Start a Business from scratch


When you start a business from scratch, there are a few things you need to know before you commit. I will guide you through the major steps you need to know.


Start a Business From Scratch


When it comes to starting a small business for yourself, regardless of the type of business you’re developing, there are critical steps that remain the same for each business. I will describe what you’ll require to do a renovation business, but as I have mentioned, you can simulate the key steps to other business opportunities. In fact, you will be able to do fewer steps in most cases for the company you’re interested in doing. I will lay out the full concept of what is required to do what I’m doing, and you’ll be able to translate that into what you’re planning to do. So let’s get started!

One of the biggest things that can help the presence of any company you start today is a company website to help promote your business. Depending on what your plans are, you may not require the offline aspect to your business.

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For this example, I’ll provide information for both the online and offline business start-up for doing renovations.

  1. We know that we are going to do a renovation business, so one of the first steps we need to look at is the company name. To get further information about name choice, check out my post “How To Come Up With A Business Name.”
  2. Once you have decided on your company name you need to know what to do with it, “Check Business Name Availability.”
  3. The next step you’ll need to do is, Registering Business Name.”

So at this point, we have decided on a name, and taken the appropriate steps. The next thing on our list will be How to Advertize My Business.”  Aside from the typical advertising methods for offline strategies, we will need to “Start Your Online Business” to create a website that ties into and enhances your offline business.

  1. First and foremost, you could “Build Your Own Business Card,” which is one of the primary ways of getting your business name out there.
  2. Another simple method is using a “Free Business Flyer Templates” for creating handouts and delivering them to areas you’d expect to find work.
  3. For the online presence, looking into “How To Create Your Own WebSite Free,” is something that you would check out as well.

Now another thing to consider when you have an online presence, you can also go beyond just doing renovations in your geographic area and sell things on your website.

You can get into talking about, writing reviews on topics such as:

There are many options open to you by having a website at your disposal. I started adding DIY posts describing tips on how to do various improvements throughout the home for anyone wanting to learn how. So when you’re going to start a business from scratch in the case of a renovation business, you need to know as much as possible in the area of expertise. Typically, you will have worked as a tradesman in one of the trades and learned from others, to understand and know the other job positions as well. The more jobs you know and understand, the more proficient your experience level will be. Even as a general contractor, you should know the different trades, giving you the advantage over those that are less knowledgeable.

If, by chance, you are starting a renovation business but lack the knowledge of the other trades, then I would recommend you going through each course on “Basement Refinishing and Bathroom remodel.” These courses will give you the full scope of what you need to know about each trades person’s job. At least knowing and understanding the “DIY Basement Refinishing” will give you enough knowledge to run a successful renovation business.

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So when you have the knowledge and skills for doing the renovations, you need the appropriate tools for doing the job. The “Home Improvement Tool Sets and Home Improvement Hand Tools” will come into play for what is required to get the job done. Having the main tools, you’re going to need also to consider “Contractor Equipment Rental” for the tools you’ll need later that have to wait, or specialty tools you may or may not ever purchase.

It’s now time to look into the “Top Rated Pickup Trucks” to decide what works best for getting you and your tools to the job site. The decision to which vehicle and method will work best for you will have all the pros and cons laid out, so you’ll be able to make the best choice for you particular needs.

Now one last thing I would like to mention about how to start a business from scratch is the importance of a “Free Business Plan Template” designed for a new company just starting out.

So like I mentioned before, whether you plan on doing a renovation business or something altogether different, this guide will work for how to start a business from scratch on just about anything. If you’re like most people today, you could even skip the offline part of the company and just create a successful online business by starting here at “Wealthy Affiliate University.”




  1. I really like the renovation example that you gave when it comes to starting your own business from scratch. I think that most niches will have the same blueprint that you must follow in order to become successful and profitable.

    There are also different areas that you must focus on and each one will have its own challenges.

    • That is pretty much it. Each business will have some differences but also have the same basic concepts that all businesses must follow in order to be successful. This applies to offline or online business, you have common components that will always be the same when doing any business with some unique situations that each type of business requires that may differ from one business to another to be really successful.

  2. Hi its Alexey, and I ENJOYED your post 🙂
    Very good one, and I liked the way you pointed out the important “steps” to follow to, to build a good business.
    The info is very valuable for online and offline businesses and you did a great job. Now I basically know how to start a business from nothin.

    • There will always be a fair bit of things that need to be done when starting a new business but the basic steps are always pretty much the same. It’s after you have everything set up that the real work starts to make your business a true success.

  3. I love it. First of all the layout is great and the pictures go great with how you present your business. You have great advice on how to start you own business step by step. Great for beginners and then some, with other bits of information that is needed along the way. Do you design those kitchens and sets? Wonderful look.

    • There are quite a few people that I run into that want to start their own business, so I decided to add this part to my site along with a DIY segment to help those interested in knowing how.

      Sometimes I do design the kitchens and bathrooms but usually, people have me come in, or other contractors have hired me to do the work for them. Most people know what they want, they just need someone to make it happen, and that is where I come in.

  4. Hello there, very good page you got. I would assume that aside from having an online business you also have a successful physical business.

    I have been doing physical businesses for almost 3 years and I relate at what you have said. There is only one thing that I have missed doing before and that is securing an online site for my business which is essentially very important today.

    I agree to everything that you said. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for more of your posts. 🙂

    • At present, I am a contractor that does all the renovations that I have in my portfolio that I carry around with me and show in some of the images on my site. I have over 25 years experience knowing how to build new homes from scratch by myself as my last home I did 90% of the work and hired out 10% to other trades. Most of the time I do renovations and they are usually for kitchens and custom bathrooms for the bulk of my work.

  5. I have been looking in to getting my own online business up and running, but without the know-how and which direction to head in.

    Thanks ever so much for sharing the information on starting up an online business on renovations, and I can now use your insights to start up my own online business based on my hobby 🙂

    This has been a huge help, and Wealthy Affiliate sounds Awesome.


    • Glad I could be of some help to you Neil and taking a hobby and creating an online business is one of the best and fun ways of doing a business. After all the years I have been doing my online segment of my business I found switching to Wealthy Affiliate was the best for me and I’m sure for many others.

  6. Being a business owner has never been easier than in this day and age.
    Having an internet connection is the only thing that you need to start making money. To start making more money you are going to invest some money as well (hosting, training, domain), yet this will prove to be the best investment you could ever hope to make over time, should you put enough effort into making it work.

    • Everything that you mentioned in your comment is so true, yet many people still think they can get rich overnight for doing next to nothing. It definitely will take time and money can certainly make things much easier and faster to get ahead. The Internet has made it far easier for people to start businesses and earned an income easier than ever before but you still need to act on a good plan and take appropriate action to make the business work.

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