Tile Shower Designs


When you’re considering what type of tile shower designs would work best, then there are a lot of considerations one must make. In this gallery, you’ll see just what kind of things are possible to make the most of what you may want to create.


Tile Shower Designs


tile shower designsIn the gallery below are some photographs showing some of the styles, patterns, and type of tiles being used for creating the showers people have come to expect in any homes built or being renovated today. You’ll see regular size showers to his and her shower units. There will be custom showers tiled from floor to ceiling with multiple purposes. I have had many customers have me remove one of their tubs from one of the bathrooms to turn it into a custom shower. Your lifestyle depicts the why you live and what works best for you and when it comes to renovating a bathroom then you need to do it right. The ways to create and have the final look you want are endless so the photos below will help with some of the concepts you’ll need to consider. I also have posts and will be writing more on the topic to help out with how to figure out budgeting for what you want and what you can expect to get within the budget you set.



Tile Shower Designs

TD Remodeling has tile shower designs that will range from a walk in tile showers to steam shower enclosures. I've done simple subway tile shower installations to stone tiled showers. A lot of the shower tile designs I've done have custom shower pans, benches, niches, and doors. I have produced and will continue to provide many tile shower ideas in my tile shower designs.

[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-1.jpg]1973White subway tile shower
The tile shower designs here are an acrylic base with white subway tile shower.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-2.jpg]1545Glass tile backsplash
The tile shower designs used in this unit was from a glass tile backsplash mosaic sheets.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-3.jpg]1234White subway tile shower from stone
The tile shower designs here required the walls to be built out a foot on either side to allow for a larger shower and use a standard neo angle glass doors for entry.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-4.jpg]1244Custom shower niche
The tile shower designs here was incorporating a double niche one above the other.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-5.jpg]1123Custom tiled shower
The tile shower designs required here was a full schluter system covering the floor and walls with custom shower doors.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-6.jpg]1094White subway tile shower with marble stone
The tile shower designs that went into this white subway tile shower was to use stone and have a black accent tile band in the lower section of the shower and black marble floor.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-7.jpg]1094Custom shower bench
The tile shower designs for this bench required complex miter compound cuts to create the custom shower bench.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-8.jpg]1004Black on white subway tile shower
The tile shower designs for this was using a white subway tile and having a custom shower niche with black tiles.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-9.jpg]1094Shower tile ideas
The tile shower designs for this had a corner bench inside a neo-angled shower with the bench seat and floor using mosaic tile sheets.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-10.jpg]944White subway tile shower ceiling
The tile shower designs are using a stone slab tile for the wall with a white subway tile on the ceiling.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-11.jpg]924Shower tile ideas with patterns
The tile shower designs for patterns in this unit are made up from 6 by 6 tiles and a border of 2 by 2 tiles from floor to ceiling with a bench and niche built in.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-12.jpg]844Best tile shower walls
The tile shower designs used here incorporated large stone slab tiles with two accent borders which is one of the better ways to finish a shower to minimize the number of grout lines.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-13.jpg]793Tile shower installation
The tile shower designs I've done a lot of are his and her showers where there are dual controls for each person. Shower and rain head on each side of the shower.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-14.jpg]815Double shelve custom shower niche
The tile shower designs used here was to have a custom shower niche with a shelve inside for extra space.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-15.jpg]954Over and under custom shower niche
The tile shower designs sometimes call for an over and under custom shower niche to have more space for holding supplies.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-27.jpg]763Combo steam shower enclosures
The tile shower designs can require that you have a combination of a shower feature and a steam room function.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-28.jpg]804Corner custom bench
The tile shower designs for benches can be very creative to the type and size required for any particular shower.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-29.jpg]754Cutting bathroom shower tile
The tile shower designs all require accurate tile measurements and cutting to make sure there will be no holes or areas for water leakage once completed.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-30.jpg]843Custom shower niche pattern
The tile shower designs will also have custom shower niche where you'll need to take the wall pattern into account for the over all look.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-26.jpg]724Shower tile designs wall and ceiling
The tile shower designs for wall and ceiling can have a major impact to the size and type of tile used. When you use square tiles you'll be able to line up all the grout lines in your shower tile designs.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-21.jpg]693His and hers shower tile designs
The tile shower designs shown her shows the quad controls for both sides where there would be two rain heads and shower faucets from both ends to shower with when in the shower.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-22.jpg]963Walk in tile showers
The tile shower designs for a full walk in showers are becoming more popular for a lot of people who want custom showers from floor to ceiling.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-23.jpg]703Shower doors
The tile shower designs for using existing stock shower doors is one way to save hundreds or even a thousand dollars when considered part of your design.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-24.jpg]714Mosaic glass tile backsplash
The tile shower designs for glass tile backsplash products being used for shower walls has been increasing over the years, not just for accent borders but full wall coverage.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-25.jpg]714Completed his and hers shower tile design
The tile shower designs for a completed his and her shower shows the controls and the position for the faucet locations for each person.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-16.jpg]774Another shower tile design
The tile shower designs shown here has a fully customized floor to ceiling tile work with an accent tile border around the doorway.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-17.jpg]764Modern tile shower ideas
The tile shower designs in this photo show a more modern look where the border runs vertical rather than horizontal, and the border and floor are made of beach stone.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-18.jpg]673Seperate custom shower niche
The tile shower designs for custom built-in niches can vary in size and shape as this picture shows two at each end of the tiled wall.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-19.jpg]693Bathroom tile design for shower
The tile shower designs are installed to compliment the room colors and other fixtures within the bathroom.
[img src=https://tdremodeling.com/wp-content/flagallery/tile-shower-designs/thumbs/thumbs_tile-shower-designs-20.jpg]644Custom shower borders
The tile shower designs must take into account when using profiled border peace's to make sure the doors are still able to be mounted without any obstructions from the border tiles being used as shown in the photograph.


From the photographs above, the tile shower designs can be broken down into a few different topics.

What will be the overall size of the shower?
All what does the shower need to do?
All what areas do you need tor tile?
What components does your shower require?


What will be the overall size of the shower?


With any renovation before you start to do anything, you need to design the layout of your space. Once you have allocated the location of each component that will make up the final design of your bathroom, it will be time to decide in this case the size of your shower. Depending on the room size, your shower may be a small 2′ by 2′ shower which I would never recommend if you have room for a larger one. A shower that size is very awkward to try and move around in while cleaning yourself.

Most showers will be a square, neo-angle or rectangular shower built in one of the corners. For larger showers in rectangular rooms, people have used one end of the bathroom just as you see many tubs used at the end of a room. With larger rooms your shower could have a lot more options for size and placement within the room. I have done mostly showers ranging from 5 feet and less in width but have created a lot from 7 – 10 foot long showers to serve multiple purposes.


All what does the shower need to do?


Obviously, before spending the money to create any shower, one needs to think of the showers functionality. By this  I’m talking about is the shower part of a handicap bathroom design or just a regular walk in tile shower. When you’re dealing with a handicap bathroom design you need to apply custom shower pans where you can have the water slope to a drain that spans the width of the shower floor at the back. This type of drain will allow you to keep your floor flat with a slight slope for water drainage but enables the water to run down the drain and not puddle all over the bathroom floor. By doing this, you’ll require no custom curb for the shower.

The most common features to consider. Do you want just a regular shower or would you like, a handheld shower head, overhead rain faucet, multiple body jets or perhaps you also would like to have a steam shower enclosure added. All or any of these functions, need to be addressed right at the beginning stages of knowing what tile shower designs you want. The most common things people look for with their showers function is to operate as a shower and have a handheld.


All what areas do you need to tile?


The areas will depend on your shower design for the type of materials being used. Creating showers from scratch can have custom shower pans or use a store bought the acrylic base. You can incorporate one or more custom shower niches or again there are shelves you can cement into the walls instead. What you choose to do comes back to the design and look you are trying to achieve. Another consideration is whether or not the ceiling will also be tiled. If the ceiling is being tiled than only the grout lines on square or equally sized tiles can be matched up; otherwise, rectangular tiles, etc. will not match up coming out of the corners.

When you know what areas and where your tiling, the next consideration is what type of tiles you’ll be using, the shape and size of the tiles, thickness and any pattern considerations for how everything will look for the finished product.


What components does your shower require?


I would say knowing this information is the difference from, having a fantastic looking shower to what where they thing when they put this together. One of the biggest problems with making a shower look its best is to know what tiles are being used to go around and on the different components within the shower. The size of the tiles makes a difference to where all the feed lines for the faucet controls and shower heads are mounted. If you have a custom shower niche, bench, bulkheads, partial walls, curb and the type of doors being used. Everything you add to a shower may make a difference in the overall aspects of how the finished product looks.

In any design one needs to try and understand the finished look from the chosen products used.


Once again this is just a small example of what to expect when planning your tile shower designs. In my local area, I help my customers with onsite consultations to make their renovations run as smooth as possible by giving them the required knowledge they need to make the best decisions for them. For those abroad you’ll need someone local for the finer details or anyone who wishes to know how to figure out your designs and what is feasible to save hundreds to thousands on renovations then check out this course on Bathroom Remodeling.


Photograph of bathroom renovation university


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    • Hi Teanna and glad you liked my work. The tile shower designs is just one of many galleries to come of some of the work that I have done. I’ll be adding the rest of the galleries and more tips on home renovation how to for different projects.

  2. Hello,
    This is a great article and shows that their is a lot to consider when it comes to putting in a shower. My personal favorite was picture 14 of 30.
    I checked out the DIY bathroom remodel to see how a DIY person could use a tile design similar to picture 14.
    What would be your best advice?

    • Checking out the DIY Bathroom Remodel is a page explaining the course you could take to understand and know how to create everything you may want in a bathroom project. Great option for those wanting to seriously understand and be able to do the work required.

      To get you started with understanding the concept and having a better perspective to what is involved, you can call up related posts from the category menu on the right column under gallery then shower. There you’ll have a few choices from some different posts that will go into better detail.

      There is also my monthly newsletter that offers a tutorial website for free as well.

  3. I think your site looks very nice and very professional. I love the “DIY Home Renovation Idea” page. I could definitely learn a lot from the information on your site. Your site is easy to navigate, and your content is very easy to follow. Anyone that visits your site will definitely enjoy what they find. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi, Louis and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Always trying to improve the site to help out those I can.

  4. Hi there! I am really interested in buying shower tiles. It has been 3 months now since we decided to make a renovation on our home. But then we have came tight on budget so we made the shower room last priority. So it is not that spacious and we like modern minimalist theme. Which tile floor you suggest?

    • Travis Smithers

      Well John, with you wanting a minimalist theme which is typicaly a contemporary look, most people today are using 1×2 ft tiles in a standard grid design or as some like to call it stacked. Run them lengthwise to make the room look long and narrow or reverse them horizontally to make the bathroom look wider and more squared up.

      People requesting this look usually pick a neutral porcelain tile without the rounded edges and keep the grout lines very tight as if laying stone.

      For a more dramatic look some choose these tiles in black or really dark grey as well.

      Hope that helps you out or just contact me for more information.

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