Start Home Renovation Business

If your planning on starting a renovation business there are some fundamental things you need to know before you get started.


Start Home Renovation Business


It’s surprising just how many people start a renovation business without getting all their facts together. One of the biggest problems today just as it has been for many years through the generations is the lack of proper knowledge. Without the proper knowledge, you will not only fail to get a successful renovation business up and running you will fail at each and every business you try.


There are no shortcuts with any business you want to pursue if you plan on being successful. The next question is what do you consider successful? To me, it means working on your terms for hours, wages, type of work to give you the standard of living you desire.


How much money is enough?

How many hours does it take?

Are you enjoying what you do?

Will you put in what it takes?

What kind of quality time do you have?

Do you have and will you get what you need for tools and equipment?


How much money is enough?


A lot of people want to be rich, and some people are wealthy from doing renovations but when you do the percentages very few are. The reason for this varies, but usually most people do not have enough knowledge, lack the commitment and the ability to do the requirements for the job and persevere through the hard times.


Before you can run, you must walk and sometimes you may find yourself crawling along trying to get ahead. But if you learn what you need to know and do things right you can make it work with proper persistence and time. The reason I say “proper persistence” is you can persist with doing something till the cows come home, but it’s never going to happen when you’re doing it wrong. The cows are never going to show up if there were no cows in the first place. You need to work at something with proper direction from the knowledge and ability for getting the job done. Otherwise, you will fail like so many before you.


photograph of balancing between time and money

Quality time or work for more money?

How many hours does it take?


What kind of time are you going to need to make this all happen? With most businesses a lot more time than most people think, that is why so many people fail. Most people want easy money for max dollars with the least amount of hours, sorry but the world doesn’t owe any of us a living. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication of almost every business with few exceptions. You need to be prepared to work the hours to get a business up and running otherwise your best bet is to be some bodies employee. There are some pretty good paying jobs for some employees. But if your willing to do the time you can certainly make serious money to get ahead.


Are you enjoying what you do?


When you enjoy your work something that makes the whole job of running your own business easier. When you can enjoy the work the hours pass by much quicker than working in a dead end or boring job. You find yourself accomplishing things much better that can also transfer into your personal life as well. With proper motivation, drive and determination in the right direction you can get your business on the upswing. But link all things in life you also need to be able to ride the bad times when things take a turn for the worst. You need to be able to adapt your work and strategies to compensate for economic changes when they occur.


What kind of quality time do you have?


Depending on where you are with your business and what you do, will determine the amount of quality time you have away from your work. In the beginning, you usually find you have very little down time as you start to create a strong foundation to get your business up and running. You spend the first stage putting in the hours for very little pay as you get your marketing out there to get work happening. You also require reinvesting the money for getting all the main tools you need together for doing your job. Depending on how much work you get and the amount of money you make, you will get to the point where you can now start calling the shots when to work and have the money for quality down time.


Do you have and will you get what you need for tools and equipment?


When you first start you’ll need to take a look at what you have for tools if any and all what you will need to start. Again this is another area where so many people fail by not having the proper knowledge of what it takes to get your business up and running.


photograph of renovation tools

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Do you buy all brand new equipment?

Do you get second-hand equipment?

What about a combination of both?

Will you rent equipment?

Will you borrow equipment?

What about a company vehicle?

Will you have Commercial insurance for your vehicle?

What about liability insurance?

Work man’s compensation for you and employees if you have any?

Are you going to borrow money to fund your business?


Once again you can see we can keep adding more questions to add more answers to figure out what you need to start a home renovation business of your own. So what I’m going to do now is end this page here so that as I start writing my articles week after week, I will ask the questions and write out the answers for what it takes to make your business work.

photograph of starting an online business

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  1. Very nice site. Great pics and information. Like how you divided it up. Was wondering if you were going to put a link to WA. Didn’t see one. Otherwise all good.

  2. Very nice site. Great pics and I like how you have it broken up. Was wondering if you were going to add a link to WA or if you want the site to stand on its own. Great job.

  3. Great website! I particularly like the fact that you’ve found a place to get a free website for a business startup – or one that’s been in business and wants to get online.

    I’ll be back to check out your upcoming articles –


  4. Hello,
    I’d like to share my story.
    As I grow up and started having a 9 – 5 work hours.
    At first, it was cool and I was actually enjoying myself and it has helped me tremendously.

    But then as I move along and 1 year has passed. It became tiring and binding, I almost feel stuck.
    I think what you are offering is great…
    It’s actually hard to find honest make money online advertisements on the internet.
    I am glad to see you promoting WA, it’s a great resource and one of the best online course I have found.
    Thank you.

    • Working as an employee can be great for many people but is not for everyone. Having an opportunity for doing an online business or just using an online presence to enhance a local business that you may be doing is a great way to expand your growth potential.

      Glad you like WA and all it has to offer, anybody can be successful if your willing to put your mind to it and work at it.

  5. Very nice and simple template, I like the fact that you covered renovating from every angle. From estimating the cost to applying for a permit. Also you have recommended a couple of books, which I presume are affiliation links. Great Job! very detailed and very descriptive information! Have you made any revenue as of yet?

    • I actually have two sites, this one TD Remodeling which is the business that I make my living from and Say It With Photographs which is a new business that I started 4 months ago but is still in its beginning stages. I plan on having the second business to generate a reasonable income as well in about one year.

      With the kind of money I make from TD Remodeling I am thinking of doing another renovation business dealing with roofing which I know will be another good money maker.

  6. This is definitely refreshing. I think you can become an authority on the subject of how to start a home renovation business. Definitely room for growth. I am thinking you can even sell a guide book on starting a home renovation business.

    Many ideas on renovation too which is great for attracting people looking to renovate their place.

    Do keep me updated!

    • Hi Norman and one of the things I’m planning on doing is having a section done up to explain all the tools to use when starting up a business and of course all the information needed for doing the renovation jobs so you would know what is needed to be done. The more you know the better contractor you will be offering your services for anybody looking at starting a renovation business as a contractor.

      I just converted my site five months ago to include DIY and to help anyone looking to start there own business doing renovations so I will keep up dating and adding more for all those interested.

  7. HI, I like your site. I thinks to be an internet marketing is one of best way to make money online, the cost of business is also very minimum. back to home renovations business, I remembered when finished, the contractor said, they can not get more profit because the materials’s price has been risen so high. In other word, with small profit and takes 6 months time, it is better you do internet marketing and make profit each month. Great site and great information

    • Your right about the rising costs of materials and you don’t always make as much as you would like on some jobs. With all businesses your income will fluctuate so I have recently started working in the opportunity for people to purchase items and information to save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars on renovations they may be planning on. If I can help many people save on there renovations thats great and along the way make some money from what I can supply for them is also great. I believe in helping each other and thats what so great about the Internet.

  8. Very informative. I like the way you have it set out, basically a pros and cons scenario. I totally agree with the comments about enjoying what you do and how it makes it easier to do it day after day. But I did see a few spelling mistakes in that section that kind of put me off reading any further… but I did and I’m glad. The information you give doesn’t just apply to renovating but can be used in most businesses. Well done!

    • A lot of businesses are related in how they may function and operate with certain things that are specific to each one. I’ve had many people asking me about starting a business so I decided to convert my site over to include DIY and doing renovations as a business to help those wanting to learn more about it. I’ll also take a look at the page to see were the spelling mistakes are.

  9. I like the site, it was very detailed. Lots of information, but good useful information. I definitely could see myself doing some renovation throughout my home with the guidelines and helpful links. The cost and tools links was the best. The page flows very well and promoting WA seals the deal on this site. Great Job Travis!

    • Hi Chuck and glad you liked the site it’s still in the transformation stage of changing from being my original site for local customers to see the previous picture galleries I use to display to this newer version. Now I’m creating a site that will be able to help anybody on the Internet looking for information about renovations and possibly wanting to start there own renovation business for were they live.

  10. Hello there,

    Great website and post, I really like the idea of working from home and building your own business in a field that you love, my problem is I am on a full-time job and I put myself in a stress to work on my own business after my working times I hope that I can make some profit which will give me the motivation to continue growing my business.

    • It definitely is hard to fit time in for your website when you’re already working full-time else ware. I like to think of it as a pension plan that will pay off later when you’re ready to stop working full time. Building an online business is next to no cost compared to doing an offline business so one should plan on the online business taking some time if you’re paying nothing for marketing. It takes money to make money, you need to do it wisely.

  11. Hey Travis,
    This is a cool article on starting a home renovation business you’ve put up, I think its suitable for any type of local businesses.

    Many people start their home renovation businesses through one or two gigs they have through friends or family and from there, they’re set to start on their own but they don’t have any clue on how.

    These people often share the same business model, they focus on operations but not marketing so it’s hard to sometimes find the right home renovator.

    I guess marketing should be one of the most important ways to boost their business, especially having a website for themselves too. Just sharing my opinion, hope it’s okay!

    • Sharing one’s opinion is a large part of what the Internet is all about. You are Correct when you mentioned how a lot of people way start doing reno’s from starting with friends and family. Once you learn how to do things in order to run a business as you put it marketing is important to get things rolling in the right direction if you want a successful business.

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