop in whenever you like.

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