Wet Tile Saw 10 inch

When it comes to having a wet tile saw 10 inches, then there is only one that gets the best ratings for price, longevity and overall performance, Dewalt.

Wet Tile Saw 10 inch


photograph of wet tile saw 10 inch

In 2005, I decided to start my own business laying floors such as hardwood and floating floors but also being a tile setter dealing with not just floors but all custom work as well. So when you first open up your own renovation business, you need to get some tools and a vehicle.


While I was an employee, I drove a 1/4-ton pickup that I got rid of and switched up for a 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive truck. So now that I had my truck it was time for essential tools and being able to cut tile and stone I bought myself a typical 10″ wet saw. Now where most of my work in the beginning was with stone rather than ceramic or porcelain I used the wet saw for everything at first and bought a tile cutter later on in the year. You see the best way was to buy the essential tools required to get started, then keep adding more tools as I made more money to pay cash later on after the initial start up.


So there I was using my new 10″ wet saw when after about nine months she packed in on me as I was finishing up on a job. Needless to say, I was not impressed that after nine months my saw was garbage. So I went looking for a replacement the next morning after I was going to pick up some fasteners from a store in one of our industrial parks. There she was the Dewalt D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Saw with Stand sitting in the middle of the shop floor. I asked the store owners why they were selling a wet saw when their store had nothing to do with selling tile setter supplies. Their reply was, this is a new product by Dewalt and with our regular stock they were required to take and advertise at least one saw. I asked them how much it was and to my surprise they said our wholesale price so that we can get it out of the store and I said sold my truck is in your parking lot.


Well, that was about ten years ago, and the saw is still running strong.


You see the Dewalt saw has a stand that you can set the main tray on, then the saw body and sliding table sit on the tray. You then have two other tray sections to connect, one to the base tray and the second to the sliding table. The table also has a extension table assembly that connects on the right side that can also accommodate for the removable tile guide. The saw is capable of doing plunge cuts like a chop saw and also adjusts for 22.5 and 45 degree angled cuts. The way Dewalt engineered the setup of this saw was so much more convenient for transporting from job to job compared to my older one it was worth the money just for that. My first custom stone bathroom paid for the saw and it’s been profitable ever since just over nine years.

photographs of 10 wet saw closeup

So after ten years of hard labor how does the Dewalt saw fair! Well, this saw also comes equipped with a surge protector, so when other tools draw power down on the lines, your saw will still operate correctly. After seven years, I had burnt the surge protector up, so I cut the cord and wired in a plug to finish the job at the time. With an extra three years later the saw still performs like a champ. Ten full years of never having service work. The equipment is caked with stone and tile dust embedded in all the plastic trays all over the saw body and sliding table, but she’s ready to cut some more. Every day I pull out of my driveway this saw comes along, typically I’ll mainly cut anything from1/4 inch to 1/2 inch mostly with some stone 1 1/4 inch thick. When I built my home, I ran 6-inch brick through and cut ledger bricks by raising the blade up in plunge cut mode to make a double pass by rotating the ledger peace under the blade to cut through the thickness. If you can get the table slider to go through the blade, she will cut through the material.

photographs of 10 wet saw

I have owned a few and used a lot of wet saws but the Dewalt D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Saw with Stand is my number one choice now, and until I see a new top of the line powerhouse of a saw I’ll keep cutting with my Dewalt.


DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand


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  1. This post couldn’t have reached me at a more perfect time. We will be re-tiling our new house and I would like to do it ourselves to save some money. Thanks for the insight on wet tile saws and will keep this in mind when shopping around! Hoping they have this Dewalt saw for rent at our hardware store.

    • Hi Nicole and thanks for the visit, glad you liked the post.

      As for renting the dewalt wet saw from your local hardware store, odds are nobody will carry a wet saw of that caliber to rent except maybe a large tool rental building that only caters to carrying all the different tools for high volume rentals.

      Most places rent cheaper wet saws but what you can do is buy a good quality wet saw blade which is one of the most important aspects to getting a good job done when you require a wet saw.

  2. Hi Travis,
    This is a great review of the Dewalt 10 inch wet tile saw. I do know the importance of having a good wet saw. We redid 2 of our bathrooms. Most of it we used a tile cutter, but in the end we used the wet saw for more intricate cuts. Towards the end of the job, we had to go to the wet saw for every cut because the blade on the tile saw wouldn’t cut any more. I have used the Dewalt line for many different tools and they have always worked and held up well. I will tell my contractor that he needs to visit your site to review this saw. Thanks for a great review.

    • Hi Val and thanks for the comment and you are right about how good the Dewalt tools are as I do use a few of them and others. Dewalt makes a great tool for the price and what you need to do with them. I use other brands which will be in other posts but you are always best to get quality tools which will last you many good years without having problems.

      The Dewalt wet saw is sold for a great price and can handle all jobs big and small for product 24″ inches and under. When I need to do any tiling jobs I don’t leave home without it.

  3. Hi Travis

    Funny I saw the Wet Tile Saw 10 inch at our local home depot center here just last week and I kept saying I wish I knew how to use this bad boy so I could fix my home tiles myself instead of hiring a handyman. So it’s a pure coincidence that I stumbled about this and having read more about it I feel like i can do it! What interesting and wonderful site you got. I really enjoyed going round your site and reading such useful information. Now I know where to come to for my home needs! Excellent, well done. keep it coming!


    • Hi Jelly glad you liked your tour of my site and I will be posting more information on renovations for many more tools and work to be done. I get people contacting me all the time to find out the best ways to approach something they would like to DIY themselves. When you know how something is done it is so much easier to do it or at least know why you may feel you want a professional. Knowing how it is done makes all your decisions that much easier and that is what I want to help people out with.

      Do you want to do it or do you need a professional to take care of it, by learning what is involved you will know whether you should or not. That is where I can help.

  4. Hi Travis,
    Why didn’t I find your website before? I bought a few years back, a new house and I finished last year, my whole basement myself and of course there is a bathroom with ceramic floor.

    At the time, I bought a wet tile saw 7 inches from the local hardware store. Not my best move! I don’t know if it was me, or the fact that I was new at this, but the wet tile saw chipped many of my tiles! Eventually I got the hang of it, but let’s just say that it was a long learning curve!

    I bet that if I had used a better wet tile saw like the DEWALT TD 2400, I would of enjoyed my titling experience!

    What about the blade, what type of blade do you recommend? Should we use the same blade no matter if it’s porcelain, ceramic or stone we’re cutting?


    • Hi Sonia, when it comes to the size of the cutter there are 7 in wet saws that work great, what happens is the quality of the cutter makes a difference of how the tiles will pass through the blade for an easier or harder cut. The wet saw needs to pass the product through smoothly with plenty of power to keep the blade at the proper RPM. Cheaper wet saws are jerky and the motors have a problem with keeping there RPM regulated.

      As for the blades I use to use some different types at varying costs and this is what I found. The more expensive blades last longer but need to be used on stone at the beginning to mid life. Tail end of there life was only good for ceramic or porcelain.

      Cheaper blades that are still good quality like the dewalt blades that are sold for the dewalt 10 inch wet saw are great through most of there life for cutting porcelain, ceramic and stone. You change your blades more often but I find you work with a sharper blade for the price for a longer period by having 2-3 dewalt blades over a more expensive one.

      Really cheap blades are just that, cheap and no good as they tend to chip everything they cut for the most part.

  5. I have several pieces of Dewalt equipment. It is a good brand. Your site is clean and well written. It is easy to follow and maneuver through. I am getting ready to remodel so I will keep in mind I need 10 inch wet saw.
    Since, I will be remodeling and not going into business, is there a smaller one that could be used? Do you know if they rent them?

    • Hi Vicky and yes they do rent wet saws if you require to rent one. Depending on where you live you will be able to rent a smaller one or the same dewalt one if you wish. Regardless of which one you can rent you need to make sure the blade is as new as possible or it will not cut properly. Some places rent out there gear with worn out blades that will not do a proper job. If you have a large job it is best to buy a blade for the job with the rental to make your job easier.

  6. Hi there,

    Normally when I leave comments it’s to ask questions or to let the website owner know job well done on the post. However I am viewing your website on my phone and can’t read any of the content. The content is all pushed to the left side of the screen and basically all you can see are your ads. I wanted you to be aware so you could correct this. I have a lot of my visitors view my website from their phone. I will check back again so I can come back and read this article.

    • Sorry you were not able to see my site properly on your phone, I just checked to see what you were talking about and I had no problems. Not sure were the glitch was but I do know things do go wrong with the Internet and hosting every now and then.

  7. I didn’t know DeWalt made a tile saw. This one is way nicer than the one I bought at Harbor Freight. It even comes with a stand. I’m starting to like your site and may have to tell the wife to stop here for some Christmas shopping for me. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Dewalt only has the one saw but its one of the best I have seen for the price. They seem to be getting into having some tools in every area. The thing I like is the quality they bring when they do decide to create a tool. I’ve tried others and still have a few others of different sizes but the dewalt wet tile saw 10 inch is the main one I use.

  8. Hello travis and thank you for this review. I myself have seen the 10 inch wet tile saw in a nearby home depot. Funny thing is that i went in looking for a fan and came out buying some dewalt tools that came in handy for my fix it to do list aroud the house. Thanks for this honest and informative and reiview.

    • Hi Jason and I’m sure the dewalt tools you purchased should work great for you. You may pay a little more money up front per tool compared to some of the other brands but as the years go by you’ll have saved a lot of money. Your dewalt tools will last longer than a lot of other brands so you’ll save by not needing to repurchase tools that no longer work which tends to be the case with a lot of other brands tools.

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